Session 20

Faithful To The End

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Vintasnah: Welcome.

Rotenh Dal: Gracias.

Vintasnah: Bienvenido.

Rotenh Dal: Don’t start that crap with me!

Vintasnah: _


Rotenh Dal: In capslock.

Rotenh Dal: Even though I just held down shift.

Vintasnah: Lol.

Vintasnah: Alright let’s get started.

Rotenh Dal: Sounds peachy.

Rotenh Dal: Or peaches..

Rotenh Dal: Sounds like peaches.

Vintasnah: [Last we left off Thris’Fahr turned into a cloud of dust after Vintasnah, heart broken
by her existence and lack of reasons for being abandoned by her mother, accidentally shifts. Thus, you are left alone with your own musings].

Vintasnah: Just want to see if there is anything you want to do while they are gone.

Rotenh Dal: ((I’m thinking.))

Rotenh Dal: “Well, I didn’t see that coming.” He grunts as the man dissappears in a puff of dust and dirt. He rises up, and stalks in a few slow circuits around the room, not really capable of focusing on any one thing for long, and quite incapable of thinking of how he should behave at all differently.

Vintasnah: [Several hours pass on uneventfully. Day and night do not exist here and so the hours blur, one into the other, without any signs of Thris’Fahr or Vintasnah].

Rotenh Dal: He sits and waits and waits, impatiently sitting in the chair, for quite a while. Eventually, he growls his frustration, and rises, pushing out of the front door to exit into the city.

Vintasnah: [The streets around you are quiet, tiresome. Streets that are as jagged as the stone they were carved from but as well tended as the underground city can be. There are only houses built from the sides of cavern, some that had just been stone and clay, moved and pushed aside to make other houses. Everything a dull orange, and dark brown].

Rotenh Dal: He walks about the somewhat bleak setting, his arms crossed over his chest, his gaze wandering over the various makeshift homes. His mind drifts, to the names he heard before, seeing if they dredge up any particular memories or not. Chewing on his lower lip, he makes his way deeper into the city, examining any of the populace he can find, as well as the living conditions, and how these individuals adapt to a world without sun.

Vintasnah: [Although night and day do not altogether exist, there would appear to be some sort of schedule. There are few people out now, many of them bazaar and shop owners, house keepers, and men who would appear to be farmers. They are quiet in regards to the city but often one would hear them calling across streets, mostly in jest. The occasional nay-sayer bickering with his opponent across the way would also be heard. Among other things there is the aptly questioned light source. This world is a constant shade of sunset. Dull and yet powerful yellow orbs rest in archaic sconces around the cavern, the walls, houses and many (in an attempt to simulate night and sleeping) are put out that are placed on specific houses. The city itself grows taller and larger as it nears the city center and at that center, a palace built from black marble, almost invisible in this lighting but once one would chance upon seeing it, it stands like a colossus: overbearing, over powering, ominous, and endless].

Rotenh Dal: To keep himself busy, he begins juggling empty vials as he walks, eyes wandering,
taking in the sights in the sleeping city. Soon, he draws forward towards the black marble castle, his eyes going wide at the very sight. "Well would you look at that?’

Vintasnah: [[Sry had to go do the dishes and laundry. v.v]]

Rotenh Dal: (yarr, almost fell asleep.))

Vintasnah: [No one thinks the man quere or pays any more or less attention to him than they
ought. Everyone around know’s he’s new, know’s they have never seen him before, but everyone knows to never ask questions, either. So some smile at him, amused by his antics, two women gossip and giggle as he passes by, and one small boy helping his mother waves excitedly as you notice the castle.]

Vintasnah: I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to be gone so long!

Rotenh Dal: (It’s okay)

Rotenh Dal: He smiles and winks to the boy as he waves excitedly, his gaze returning to the castle, moving to juggle two vials in one hand, as he walks towards the great structure.

Vintasnah: [[We can hit the brakes if you’re tired, though. Maybe get some in tomorrow night so you can sleep. _]]

Vintasnah: [Up ahead, Thris’Farh stands watch over his cane at the Castle Entrance, otherwise unguarded and empty].

Rotenh Dal: He eyes Thris’Fahr for a moment, before continuing on his way, walking towards the man. He keeps his hands moving, in that rhythmic juggling, the constant sounds that the vials create as they find their marks within his palms, provide a steady white noise, as he steps towards the old man.

Vintasnah: [[Agh, sry. Lol. I’m kind of tired, not going to lie to you. Took a Benadryl]]

Rotenh Dal: ((haha, okay, want to put on the breaks?)_)

Vintasnah: [[Yeah, I’m like… out. Lol]]

Vintasnah: [[We’ll pick it up tomrrow or wed. _ Night dude.]]

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Vintasnah: :p Now was that hard?

Vintasnah: You must be feeling especially lazy.

Rotenh Dal: I thought you were going to dig up the last room.

Vintasnah: No.

Vintasnah: Beside’s there’s no need.

Vintasnah: Also, I dooo need you to send me the last two or three sessions to this comp for me.

Rotenh Dal: …..

Rotenh Dal: What is the last session do you have?

Vintasnah: Don’t worry about it. Just send me the last three.

Last message was written 20 minutes ago

Vintasnah: Where is session 20?

Rotenh Dal: Theres a 20th session?

Vintasnah: yeaaaaah. Last session? Where he went pandering through the city

Vintasnah: ?

Vintasnah: We didn’t get far, we were both falling asleep, but we got it started.

Rotenh Dal: Oooh yeah, it was so short I left it in the Chatzy bit so I could set it up with the
next session..

Rotenh Dal: Aaaaand, we don’t have that chatzy window..

Vintasnah: Ah… Well I have no idea where we left off. You recall?

Rotenh Dal: I’m not really sure.. I was tired as hell that night.

Vintasnah: Uh, Okay, I’ll just guess.

Vintasnah: [The massive abandoned structure stands above you, an underground monolith of black cut stone. At the entry way, Thris’Fahr stands wait, his back hunched a little lower than yesterday and his cane bent with all the weight it now supported.]

Rotenh Dal: “Fancy meeting you here.” He speaks as he makes his way towards the hunched old man, his eyes appraising the fellow.

Vintasnah: [“Hmph…” A little less happy this morning. He turns and presses a small seal on the lower center part of the two advoining stone doors. The seal, a symbol, wavers in luminescent brilliance, flickers, and disappears entirely. The doors silently slide open and allow for your entrance. He follows in after you allowing the doors to close when you are both inside. Barely any light shines in at all, and it is as if one had just walked into the night sky, the refective stone creating shimmering stars in the vast void.]

Rotenh Dal: His eyes draw upwards, looking around the darkness, taking careful steps, as he never knows quite where he’s going, in such consuming darkness.

Vintasnah: [“Black as night in here. If you stand here long enough you almost feel like you aren’t standing on anything at all. Begin to lose sight of what is up and what is down.
Everything just… goes away.” The voice was the elder man’s but it was seemingly disembodied, coming from everywhere, the sounds just as all encompassing as the darkness.]

Rotenh Dal: "Yes.. I can’t say I’m a big fan of it.. Where exactly did you go?

Rotenh Dal: " He turns around, and spins in circles, hoping to get a sight of the old man in the dark area.

Vintasnah: [[Not to be seen. :] ]]

Rotenh Dal: “Damnit..”

Vintasnah: [“You focus too much on all the wrong things. So caught up in what you think you
SHOULD be able to see instead of what is THERE.”]

Rotenh Dal: “The only thing that is HERE is the DARK you old BASTARD.”

Vintasnah: [“Oh REALLY! Could have fooled me. From where I sit there is a whole play going on… and all you see is the dark. It’s a damn wonder you made it this far. Damn wonder she’s even still alive. Look around you, Nameless Escuse of a Soul! Or be damned with the memories that haunt, as you will be if you cannot learn!” A loud crashing noise echoes throughout your ears, the same darnkness, now void of even the elder, clings to you in silence.].

Rotenh Dal: He sighs at the crotchety old man, and closes his eyes, flipping that little switch in his mind, that allows him to see magical auras, slowly, he opens his eyes, and glances around, going into a crouch, as he wills himself to listen.

Vintasnah: [It doesn’t work. Not like you think it should. You see nothing new. No magic here. Just emptiness. As you listen however, you can hear voices. Whispers. Barely audible and incoherent.]

Rotenh Dal: He straightens up, and just looks ahead, as the whispers draw in around him. His arms cross over his chest, as he waits to hear things from previous lives.

Vintasnah: “My mother says you’re arrogent, and that’s why you can’t see.”

Rotenh Dal: “I am myself. I can’t be anyone else, I can just do the best that I can, as myself.”

Vintasnah: “Myself is vague. It’s more of an excuse than a definition. Do people not change?
Mustn’t people change in order to survive? If they do change, or adapt, are they losing a piece of theirselves, or are they just adding more vivid details to the one vage definition?”

Rotenh Dal: “People change, yes, but not because they are given vague reasons to change, and no direction to do it in. I’m constantly trying, as hard as I can, but it is as if there is a melovelant being up there, who is looking down upon me, and shaking her head, because no matter what I do, no matter how I react, it isn’t fitting in exactly to the way she wants her puzzle to be played out.”

Vintasnah: “There is no puzzle her. Just focusing. Just listening. And… in our defense, your people have changed for far less than vague reasons…”

Vintasnah: here*

Rotenh Dal: “Well I can hear you, and I’d say I’m about as focused as I can be amidst a conversation. What exactly do you mean my people? I’m a Skarn.”

Vintasnah: “All creations. Your people. The created. You separate yourselves based on physical and thoughtful differences. You all come from the same place.”

Rotenh Dal: “You call us created, but all things are made up of raw materials.”

Vintasnah: “The Earth shaped you, the Wind held your form, the Water gave you mobility, and Fire gave you life. Created.”

Rotenh Dal: “Thusly you aren’t any combination, so you must be a raw material. So tell me, are you earth wind water or fire?”

Vintasnah: “You don’t recognize me, Rot?”

Rotenh Dal: His eyes close, and he focuses, attempting to bring forth a mental image of whom he speaks.

Vintasnah: Vintasnah appears, two inches taller, her hair silver and long, her eyes the deepest iridescent blue of the purest ocean depths, her skin tanned but still considered fair. Her figure aged a few years. No longer the slender 16 year old form but full, her face even more adult, a copy of her mother’s own slender features coupled with her father’s strong human traits.

Rotenh Dal: “Barely, you sure do grow up quick Vintasnah.” He looks over her form, a soft smile appearing upon his lips, as he stands in the darkness.

Vintasnah: “I finally saw her Rot. I saw my Mother… and this time I remembered. I’ve gone to see her before, and every time have come back different, changed, older, and yet still a child. From here on I can only grow, but I must do it here. I cannot go back to her anymore, Rot.”
Although you can hear it in her voice, you cannot see the tears. She wanted me to give you something Rot…"

Rotenh Dal: He arches a brow, and takes a step towards Vintasnah as he begins to hear the tears well up in her voice, wanting to be comforting, he speaks. “What did she want you to give me?”

Vintasnah: “This… it… it might hurt on the way down.. She said just put it into your mouth, it would do the rest. She also wanted you to know, that you didn’t have to. You could wait and decide for yourself what your future should be instead of blindly trusting in us. Though your faith would be an honour, we would not force it from you.” She holds up a small blue bauble, no bigger than a marble. The blue swirls inside lighting up her palm with a gentle blue hue.

Rotenh Dal: His hand reaches out, and he takes the object in his palm, his voice inquisitive. “What is it, exactly?”

Vintasnah: “A part of her essence. Seven centuries ago you were born into this world with naught but your courage and strength. You grew to be a knight, were betrayed, your family slaughtered, and you exiled. Even through all this you never once crossed the line between good and evil. Sometime later, however, just before The Great War, you took your life. Even then you were born to be the Protector of the Four Elements. You were chosen for your goodness and strength… and faith. So when you ended your life The Earth took your soul and set it aside for reuse. Their Guardian on this planet had fallen, but he would be called for again and given another chance. You have been given so many chances to live a full life… but every time it is seemingly cut short… and this time, you are again being called upon as our Guardian. That is who you are, if you choose. And that is what this is. The power to protect us.”

Rotenh Dal: “I suppose thats why protecting you came so naturally to me.” He smirks, and rolls the blue bauble around in his palm, before offering it back, his palm upwards. “I thank Sindesneh for the offer, but I don’t need her essence to be who I am. I have my courage, goodness, and strength, and that is all I need, to make sure that harm doesn’t befall any of you.”

Vintasnah: She smiles a bit, but keeps her palm held out to you. “You are strong, and loyal, and though you may be strong enough to protect me, you do not have what it takes to protect me from what I need protection against… nor do you have the ability to call on my brethren without this… but you must choose your path.” Her hand hesitates, then falls to her side. She looks at it, a soft smile underneath the silent stream of tears. And as she turns from you, that is when you finally notice the scene playing out around you.

Vintasnah: [The walls, only seconds ago black, are now clear and incandescent: A crystal palace. Through them a city flourishes outside, the land a deep green, the fields awash with the many colours of nature at its best, not a dead or untended spot in the hundreds of thousands of acres and though it would appear hot outside a gentle wind keeps everything moving, everything at peace. The plants are such as have never been seen, not in your lifetime, at least. Oranges and yellows rise and fall on the hilltops. Within the crystalline castle two thrones rest even even with the crowd, and visible to all. A king in one and queen at his side. He is tall into the six foot range, burly, his body muscular, built, a warrior, a true man of his people. She is thin and graceful, though on guard and ready, her eyes always searching. Her long blonde hair graces the floor and her slender form does not reach above 5’4". They stand before their thrones, welcoming and open to all who would approach. From the back of the crowd a familiar figure steps forward, a crown placed upon her head. Sentisdeh. Her arms are graced with that of an infant child, all black hair and pale skin. A king stands at her side, built to match Sentisdeh’s strength and agility, but a human. On the far side another man approaches, a gilded crown with excessive amounts of jewels upon his brow. He is dressed as a soldier, a warrior King, a conquering King with Red curly hair fighting its way from beneath the crown and black eyes. They join and watch as their people unite from all corners of the world. The scene flickers and fades away. Instantly it is replaced. The Kingdom walls around you have darkened and the strong king who once stood noble at his throne is now curled over the body of his blonde haired queen. Her body is bloodied and broken as is his above her. She presses her hand to his cheek and her body in flurry bursts into the four winds, chaotically raging through the palace and out into the world. All that is left is a small yellow marble in the palm of his hand… This scene too does fade, as does all the light and hope that was carried with the first.

Rotenh Dal: “What happens to her, if it is consumed?”

Vintasnah: “This is not all of her, Rot. A good portion of her now lives and thrives in me. This is just the small part of her that she can give to you…”

Rotenh Dal: He looks down at the marble, and back up to Vintasnah. “What happens to her though? Have you taken some of her essense as well Vintasnah?”

Vintasnah: “She’s gone, Rot. Her life has always been my inheritance. I was born to take her place in this world. A task I freely accepted. This is all that is left of her.”

Rotenh Dal: “And you? Will this happen to you someday? Or, if I succeed, will you continue on? Will you get to have a life, husband, children? Is that a possibility for you, if I succeed where I’ve failed so many times?”

Vintasnah: “If I succeed I have the option of living a life as she once did. I have the option of death no matter what happens, but I don’t really die. I give up or lose this body, but my function as… as water never ends.”

Rotenh Dal: “And if I fail, what happens to you?”

Vintasnah: “Even I do not know that. No one does.”

Rotenh Dal: “Well then, seems that failure isn’t an option.” He smirks a bit, and opens his mouth, before popping the marble inside.

Vintasnah: [The marble instantly turns to liquid on your tongue, sweet on the way down, but followed by a slow burn. Like drinking liquid fire you can feel it settling into your stomach and then reaching out to the corners of your body. Everywhere you can feel the fluid moving through you, cleansing your insides. When the burn has passed, a coolness with sweep over you, fill you up and make you feel as if you had just quenched your thirst, a thirst you had never before even known of… and at your left wrist, a dull light cascades onto though your clothes, and when you look down, the familiar symbol for water will be set there, as if it had been there all your life.]

Vintasnah: End Session



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