Session 21

This Is How They Died

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Vintasnah: Well hurro.
Rotenh Dal: Oh herro dere!
Vintasnah: X] Alright, let’s get this thing going!
Rotenh Dal: WIll do!
Rotenh Dal: Oh yeah, I’ve gotta level up x3.
Vintasnah: [We last left off with Roten and Vinny in the black marble castle. He had just swallowed the essence of Sentisdeh which was akin to drinking brandy the way it burned down his throat and how he could feel it flowing through every vein, until finally it had reached his heart. This would hurt, burn, and make his heart skip a beat. In the same instance his wrist began to glow a luminescent blue as the ancient symbol for water glowed and dimmed into a tatoo, like it had always been there.]
Vintasnah: [Uhm… this happened to you, react or something… anything.]
Vintasnah: Also! The scene that he witnessed before he took in the marble, if you remember what that was.
Rotenh Dal: ((Sorry, I’m levelling.)
Vintasnah: [[Ah, oke. sry, missed that post]]
Rotenh Dal: His eyes close for a moment, as the pain, works it’s way through his body, burning his veins, causing his entire form to stand rigid so as to not cry out. And just as soon as it started it stops, his eyes opening, to look down upon the glowing mark that sets itself upon his wrist. Taking in the sight of the change, he gulps, and looks back over to Vintasnah.
Vintasnah: She smiles at him, a frail smile that indicates this is surely just the beginning.
Rotenh Dal: He returns that smile, and gives her a light nod, before stretching out and settling with his newfound power.
Vintasnah: [[What lvl are you now?]]
Rotenh Dal: ((10!))
Vintasnah: [[Lol, uhm… got up about two more levels, would ya?]]
Rotenh Dal: ((… Okay.))
Rotenh Dal rolled a die. The die showed: 6
Rotenh Dal rolled a die. The die showed: 4
Vintasnah: [[Just pretend the little marble gave you super lvls. lol]]
Rotenh Dal: ((Wha?))
Vintasnah: nm
Rotenh Dal: ((Okay, now I’m level 12.))
Vintasnah: [[AHGAUHDJahIHDAWFAZSc I wanna set something on fire. Kid totally screwed up my mojo…]]
Vintasnah: please hold.
Vintasnah: [[Olay, I’m back. Sry about that. I need to move shit…]]
Vintasnah: [[needed* rather]]
Vintasnah: Vinny directs your attention to the spot on the floor where the vision first appeared and just as suddenly flitted away before you. She walks up to where the two people had knealt and where the one had died. “Did you see the marble, Rot? Did you see the yellow marble left behind?”
Rotenh Dal: “I did.”
Vintasnah: [[Wow, good job there.]]
Rotenh Dal: ((I’m trying! Having a hard time, recalling the vision, but I think I remember it.))
Vintasnah: “That is all that is left of my mother’s sister, The Wind. Her humanoid name was Quinn. She ruled as Queen with their brother and lover The Earth whose humanoid name was Jerry. They were loving and kind. They ruled their kingdom as gods on this planet for centuries until the day that her body was slain. She lives now in her purest form. Her separation from him ruined him. He ruled as best he could without her at his side, until, after having no heirs and living to watch as the world slowly destroyed itself, watching as all his subjects and believers stopped believing in him, he buried his human form in the Earth below his great Kingdom. Those who were still loyal to him left the kingdom above and built this city underneath abandoning the same world that abandoned him. This castle made of marble they carried down piece by piece, rebuilding it above their King and god’s chosen burial ground….”
Rotenh Dal: “And that is where we stand?”
Vintasnah: She nods. “Because he chose to waste away, living not as a human, but eternally sleeping, the land has begun to die and wither… This desert was not always here. It has become a desert because he no longer cares to tender and toil the soil. We stand above his burial chamber, where the Great Dying began a century or so ago. This wasteland will continue on, reaching other continents, and all the people of the world, while the wind in her despair helps press it forward. All but my Mother and the Fire god have given up on their creations…”
Rotenh Dal: “I believe I’ve come close to the fire god once before.”
Vintasnah: “You have.” She smiles. “Here he is known as the Great King Jabaal. He has lived these past seven centuries pretending, each passing generation, to be the son of his father, and his father, and so on. It is a facade to keep his true identity unknown.”
Rotenh Dal: “Why does he capture young women?”
Vintasnah: “He brings in young women off the street and gives them a home. He takes care of them, feeding them and giving them each a place to live out their lives in peace, without turmoil. Those who are willing become his courtesans but none of them are forced to be with him.”
Rotenh Dal: “I see.. he does have a physical form then? I had assumed he did not.”
Vintasnah: “He does. It is the same form he took when he first came to this world. He is not keen on people with eyes to see it, however.”
Rotenh Dal: “Because he then becomes recognized, and he cannot continue his charade?”
Vintasnah: “The possibility is always there. His intentions are good, however. He does not do what he does to keep his power, rather, to protect what he has made here.”
Rotenh Dal: “I wasn’t suggesting that he was malevolent. So, how do we get the world back into balance?”
Vintasnah: “For now, we need to acquire the essences left behind by the gods. Then we must seek out my brother, Jabaal. He will give you the last bit of essence… blessing… that you will need… this is much more than just putting the world back into order, Rotenh’ Dal. But that is where we will start.”
Rotenh Dal: He nods a bit, at the words, his gaze moving about the room, then back to Vintasnah before he speaks. “We begin by venturing into Jerry’s tomb then?”
Vintasnah: "Yes. However, he has hidden it well. Even I do not know it’s exact location. He also has barriers set up against me. That I can feel. My spells do not fully work here.:
Rotenh Dal: “Do we have any hints, as to where the entrance may be?” His brow arches at the fact that there are barries set against Vintasnah’s spells, his gaze raking through the room once more.
Vintasnah: "Thrisfarh spoke of a tunnel, the entrance to it hidden where “The king once found, had become lost, and in his turmoil reclined his head to rest.”
Rotenh Dal: “Okay, that leads me to believe it is inside of a bedchamber. Shall we go look for one, Vintasnah?” He smiles a bit, and holds out his hand to the girl.
Vintasnah: “That does sound appropriate.” She shakes her head and smiles at the outstretched hand. She walks beside you in the darkness. There are two corridors that branch off beyond the throne room leading back into the palace. One to the left, the other to the right.
Rotenh Dal: He moves to take the left route, doing his best to stay alert, as they walk through the dark corridors of the marble palace.
Vintasnah: [ The left side extends into a long corridor, layed out like a never ending inn, doors ever ten feet, always a mirroring door on the opposite side of the hallway, and two large double doors at then end, some 300 feet ahead of you.]
Rotenh Dal: “I think perhaps this may very well be his bedroom, don’t you?” He arches a brow, with a bit of a smirk, as he gestures to the double-doors, his pace quickening, as he walks towards what he believes to be the entrance to a dead god’s sleeping chamber.
Vintasnah: [[You open the doors?
Rotenh Dal: ((Yes.))
Vintasnah: [Upon opening the doors, the creaking of the doors scratching against the stone floor, a gust of stale air blasts against the both of you, sweeping back Vinny’s dress and hair, rumpling your clothes against your skin. The air smells of dying plants,
Vintasnah: and as your eyes adjust to the dim light coming from within a maze of gardens long left alone to waste away stands tall and imposing in front of you].
Rotenh Dal: “Well that wasn’t what I was expecting..” He mumbles as he walks forwards, his hand moving out, to inspect a dying plant, wondering how it even survived this long, without sunlight to sustain it’s growth.
Vintasnah: [The plants though long dead still retain some of their colour, the smell of each individual plant still hanging in the stale air like a thick fog. The smell of such perfumes is almost intoxicating blurring the senses ever so slightly. The maze welcomes you in, greeting you with two large statues each one a male and female representation of elemental beasts]. "It feels… strange… in here.
Vintasnah: "
Rotenh Dal: “Yes, very strange..” He speaks a bit, as he begins to feel his senses become fuzzy, he draws his hand down to raise the collar of his shirt, up over his nose and mouth, breathing in through the filter that should work against most pollens and scents. “Keep your nose and mouth covered.”
Vintasnah: She raises up a layer of her skirts covering her nose and mouth. Her muffled voice is heard from within. “That’s a bit better, but not as comfortable…”
Rotenh Dal: He can’t help but laugh at the rediculousness, that her action makes her outfit turn into. He shakes his head, and moves to his sleeve, his hand flicking a needle out, to cut away the cloth, working to fashion it into two crude bandana-like masks, he secures one to his face, while handing the other to Vintasnah.
Vintasnah: She laughs a bit realizing how silly she really did look doing that and taking the cloth from Rot, ties it around her face as he also had done. “Are we to go into the maze?”
Rotenh Dal: “Well it always seems like more fun, to go forward, than to double back, don’t you think?” A smile curls on his lips behind the mask, the slight distortion evident, as he gestures, and steps into the maze.
Vintasnah: She follows after him, watching her footing through the large root system that extends up out of the Earth at the maze entrance, more evidence of years of unkept plants, now free to do as they will through out this strange room. The maze walls stand beside them at nine feet tall, the plant life even extending above that. The walls appear at first to be bushes, but as Vintasnah is prone to tripping her fingers nimbly discovered the stone masonry walls beneath the elaborate system of vines that grew without and made this apparent to Rot.
Rotenh Dal: He nods, as she delivers the news of the stone, beneath the vines. He reaches into his pack, and takes out a bit of paper, as he keeps walking, jotting down a crude map of the maze, as he walks through it, his gaze keeping a look out, for any suprises along the way. “I wonder why he placed a maze in here..”
Vintasnah: “Maybe they used to get lost here. Away from everything.”
Rotenh Dal: “Intentionally secluding themselves, until they stumbled upon a way out?”
Vintasnah: “Maybe they knew the way, but no one else did. Maybe this is where… This is where they could just be.” She smiled because she just didn’t have the heart to say it. But yes, she was hinting at such seclusion as was needed for lovers, for a King and Queen to run away to from servants and political unrest. For a place for them to be gods among the mortals, unseen and invisible
Rotenh Dal: “I see.. then this may very well be what we’ve been looking for. If it is a place, where he can rest..”
Vintasnah: “…or get lost…”
Rotenh Dal: “Yes, or get lost..”
Vintasnah: After a few good hours of roaming through the maze, running into walls that would not let them pass, plants that had no intention of growing a different way for them, and statues always pointing this way or that, they made it through the maze. No danger to be had or any real struggle at all. After many scratchings and cross outs, a correct map would have been drawn by Rot. The exit of the maze was a door at seven foot high: large, marble as the rest of the castle, and stubborn.
Rotenh Dal: “Well, would you look at that?” He moves to pocket his map of the maze, turning a bit to regard Vintasnah at his question, a bit of accomplishment evident on his features.
Vintasnah: She smiles beneath the cloth and waits for him to open the door…. [As it opens, one can quickly see the layer of marble behind it… All walled up, and no way in.]
Rotenh Dal: “Well.. that was unexpected..”
Rotenh Dal: He moves his hand out, to draw against the marble wall, searching to see if he can’t find any sort of hidden door beneath*
Rotenh Dal: .
Vintasnah: [Nothing.]
Rotenh Dal: He sits back on his heels, just frowning at the marble wall.
Vintasnah: “I don’t get it, why would someone put a door where there isn’t a way out?”
Rotenh Dal: “Perhaps to draw attention away from the real exit that they had placed somewhere else?”
Vintasnah: “Is there an exit at all?”
Rotenh Dal: “I’m not really sure, that was just a theory..”
Rotenh Dal: He moves to knock on the marble, his ear to it in order to hear what he can on the inside.
Vintasnah: “Well, I don’t know either… but maybe that’s the joke…? What if there isn’t an exit?” [The marble is thick, no sound reverberates from either side]
Rotenh Dal: “If there isn’t an exit, then I suppose, we need to go back through the exit, and search other rooms.”
Rotenh Dal: “Or rather, back through the entrance.”
Vintasnah: “No, That doesn’t seem quite right…”
Rotenh Dal: He places his hand on the marble, and closes his eyes, before casting the spell “Knock”.
Vintasnah: [No reaction to the spell that indicates a room on the other side of the wall].
Rotenh Dal: He frowns as he spell sputters and dies. “Well whatever this is for, it surely isn’t an entrance.”
Vintasnah: Vinny turns her head to the side and looks out the walls that wait to take her back into the maze. “Maybe he intentionally got lost. Maybe… now that we know our way… We have to get lost.”
Rotenh Dal: “So, you’re suggesting that we just forget about the map, and walk about aimlessly in this maze?”
Vintasnah: “Well…. yes.”
Rotenh Dal: “…. Okay.”
Vintasnah: She looks at you, "Is that wrong?’
Rotenh Dal: “No, actually thats an idea when I was out of ideas. So lets go for it.” He rises up, and pockets the map, turning about on his heels, he leads them both back into the maze, this time blindly.
Vintasnah: She follows you as you both wander, pandering through the maze with no discretion as to which direction you are taking. After another hour of wandering, you come upon a small open courtyard that you had not seen on the way to the supposed exit.
Rotenh Dal: His brows shoot up, as he steps into the courtyard, his head turning to shrug a bit to Vinny, before walking in, and examining the area.
Vintasnah: She looks as honestly dumbfounded as she could, her brows quirked up, her eyes wide and examining. She walks to the center of the small courtyard, nothing apparent. Then again, the courtyard is only so big as a small room, smaller statues of creatures that even she could not recognize scattered across the ruin.
Rotenh Dal: He kneels down, and rifles through the old ruinous statues, keeping an eye out for anything interesting, as he upturns old junk, and examines presumably ancient decor.
Vintasnah: Roll a search
Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 3
Rotenh Dal: 20
Vintasnah: [As you rifle through the old statues and plants that surround the courtyard you come across two human sized statues that had, at first, had appeared to be a mound of roots, earth, and overgrown vines. Vintasnah watches as you discover the statues and walks up behind you. Her eyes widen and glaze over a bit. “That’s them…” The position that statues are set in is that of a pair of sleeping lovers, their hands wrapped around each other, their heads resting lightly on the ground, eyes closed, their toes digging into the earth below them.]
Rotenh Dal: “The entrance should be somewhere around here then? Perhaps beneath the man’s head..” He wonders aloud, as he finishes clearing the vines from the statues, kneeling down, his hands run across the ground in search for any more openings or pressure plates.
Vintasnah: [[Roll another one.]]
Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 9
Rotenh Dal: 26?
Rotenh Dal: I think..
Rotenh Dal: 9 + 17.. yeah.
Vintasnah: [[XD Alright, alright. You do infact find a small pressure panel just under the King
Vintasnah: ‘s head, where the statue touches the ground]]
Rotenh Dal: “Hah, we found it!” He speaks out in triumph as he presses down on the pressure panel.
Vintasnah: Vinny gets a bit too excited and jumps a bit, nearly tripping on the way back down. She recaptures her footing and runs over to you. The floor around you has begun to quiver ever so much, and the statue begun to move. The horrible stone of stone sliding across stone, added to years of being stuck in one place make an awful noise as it slides open revealing a small staircase spiraling downwards, the steps carved out of the solid Earth that this entire city is built upon. The dim light only shows in on two stairs and after that, a heavy darkness. The distance cannot be ranged from where you stand. The stale air streaming up around you, even more powerful than the perfume of the flowers and much less enjoyable.
Rotenh Dal: “Well.. That sort of seems ominous… Oh well! Shall we?”
Vintasnah: “Haha, of course. We are entering into a tomb, so to speak.” She sweeps up her dress and readies to follow behind you.
Rotenh Dal: He nods and turns towards the staircase. Gulping a bit, he begins to descend the ancient steps, slowly, making sure to time himself with the sounds of Vinny walking behind him, as they descend into the unknown depths of the Earth God’s tomb.
Vintasnah: [Make a reflex!]
Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 18
Rotenh Dal: 27
Vintasnah: [[Lawls. Sometimes, my comp just does not want me to multitask….]]
Vintasnah: [Even as your foot hits the second stair it begins to recede in the wall, you manage to make the next step without tripping over yourself and falling in such a way that would most likely have resulted in a broken neck…]
Rotenh Dal: “Oh, that isn’t good..”
Vintasnah: “What happened?!”
Rotenh Dal: “It’s trapped, a stair receded right beneath my foot.”
Vintasnah: “That’s not good at all…. Was it just one? Mine does not seem to be moving anywhere fast.”
Rotenh Dal: “Just the one so far.. Maybe it’s mathematical.. lemme check.” He takes a step down, putting pressure on the next available step.
Vintasnah: [It quickly recedes beneath the pressure of your foot.]
Rotenh Dal: “OKay lets make this easy.” He closes his eyes for a moment, and brings forth his newfound knowledge, to make the air bend around him at his whim, casting the spell ‘fly’.
Vintasnah: [He goes up for a moment his feet easily coming off the steps until the air around him loses control, dropping him to the ground as the spell flickers out.] [[Roll an epic reflex. Lol]]
Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 16
Rotenh Dal: 25
Vintasnah: [As you fall back down, your feet manage to not fail beneath you landing sure and strong on the two stairs, your legs slightly more far apart than you would like them to be, but in a much better position here than your body cascading down the steps and triggering each step].
Rotenh Dal: “Oookay! Spells don’t work either!”
Vintasnah: “That’s strange… I felt a resistance to a certain amount of my own abilities, but I had not anticipated that they would be against you as well… Sorry Rot.”
Rotenh Dal: “Yes, no long tormentuous plummet down a never-ending staircase shrouded in darkness, no foul.”
Vintasnah: She stares at you from above, the confusion evident in her lifted brow.
Rotenh Dal: “Sorry, just counting my blessings, that I didn’t fall. How do you figure we should get down these stairs?”
Vintasnah: “Well, so far it seems to be every other step. I would gather that we just lengthen our strides and climb down, only placing out feet on every other step. I will follow you carefully.”
Rotenh Dal: He nods and turns, gathering his courage, before proceeding in the manner in which she outlined.
Vintasnah: [The stairs obediently stay in place as you follow the given pattern. However, one stair retaliates about 50 steps down and the entire stair case shudders and above the sound of stairs all falling, and crashing into the ground below becomes apparent.]
Rotenh Dal: “Okay time to run!” He shouts, as he takes Vinny’s hand, and begins bolting down the stairs, doing his best to keep the pattern, but just as well, making sure to move quick enough, that they fall well after he’s set his feet upon them.
Vintasnah: [The both of you run as quickly down the stair case as is humanly possible, keeping the pattern which is now almost useless to do. You do manage to be going fast enough that if you mess up, the stairs aren’t able to recede with you on them. And from above the remaining stairs continue to come crashing down. Eventually you reach the flood below, a black pit, the size immeasureable in the darkness and the sound of falling stone all around you.]
Rotenh Dal: He takes in the area, as he reaches the pit, looking for any objects of note, or doorways around.
Vintasnah: You have darkvision
Vintasnah: ?
Rotenh Dal: ((haha.. no.))
Vintasnah: [
[Then you don’t see shit]]
Rotenh Dal: “Do you see anything? I can’t see shit!”
Vintasnah: [
Rotenh Dal: (( X} ))
Vintasnah: “I think… I think I can make out a small over hang out of the rock!” She grabs your hand and uncharacteristically takes the lead, dragging you through the pit, occasionally zig zagging avoiding the falling steps from above. You quickly reach the wall and get the feeling of being in a small cave.
Vintasnah: “You can’t see at all?”
Rotenh Dal: His eyes open wide, as he runs alongside Vinny, head darting about, as stones and rocks fall all around, as they reach the overhang, and she asks her question, he looks downwards, his gaze only slightly off of the direction he should be looking as he answers. “No, I can see quite a bit, of black. Thats about it.”
Vintasnah: She laughs, even though she knows she shouldn’t be laughing. “That’s a bit of a dilemma… Uhm, Rot, I need to do something to your eyes…”
Rotenh Dal: “IF it’s a spell, and it turns me blind.. I’ll be really angry, once I figure out that I’m blind, and not still in a really dark place!”
Vintasnah: She laughs ar you. “Not nor really like spell… more like an alteration…”
Rotenh Dal: “Very well, get it over with please.” He smirks down to Vinny, or rather, down to Vinny’s shoulder.
Vintasnah: [You feel a hand cover your eyes. “You are going to want to close your eyes, please don’t… And I’m sorry about this, but we both need eyes here.” From her hand water begins to cascade onto your face, over your eyebrows and eyes. Much like swimming with your eyes open, except, instead of the water flowing freely down your face, it gathers around your eyes, and like crying in reverse recede up into your eyes, under your eyelids behind your retinas, and back, back to the nerves inside your head. It hurts, a different kind of hurt, though. The unexplainable kind of pain.
Vintasnah: She removes her hand from your face a few seconds later after all the water has drained inside. You can blink now, or try to. At first you won’t see anything, after a second or so you’ll see vague blue blurs, and after a full minute, you’ll see the wreckage that is the pit you are now stand in, cowered in a small cave that goes no where. The stairs have all fallen, stone masonry all busted up and broken covering the ground you.
Vintasnah: [[Tell me whenever you are done, by the way. Lol]]
Rotenh Dal: “Gah!” He yells out, and stifles his voice afterwards, as the pain of that words, working up through his eyes, makes him draw a hand up to cover those offended orbs, his jaw clenched, against the pain, until it finally recedes. Slowly, he blinks, and looks around for a short time, waiting to be able to see clearly. Finally he does his best to take a more detailed examination of the cave.
Vintasnah: [[It’s a cave. What more you want from me. Lol Sooooo I think I’m done for the day. Lol]]
Rotenh Dal: ((Allright))



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