Session 17

See Yourself

Vintasnah: Good lord this one is still in here?

Rotenh Dal: It’s in here forever.

Vintasnah: Alight well lets get to it then. Lol

Rotenh Dal: I think it keeps refreshing each time I use the link.

Rotenh Dal: So it doesn’t dissappear.

Vintasnah: neat

Rotenh Dal: Yeah, though you should really change your text to purple, the green is creeping me

Vintasnah: Lol Why?

Vintasnah: :]

Rotenh Dal: It’s terrifying, obviously. And I don’t need your copy of the session, I got it all.

Vintasnah: [As the evening sun begins to crawl its way to the horizon, just as the orange glow reflects off the desert sands and contrasting green of the healthy farmland nearby Vintasnah and Rot sit cuddled in bedrolls, a gentle and yet spastic wind running restlessly between them.

Vintasnah has said little at the mention of a mother and is obviously hesitant to talk. When she does speak it will be in common. The shock of her own knowledge not wearing off but numbing her senses. She is mysified, and the sight before them, the strong warmth of the landscape only adds to her present state of mind].

Rotenh Dal: Rot leans back against one of the trees dotting the landscape, inspecting his gear in silence, making sure that absolutely everything is up to specification. Every now and again, his eyes flit up to glance at Vintasnah, before going back to what he’s been doing, surreptitiously keeping an eye on the girl.

Vintasnah: She notices the occasional sideways glances. “You know lots of things, Rot. I always knew that about you… You just seemed that way, like lots of people all in one. But now you look like you know something else-” She cuts herself off, afraid to say anymore.

Rotenh Dal: “I know a thing or two, but when it comes to recent events, I seem to be more often without vital information, than with it. You look like you’re curious though, just ask whatever question you’d like to hear the answer to Vintasnah.” He looks her in the eye as he speaks, his hands still going through their practiced motions, capping his poisons, arranging them, checking for damage or holes in the vials as he works.

Vintasnah: [sry had a fail]

Rotenh Dal: (What sort?)

Vintasnah: [the personal kind. but you have my full attention now!]

Rotenh Dal: (Alrighty, go for it.)

Vintasnah: She looked over at him. There was something else there now. Something behind the eyes, something she hadn’t noticed before. Magic. And loads of it. She didn’t really know what to make of it. “I don’t know who I am Roten. And I feel like I’ve been here before. Several times. And I think I came from here. But all my memories are vague and small. They try to talk to me but I can’t hear them. Sometimes I have dreams of woman who I think is my mother, but I can’t ever really see her face. You are my only friend so I can tell you. But, I’m scared. I have been for a while. I don’t always feel like me. And sometimes me feels different. And since I can’t remember anything I’m never really sure which one is real or not. I don’t want to ask questions. I just want asnwers.”

Rotenh Dal: He nods softly to her words, frowning a bit at how difficult it must be upon the girl. “I’ll do my best Vintasnah, but remember that I don’t know everything either, but what I do know, is yours to know as well. Since I’ve met you, I’ve been tossed through time on several different occasions. And each time, I am put by a young girl, who’s always reminded me much of you. Before we knew her name, we called her Rain, but her real name is Sindesneh. She’s a very special girl, just like yourself, and she held within her the power of a god. The entire element of water is at her control, while we were with the orphans, she appeared and explained some things about you.” He sighs, and leans back, looking up into the canopy of trees, watching the various trails of light flicker down from between the leaves. “You’re her daughter, Vintasnah, a being of the elements and divinity. This form of flesh, isn’t your only one, it’s my belief that you lived for a long time as some sort of magical water. I have no idea how many times you’ve taken on other forms, but from what you’re saying, I think it might be several. In any case, you’re my friend too Vintasnah, and I’ll protect you from anything that rears it’s ugly head, alright?”

Vintasnah: [Sentisdeh but good guess. Lol]

Rotenh Dal: (Bah, you and your names! KLARNTRYOCKLTTIRE!)

Vintasnah: [[FAIL]

Vintasnah: Her eyes couldn’t get any wider. Her muscles tensed and relaxed, and tensed again. She clenched her jaw and turned to face the dying light of the setting sun. The breeze around them stilled and swept past their feet. She turned back to him and say only truth and honesty there. It was true she was learning things now in leaps and bounds but who was to say that wasn’t normal? But this? The daughter of goddess? An elemental? A divine being? Her? Although Rot spoke only truths she could still not fully grasp or accept it. “If I am a-a-a thing… Then- And if you were sent back in time and you’ve met my … my mom so many times… Then are you something like that too? Are you different like that Roten?” She was like a child staring up at the clouds just waiting for a secret to be revealed, just waiting for a glimpse of heaven.

Rotenh Dal: His brows furrow as he watches the words of truth move through her, her reactions to too much information at once, too varied, too great to take in so quickly. It’s why he wanted to work through questions, give her time to absorb each revelation before she asked for the next, but this is how she wanted it, and that is how he gave it to her. Her words, however, questions asked in wonder and curiosity, began sending his thoughts further back. The words “What Are You?” echoing through his mind. Doing his best to not show the sudden tension through his body, he answers, looking out over the brilliant colors flashing through the sky, as the setting sun scorched it beautifully. “I’m not sure Vintasnah. I know my past, but I also know that there might be something more to it.”

Vintasnah: “Like what?” Her eyes gleam with hope. Maybe he has a secret of his own?

Vintasnah: [[lawl. This is how the DM pokes and prods pokes and prods this is how the dm pokes and prods really late in the evening!]]

Rotenh Dal: “I wish I knew.. Every time we come across somebody, they look at me as if there is something nobody else can see. They make vague references and talk cryptically.” He smiles a little ironically at the wide-eyed girl. “It’s all really quite distressing, as I’m sure you know.”

Rotenh Dal: (( Whatnow? ))

Vintasnah: just being silly sry

Rotenh Dal: (( Obviously. X} What was that song to the tune to? ))

Vintasnah: [[uhm I beleive I missed a line but the song that goes, “this is the way we do [something repeat] early in the morning”]]

Rotenh Dal: (( OOh gotcha, yes then I do understand now. ))

Vintasnah: lol good

Vintasnah: “Well, how come? If they know something why don’t they tell you? Are you sure or maybe… well. I mean, I can… see the magic in you… but I can feel it in me an the things around us and maybe some people can do that too, but with different things. Maybe they understand it better… Maybe that’s it. Or maybe you just scare them.”

Rotenh Dal: “Well, the magic stuff started after I.. nah, not really something you’d like to hear, too morbid.” He leans back, amused at Vinny’s explanation of things, and barks out a laugh at the idea of people being afraid of him. “You really think I look that scary huh?”

Vintasnah: “Not all the time! But sometimes you even scare me and- what does morbid mean?” Her brow raises and suddenly her features only moments ago childish are that of a disbelieveing questioning middle aged teen.

Rotenh Dal: “Ah, well Morbid is like, gory, depressing.. stuff most people just wouldn’t really like to hear about on a day-to-day basis.”

Vintasnah: [The sun has set on your day. You both sit in darkness illuminated by the night sky. The desert that stretches out in the distance appears as a pale blue sea and the farms that reach its end is like rolling shorline cut off suddenly, hastily. Your conversations together though emotional are not unnecessary and the both of you even sense that. As everyone has a tendency to do the both of you feel so large on this landscape that you own together in this night under the two small moons above you but even as you would feel so large something within the both of you feels so small. Two lost pieces in a large puzzle.]

Vintasnah: “I don’t understand a lot about people. Why they do the things they do. I don’t understand myself at time, why I do the things I do or sometimes what I say, but something here-” as she raises her hand to her heart “-tells me that we are not quite like other people.” Her eyes glimmer in the moonlight. Tears. It was all setting in, but there was stubborness in her that would not let her stop until she knew everything. It was as if suddenly she felt like she had wasted too much time already.

Rotenh Dal: “Here, I’ll start up the fire. It’ll keep us warm.” He draws forward after he realizes that the sun has set, working flint and steel together, to spark up the gathered branches and twigs, alighting the darkness in the warm light of the purifying flame. He moves up, and begins setting up the bedrolls, glancing out in wonder to the desert as it sits, silent and
awash of the beautiful pale light of the two moons.

Rotenh Dal: "We may be lost, wandering, beset by threats on all sides, but you’ve got a purpose

Vintasnah, even if neither of us have any idea of what it is. And you’ve got me, so we’ll see where this crazy journey takes us alright?"

Vintasnah: “You keep saying that…”

Rotenh Dal: “Sorry, didn’t mean to repeat myself. Just want you to know you’re not alone.”

Vintasnah: “I know that. Its okay if you need to say it again. I think sometimes you say it for yourself more than me. So you don’t worry because, you’re my friend. And you’re not alone either.” She smiles up at you the moonlight and the fire creating heavy contrasts across her skin. The tears have stopped but the reallity is still sinking on. Something, like all good things, that must take time.

Vintasnah: [Continue convo or camp for the night?]

Rotenh Dal: He sits back, a smile curling his lips at her explanation, he looks up to the moons, and gives a light nod. “You know Vintasnah, I think you’re probably right about that.” He draws upwards, and stretches, before looking back down to the girl. “Ready for bed?”

Vintasnah: “Mmmhmm.”

Vintasnah: [Anything that need be mentioned before the next scene?]

Rotenh Dal: (Nope?)

Vintasnah: [[Just checking. Potty break! Please hold!]]

Vintasnah: one bowl of cottage cheese and a banana later and we’re golden!

Rotenh Dal: (( Cottage cheese and bananas? ))

Vintasnah: [[separately… yeah… and LOTS of sugar in the cottage cheese… :)]]

Rotenh Dal: (( I’d say that it was disgusting, but I’ve never had it.. ))

Vintasnah: Dont knock it till you try it!

Rotenh Dal: (( I’ll need to try it eventually then, so I can justifiably knock it. ))

Vintasnah: [It doesn’t take long for either of them to sleep (although its their first night in
some time out on the ground, no cover to hide them or storm to disappear in). The pressures of the past few days, let alone months, finally takes its toll in one finishing blow. The peace is far too inviting in this intimate moment to pass up and sleep without restraint grips them both… Rot you open your eyes. You’re in the desert, your pack is gone, your bedroll no longer there. And Vinny is gone as well. Except there is something about the early morning glow that isn’t quite right. It’s more blue than red orange, more green than blue.]
Rotenh Dal: He groans as he rolls on the desert ground, flopping to his side, he’s welcomed by a mouth full of sand, he sputters and draws upwards, wiping the grains from his features, as he looks about in the odd landscape, his brows furrowing as he looks around, noticing everything has gone missing he yells out into the empty expanse. "Vintasnah! Vinny! Helloo?

Rotenh Dal: "

Vintasnah: [
A soft female voice from behind you.]

Rotenh Dal: He turns on his heels at the sound of the female voice.

Vintasnah: [[Thought I would screw up the enter button too x.x]]

Rotenh Dal: (( Que? ))

Vintasnah: [A young woman, short cropped blond hair in peasants garb. Hey eyes are grey. She’s only a few feet from you. Though her lips move you can barely make out a sound, like being on the other side of a tunnel. Hey eyes fill up with tears and spill over onto her pale cheeks. She stumbled towards you and attempts to grab you in an embrace.]

Rotenh Dal: “Hey now is something wrong?” He draws forward, confusion evident on his features, the echo of words, not quite making it through to him. As she stumbles and reaches out, he draws his arm out in turn, attempting to grasp the obviously weakened woman. “What is it?”

Vintasnah: [She falls into your arms, her lips parting in a silent cry. Her arms scurry around you, grasping onto you for everything she’s worth. A high pitched ringing starts in your ears, a gentle throb beginning to pulse as she cries out. Her nails dig into you and her eyes search yours as she continues to try and communicate with you. But her tears are too much, too many. Streams of water come flowing from her eyes, down the front of her peasants garb. Her bare breasts begin to show through the white of her clothes as her body now drenched presses into you desperately].

Rotenh Dal: His arms wrap around the woman, bringing her in securely against his body. Her cries bring in that high-pitched ringing, he blinks and shakes his head as he speaks. “What is it? I can’t understand you, the hell is going on here?” He groans, clenching his teeth, as the sounds become maddening, and the water keeps pouring out of the woman’s eyes, obviously not naturally. He does his best to stay in control, as the situation devolves further and further into chaos.

Vintasnah: [No, suddenly the whole nature of this place is everything but natural. But the feel of this woman’s skin as it dissolves into water, soaking your body and clothes and within seconds creating a pool on the ground feels far more concrete and tactile than anything is natural.]

Rotenh Dal: With the dissolution of the woman, he draws downwards to his knees, the feel of the water, as opposed to the desert dreamscape around him, seems to warp reality. He struggles against it, attempt to take control, find some semblance of power, in this place that offers none.

Vintasnah: [A small hand on your right shoulder]

Rotenh Dal: His head slowly moves to the side, glancing behind him to where the hand presses.

Vintasnah: [A small boy with deep emerald green eyes and brown hair stares back at him. A smile
is plastered to his face as he looks at you, his eyes even with yours as you kneel. “Daddy?”]

Rotenh Dal: His brows knit together, dumbfounded at the question, he looks around him, checking to see if the world around him has shifted at all, the only thing he can answer being. “What?”

Vintasnah: [The landscape is still the same, the shadows moving in even time with the flickering light around you. “Daddy, why did you go?”]

Rotenh Dal: He returns his gaze to the child, a frown upon his lips at the boy’s question. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m your daddy..” His hand moves up, to rub against his forehead, and through his hair, as he tries to make sense of the sluggish reality he’s found himself in.

Vintasnah: [“But.. but Daddy… Daddy!” Tears well up in his eyes as well but stubborn boyish pride prevents him from continuing on as he grabs your shoulders with both hands and tries to shake you. “Daddy, you are my Daddy! Why would you say that? Momma’s so sad, Daddy. Please come home! Please don’t leave again!”]

Rotenh Dal: He kneels infront of the distraught boy, confusion showing upon his features, as the crying child shakes him by the shoulders. “Your mother? Who is your mother? Why is she sad? I don’t even know where your home is, I don’t even recall leaving anything to begin with, I just don’t know I’m sorry.”

Vintasnah: [He stops suddenly, distraught, heartbroken, confused. He eases his grip and lets go of you shaking his head the bitter tears stream down. He takes a step backwards and his skin lights up like the dawn. Small lines trail through him, his skin lifting up and floating off into pieces of ash off his bones, the muscle following suite with the skin until only charred bones remain.]

Rotenh Dal: “NO stop! Damnit not you too? DOn’t go we’ll find your father!” He yells out, desperately reaching for the child, as he begins to incinerate himself, feeling utterly helpless, as he watches skin and sinew burn and float away on the breeze.

Vintasnah: [Your world goes black. The last speck of light you see is the last ember of the boy drifting from your fingertips… A large voice, distant, masculine, ethereal calls out, “ROTENH DAL. WHO ARE YOU.”]

Rotenh Dal: He rises, and looks around in the surrounding blackness, pacing but going nowhere, the voice echoing through the darkness, he yells out, the rage boiling within him. “WHo the hell are you? Show yourself!”

Vintasnah: [Your world remains black and yet suddenly there is something visible in that darkness. A figure. It stand at attention facing your direction but hard to distinguish from here.]

Rotenh Dal: He immediately begins to run towards the silhouette, every muscle in his body working overtime, so he can run as fast as possible, determination clenching his jaw, as he chases the shadow in the darkness.

Vintasnah: [The shadow does not move. Does not attempt to flee. Just waits. “CAN YOU CATCH A GHOST ROTENH DAL?”

Rotenh Dal: “I’ll sure as hell find out!” He shouts back in defiance, pummeling forward towards the figure, his eyes set upon the taunting shadow as he sprints towards it.

Vintasnah: [His sprints carry him faster than ever he could imagine to the figure and yet the figure does not move. Finally though, you reach him. Its as if you reached the place before you realized you were there and by the time you realized you had stopped, you realized that ou were only two feet from the figure. At first glance his features are vague. He stands eye level with you, unwavering, all shadows.]

Rotenh Dal: He suddenly straightens, as the distance passes in a mere instant after all the running. (Monty Python) He takes a step forward, his eyes squinting, attempting to eye the silhouette, to make out it’s features, angered and perplexed by the inexplicable being.

Vintasnah: [“You’re only getting angry at yourself.” And with all your squinting and peering you realize far too late that you are in fact [and unsurprisingly] staring at yourself from across the way. The figure that stands before you is you, though the eye colour is different, and the hair longer, an unkept beard trailing his jawline, this figure is unmistakably you.]

Rotenh Dal: His jaw drops, and he takes a startled step backwards, his brow raised in confusion, as he looks at the other’s form, subtly different, but still very much his own. “What the hell is going on here?” He speaks under his breath, looking around the darkness, then back towards his mirror, looking into those eyes, colored differently from his own dark blue.

Vintasnah: [The deep purple of his eyes squint back at you, unsurprised but focused. “Can you chase a ghost Rotenh Dal? Because nothing is going on here as much as is going on there.” He points to your heart and then to your face and all the thoughts you hide behind it].

Rotenh Dal: “I have no clue what you’re on about. I’m not chasing a ghost, I just want to know what is going on with all of this!” He gestures around, into the blackness, and back to the man, his eyes never leaving those violet eyes.

Vintasnah: ["But you are chasing a ghost, though you don’t realize it yet… You’re strong,

Rotenh Dal. You would take up any banner if it was for a just and pure cause. Or girl. Yet you are not ready. You run and run and run and even now you don’t realize what you are running towards or from. Think on it for a short time more Rotenh Dal. Though cryptic it may be it would not be as important to you now when you are not ready compared to what this knowledge will do for you when you come into the idea yourself. Knowing is not half the batter, Rotenh Dal. It’s knowing that there is a battle is half the battle… So I ask you again: CANYOUCHASEAGHOSTROTENHD​AL?!"] With a movement that pulls that fabric of your world to pieces he extends his arms and brings them back together with a large clap. The sound wakes you in the middle of the night.

Vintasnah sleeps peacefully at your side and beads of sweat drip from your every pore.]

Rotenh Dal: He suddenly sits up in the bed, gasping for breath, as the cool night air presses in against his damp flesh, his hands move up to rub against his eyes and forehead, attempting to calm himself as Vintasnah sleeps nearby.

Vintasnah: [And though your heart beats rapidly, though your gasps for air disturb the quiet of the night, everything seemingly pretends to ignore you and sleeps on…]

Vintasnah: End Session

Vintasnah: Can’t see STRAIGHT

Vintasnah: XD

Rotenh Dal: Does that mean you can see around corners?

Rotenh Dal: If so, neat trick. X}

Vintasnah: Lol yes

Vintasnah: how was that> scale of 1-10 don’t lie!

Rotenh Dal: T’was awesome.

Rotenh Dal: I love dream sequences.

Vintasnah: lol k

Vintasnah: well I sleep now. night!

Rotenh Dal: G’night.



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