Session 18

This Dream Could Kill You

Session 18

Vintasnah: [You awake after your dream, all sweat and beating heart. The sun has yet to rise, Sentisdeh sleeps peacefully by you and nothing else stirs. The images are still vividly on repeat in your mind. No matter what you do they seemingly play on repeat].

Rotenh Dal: He draws upwards, raking his hands through his hair, his eyes wide open as he looks around the out-of-place calmness of the camp. Slowly, he comes to a standing position, busying himself with foraging a bit around the campsight, looking at and identifying herbs, for no other reason than to keep himself busy.

Vintasnah: The noise, though subtle is constant and Vintasnah awakens to the sound of it. She does not stir, nor does she motion to you. Instead she calmly watches you pander about.

Rotenh Dal: He draws an herb up from the earth, to his nostrils, breathing in deeply it’s scent, it flows through his mind, bringing back memories of his old life, calmly constructing tisanes and antidotes, creating mixtures, giving easy massages, working with needles, a long golden needle, the crown of the would be king, assaults his vision, the gory coronation he oversaw personally, a flash of power, pulsing through him, infusing him with something.. He jumps back, as all those things assault his mind at once, dropping the herb to the ground, as he runs his hand over his eyes, hearing the echo of “Whoareyou?” over and over in his troubled thoughts.

Vintasnah: From behind you: “Who are you?”

Rotenh Dal: His brows furrow together, and he turns his head towards the question.

Vintasnah: Vintasnah has not moved from her resting position. She merely looks up at you. Her purple eyes gleam with a knowing. “Who are you Rotenhdal?” her soft voice carry’s a crisp edge to it.

Rotenh Dal: The purple gaze brings the ghostlike reflection of himself back to the forefront of his mind full-force. His eyes clench closed tightly for a moment, attempting in vain to rid himself of the haunting image, before answering the girl. “Why the interest Vintasnah?”

Vintasnah: “Because even I don’t know who you are.” She slowly sits up, the folds of her clothing clinging tightly to her. She slowly walks over to you and placing her hands on your shoulders quietly waits at your side.

Rotenh Dal: His gaze draws over the girl, having one of her flashes of insight and maturity, he shakes his head, and speaks as she rests her hands upon his shoulders. “I’m not entirely sure. I can tell you where I’m from, and what I’ve done, but I don’t really know if I can honestly tell you who I am.”

Vintasnah: “Tell me then.” Her voice never wavers, like a cold drink of water she speaks. Her fingers drag slowly down your arms as she moves to sit in front of you, capturing your full attention or giving all of hers.

Rotenh Dal: “Very well then. I am from a continent north of this one, in which my people inhabit the southwestern region. We are known as the Skarn, and have a very peaceful and ordered society. I grew up learning several different arts. That of an apothecary as well as an acupuncturist. I spent my days with my family, concocting medicines and easing the stress of my people. There was a young prince whom was in line to ascend to the throne. This prince also had an ajenda geared towards forceful expansion of the Skarn Kingdom via conquering and subjegating our neighbors. I took it upon myself to get rid of him, and in doing so, had to flee lest I was executed for my treason.”

Vintasnah: “Are you a good man, Rot?” Her head tilts to the side as her gave falls to your hands. her fingers make it there about the same time and tenderly holds your palms in her hands, examining them.

Rotenh Dal: His own eyes draw downwards to look over his calloused fingers, as her fingers stroke and examine, a soft sigh escaping his lips, as he speaks. “I do what I think is right, whether or not I’m actually right about any of it, I’m unsure.”

Vintasnah: “Right does not equal good. Nor does being wrong mean you are evil. Are you a good man?” Her hand slides up to your cheek.

Rotenh Dal: His head tilts a bit, as her hand makes it’s way up to his cheek, his eyes drawing in, locking on her purple gaze. “No, I don’t think so. The level of lethality I employ just doesn’t come so easily to good men.”

Vintasnah: “What about me, Rot?” She slides up closer, her eyes level to yours, all her weight resting on her knees. “If I am the daughter of a goddess then do I have as much power in destroying as I do creating? Does that make me as wicked as anything else?” her eyes close a bit as the tears well up within them.

Rotenh Dal: He smiles softly, his hand drawing upwards to push her hair away from the side of her face, his voice sounding a bit revived from the moment’s despair. “Thats it then. It isn’t our power or our capabilities that judge whether we’re good or evil, it is how we employ our gifts. And so far, you’ve only used your capabilities in defense of your friends. I’d say that makes you good.”

Vintasnah: She gently falls into you, whether or not you fall to your back at the force of her she leaves up to you. No matter where you fall or if you move to accept her small form, she whispers into your ear, “How else do you employ your gifts, Rot?”

Rotenh Dal: He falls back onto the ground with her motion, his brows furrowed in confusion for a moment at the question, as he lays beneath her small body. “Protecting you.”

Vintasnah: Her arms make their way back up to your shoulders, one finding its resting place there and the other continuing on to you cheek. lightly putting pressure to your face she directs your gaze to hers as she lifts her head up just a bit. Her lips tremble ever so slightly, but her gaze is stern, powerful, rimmed at the edges of the iris’s with a gold lining. Permenant. Powerful.

Rotenh Dal: His arms draw around her body, both resting at the small of her back, as she directs his gaze up to her own, taking in every little feature of her visage, before he looks into those stern eyes, nearly losing himself within their depths, as they lay with one another.

Vintasnah: A smile, starting small, widens into a grin. In that same moment you feel a small pressure inside your stomach. An ache, nothing more.

Rotenh Dal: His eyes draw across the temting curve of lips, before the pressure draws him back to reality. He blinks and draws back a bit, smiling in turn and doing his best to refocus his attention. “Oh gods, how long has it been since we’ve had anything to eat?”

Vintasnah: “Ages.” She presses herself back into you. And yet the pressure in stomach grows. Within seconds, the ache is no longer like a small insect to be swatted away.

Rotenh Dal: “Ah, well are you hungry?” He clears his throat, as the pressure grows within him, his eyes moving over Vintasnah’s features, as he holds her against his form, keeping the two bodies pressed tight against one another.

Vintasnah: “Yes.” Her curt answer is slow. Like a hiss as her gaze moves from your eyes to your mouth. The pressure now becoming intolerable.

Rotenh Dal: His hand draws up to carress across her cheek, and up through her hair, as he draws forward, terribly close, his eyes moving down to her lips, as he speaks distractedly. “I’m not a very intelligent man, you know..”

Vintasnah: “You don’t have to be.” The pressure blurs what’s left of your vision as her mouth bares down on yours. She presses closer into you, if at all possible, and the wretched pulling in your gut is now enough to make any normal man scream. Not hunger, not wanting, not anything, just pain and it’s the searing type, like a slow burn, like a stabbing, like a pinching. But she’s still pressing into you her knees wrapped around you, pressing into the ground.

Rotenh Dal: He presses back firmly against her lips, his hands sliding over her body, as her legs wrap around, and the wonderfulness of the embrace, is countered by the pain, pressing and burning within him, with a gasp, he breaks from the kiss, and rolls away onto the ground, curling and groaning in pain, as it roils through his body.

Vintasnah: She rolls from you, landing on her back and after a small gasp escapes her lips so does the sudden and unexplainable laughter. The pain within you, as if reacting to that laughter jerks and wrenches inside of you. Though you might open your eyes your vision is blurred, and though you might cry out you are only answered by that laugh. Below you, the ground begins to shake sporadically. “You see that Rot? I’m already inside of you. A part of you. You let me in just like that, and now… Now you’ll be whoever we want you to be. You’ll be a murderer. It’s what you’re good at, Rot. You’re loyal to the cause.” You feel her hand press your cheek, her voice unnaturally crisp and cold. “You’ll kill her, and all the rest. Take them into you like you took me. You’ll be a hero, Rot. My champion, like you were always meant to be.” The voice, sounding disembodied to your ears, though it comes from Vintasnah’s form does not any longer sound like Vintasnah speaking. Rather a familiar voice… sultry and seductive. But above that you hear a dull screaming. A crying. A truly disembodied voice calling out to you as the world around you shakes into nothing.

Rotenh Dal: (Wow…. Is that the end of this session-ette?)

Vintasnah: [Lol, it does not have to be as long as you don’t mind me being a little delayed. I can do all this during commercials and then continue on more fluid like after ten. At least that was my plan. _]

Rotenh Dal: (That works, just gah, epic.)

Vintasnah: [[Lawl, really?]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Well yeah, though for a few moments there, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not you’d been reading the book of Erotic Fantasy. X}))

Vintasnah: [[lawlawlawlawl. No not at all. Just wanted to catch you really off guard. Thought that would do the trick. So you game for keeping on with it?]]

Rotenh Dal: (Sure thing, after I grab something to eat.)

Rotenh Dal: (Scratch that, I’m ordering pizza.)

Vintasnah: XD awesome

Rotenh Dal: As the voice begins to echo in his mind, he uses it as an anchor to set himself, figuratively reaching out and latching on to that bit of taunting reality, he draws towards it, his voice growling out in defiance, and pain. “You don’t have that power over me, I’ll not be your puppet. BEGONE!” He growls out against the voice, the pull, the power, and the unsettling screams reaching him from somewhere beyond.

Vintasnah: “You’re right, Rot. You’ll be my equal. My everything. You could save the world, Rot. You’ll save the world.” The dream shatters with the last shake, the last promise given from the form that was not Vintasnah. Her voice echos in your ears in the black that is the empty place where dreams are formed and broken. You are only there for a second before you are ripped out of it. On your shoulders are two small hands and in your ears Vintasnah’s voice rings true, calling out your name.

Rotenh Dal: He groans, as the blackness begins to fade away, giving way towards the glaring brightness of reality, his eyes crack open, and look up towards Vintasnah, pushing up against the hands on his shoulders, as he attempts to get himself resituated. He blinks and shakes his head, storing the words away to think on at another time. “Vintasnah? Are you okay?”

Vintasnah: The shaking stops. “ROT?! i-i-i-i I’m fine! Are you… are you okay?” She’s speaking through the tears, her fingers clutched so tight on your shoulders it hurts.

Rotenh Dal: He draws his hands up to rest atop her own, nodding lightly as he attempts to get her to stop shaking him. “I’m fine, I’m alright, just stop shaking me please.”

Vintasnah: “Oh.. oh!” She lets go quickly and jerks her hands from your shoulders. “What happened? I was sleeping and you started talking.. and you were crying and then, then it got quiet but suddenly you started screaming and I couldn’t get you to stop and I-I- you just… you wouldn’t wake up.”

Rotenh Dal: He shakes his head, and rubs back and forth over his face, frowning a bit at the realization that absolutely all of it was a dream. “Ah, well just a really weird and scary dream. I hope it’s nothing.”

Vintasnah: “Are you sure?! Rot, you- you started glowing purple! PURPLE!” The panic in her voice is reminiscent of a scared mother.

Rotenh Dal: “When the hell did that happen?”

Vintasnah: “A few minutes ago, after you went quiet. It hurt to touch you, but I had to wake you up…”

Vintasnah: Roll a spot.

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 2

Rotenh Dal: 5, I think.

Vintasnah: Lol, nope.

Rotenh Dal: It’s 2 actually. No wis bonus.

Rotenh Dal: He draws his gaze down, to examine the girl’s hands.

Vintasnah: nice catch

Rotenh Dal: ((I’m good.))

Vintasnah: [As you look at her hands you’ll notice burn marks, as if she had stuck her hands into a fire. No scorch marks, just the scars now making the skin of her palms bubbly and bumpy. The burns are hard to look at without feeling the pain of it yourself but in some places you can already see it healing, unnaturally fast].

Rotenh Dal: He bares his teeth a bit as he looks at the wounds, his gaze moving back up to look into Vintasnah’s eyes. "If you ever see me glowing again, do your best to restrain me with your powers. If that doesn’t work, I want you to run, okay?

Rotenh Dal: "

Vintasnah: “Well, its not going to kill me or anything it just stung a bit… I know you didn’t mean to. I mean, you didn’t want my help at first… but.. then you let me. And that’s when you woke up. And it’s… it’s okay now right?”

Rotenh Dal: ‘For now, yes, but I don’t want to risk anything happening in the future." He glances away, and up towards the sky, checking to see if the sun is rising yet.

Vintasnah: [It is in fact, the sun hitting the desert sand casting an orange glow over the land around you, a hazy light cascading into the green plush grass at your fingertips].

Vintasnah: Vintasnha nods at you, unsure of what to do at this point. She woke you up. You’re alive and not hurting anymore. And yet, she was useless to aid you.. and that fact stands evident in her features.

Rotenh Dal: He stands upwards, and stretches out his sore muscles, before working to break camp, glancing over to Vintasnah, he gives her a comforting little smile. “Come on, we should get moving. We’ve got a long way to go yet.”

Vintasnah: “…” She stares up at you and nods in agreement. She stands to her feet, not using her hands to help her rise. She stands up from her knees and follows at your heels. "Where are we going…?

Vintasnah: "*

Rotenh Dal: “To the center of the desert. We’ve got somebody to meet there.”

Vintasnah: “That… that’s right. I’m sorry, I didn’t.. I forgot.”

Rotenh Dal: “It’s fine. We’ve all got alot on our minds.” He finishes packing, before turning around, giving one last worried glance to Vintasnah’s palms. “You ready?”

Vintasnah: “Yes.”
[The day is long, hot is nothing else. Vintasnah follows at your side making every side step you make, every skip or move that you make. If any conversation is to be had she talks along, being as merry as she is able. By the end of the day the scars on her hands have almost gone and even she doesn’t realize it until nightfall.

Vintasnah: …

Vintasnah: The ground below you is sand and dust, the remnants of what was once a lush and fertile continent. Here, nothing lives].



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