Session 1

Tango at the nameless tavern.

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Rotenh Dal: Do be do be de dooo

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 2

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Aki: blaaaaaah.

Rotenh Dal: Okay, to roll it is /rolldie #

Rotenh Dal: The number is the number of sides.

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Aki: hogod.

Rotenh Dal: What?

Thodgar the Poised: hogod.

Thodgar the Poised: no

Thodgar the Poised: what?

Aki: Xp Guess I should have come in on my character name but oh well.

Rotenh Dal: You can change it, methinks.

Rotenh Dal: My preferences.

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Vintasnah: nikhil, question.

Vintasnah: where the hell is your character coming from?

Vintasnah: sry, my fault, I’ll make you guys a map here soon.

Rotenh Dal: Some sort of mountain.

Rotenh Dal: u’s in the bathroom.

Thodgar the Poised: yeah mountain.

Thodgar the Poised: I was very specific in the name of the mountains too.

Vintasnah: XD yeah, “steeeeve mountain name here”

Vintasnah: very specific. ^_-

Vintasnah: Okay, first off guys, be patient with me. chances are I suck at this, but if you guys are really this desperate I’ll do what it takes to make you guys happey.

Vintasnah: Second. Here’s some more history you need to know.

Thodgar the Poised: patients is a virtue! and I am poised.

Vintasnah: This is your characters world, they deserve to be familiar with it.

Rotenh Dal: Okay.

Thodgar the Poised: gotcha

Vintasnah: First off: Aside from the major kingdom of Jabaal, there is acutally no other known land that has a king. The Free Commons contain Lords that run the larger settlements but no kings since they are very free openminded independent ppl. The Desert territory of Sehn Pardesh is said to have once had a King and Queen some 500 years ago but now the underground territory is made up of several large cities that run into one another, all the laws being made by a large council of leaders who oversee the underground world.

Vintasnah: And next to nothing is known about the Elven territory as it is generally left alone since barely any elves come or go from the territory.

Rotenh Dal: Gotcha. If you say People, write out People, don’t write ppl.

Vintasnah: Okay.

Thodgar the Poised: But you don’t have to have it uppercase in the first lettering unless it is at the beggining of a sentence.

Rotenh Dal: He’s right.

Vintasnah: O.o You guys are already being assholes and we haven’t even started.

Thodgar the Poised: Unless of course you mean a group of people who refer to themselves as “People”

Thodgar the Poised: In which case it would be uppercase.

Rotenh Dal: Sorry.

Rotenh Dal: Abu’s latching off of me, my fault.

Thodgar the Poised: Yes, I do apologize.

Vintasnah: Alright, shall we begin?

Thodgar the Poised: whimsical nod

Rotenh Dal: Yes, I think so.

Vintasnah: One last question for clarification?

Rotenh Dal: Shoot.

Vintasnah: Are both of your characters residing in the Free Commons?

Thodgar the Poised: shoot

Thodgar the Poised: Sure. Whateva you say boss, I can make anything fit any situation.

Rotenh Dal: My character is. Most assassins won’t take jobs against mages. They’re too scary and too volatile. So mine has a niche.

Rotenh Dal: And it’s easiest to go around unnoticed in a place where the person the city watch reports to is different every five miles.

Thodgar the Poised: I am a monk on a clensing in the free commons.

Vintasnah: Alright. And here we go.

Vintasnah: In a small village comprised of only ten or so cabins near the border of Jabaal the wind is just begining to pick up, whistling through the cracks of doors, carrying the voices of farmers calling to their children and wives. A storm is on the horizon. It hales from the North bringing with it the promise of rain and thunder. A blue streak of lightning crosses the sky as families stop their busy days to take shelter.

Vintasnah: [Rotenh Dal you see a character coming over the small hill towards your little niche in this remote village. Nikhil, describe your character].

Thodgar the Poised: a tall dwarf, is seen cresting over the hill, the top of his red hair putting him at 5’8 and coming round into a small ponytail on his back. He wears a short beard of the same color, and has bright green eyes, glowing against his pale leathery skin.

Thodgar the Poised: He wears a simple brown tunic, and travelers pants, tied at the waist with a belt made of hide, and simple boots.

Vintasnah: Thunder clashes in the background, the wind picking up suddenly shoving Thodgar a bit, though not strong enough to push him down, merely edge him for

Thodgar the Poised: 4’8

Vintasnah: forward [sry, dumb five minute notice}.

Vintasnah: [Rotenh, you see the figure before you, the storm closing in on you and the land around you. What do you do?]

Rotenh Dal: glances out over the street, as the dwarf comes cresting over the hill, the thunder and lightning overhead, causing Rotenh to pull his cloak tighter over his own broad shoulders. The man stands at a height of 5’11”, his body thick with muscle. His features are harsh, with a pronounced brow shadowing two dark blue eyes. His black hair is cut very short, and a well-trimmed vandyke frames his lips and chin. Rotenh takes a step back, leaning against the wall of the building he is loitering outside. A glance up shows it to be a tavern, and with a shake of a head, Rotenh decides to enter the building, so as to escape the coming storm

Vintasnah: [Thodgar you notice the tavern before you, the only one until the next village some five miles away].

Thodgar the Poised: watches the man enter the taven, and looking back at the coming storm, enters through the door

Vintasnah: The tavern is warm, a small but adequate fire burning. There is one other man in the tavern sitting at a table but he appears to be snoring face down on the table a mug of ale in his hand. Four empty mugs stand in a row in front of him on the table. The man behind the counter smiles at both of you giving each of you a genteel nod as you enter in. He motions to the tables in front of you but says nothing.

Vintasnah: [sry. did realize i was repeating the word table ten million times. Xp]

Rotenh Dal: (srsly, no worries)

Vintasnah: [did not* damn, need coffee]

Thodgar the Poised: smiles politly to the man behind the counter and walks up to him” Good evening kind sir.

Rotenh Dal: *steps forward at the invitation to the table, his back straight as he sits down on the table, his gaze sweeping over the table, taking in the grain and craftmanship of the table. Finally, he nods with acceptance, that the table fits in with his high standards of what a table should be like. Table

Vintasnah: “Good evenin’ Sir. And what might I git for you?”

Thodgar the Poised: actually, I was looking at the tidings of the upcoming storm, and… mayhaps you have a room for me to stay the night?

Vintasnah: “Ah, well indeed I do sir! First one on the right up the stairs over that way.” he points to his left, a bright smile showing on his young face. The man could only be about 25, his skin tan a slight burn showing on his cheeks. “That’ll jes be 20 gold my kind sir.”

Thodgar the Poised: oh… well… then do you have a barn I could stay in?

Thodgar the Poised: a stable perhaps? for travelers horses?

Thodgar the Poised: smiles lightly

Vintasnah: “Ah well, there’s one in the back, but, hehe,” his shoulders bounce up and down as he chuckles. “Terrible leak in there, holes in the ceilings everywhere. Bound to catch your death of a cold in there, Sir.”

Thodgar the Poised: oh, well, I think i’ll do fine. I once had to sit for 3 days in an icy spring. chuckles would you mind if I stayed the night in there?

Vintasnah: “Ah well, certainly Sir! That’ll be about ten gold, Sir.” He smiles, a grin spreading from ear to ear.

Thodgar the Poised: ah… well alright I suppose, I cannot fault a man for living in the way he knows…. pulls out a small bag, dumping the entirety of its contents, mostly silver and copper adding up to ten gold, onto the counter here you are.

Rotenh Dal: taps his fingers onto the table, the quiet drumming soothing his impatience for the moment. He glances over at the drunkard passed out on the table, then back to the tavernkeeper and his small patron, awaiting that business to conclude

Vintasnah: The man begins to shovel all of the coins into his hands when suddenly a very large woman or portly girth comes sprawling from a somehwat small door behind the counter. “Harold! You cheap no good !” The woman clocks him on the back of the head with the palm of her hand. She smiles sweetly at you, pushing harold over, almost forcing him to the floor. “So sorry, kind Sir, my son is such a bother sometimes. It’ll only be five gold for the room upstairs. It’s true we don’t get a lot of people this way but we don’t pay no taxes or nothin’ out here so” she chuckles kindly shoving back half of the coins and sliding a rusty key in your direction. She also turns and makes a slight bow to the man tapping his fingers on one of her tables.

Vintasnah: Harold stands up and like a small boy shuffles into the back.

Thodgar the Poised: looks backa bit startled, and smiles brightly oh thank you mistress of the house! thank you very much! places half the gold into his bag, and takes the key

Vintasnah: The portly woman leans over the counter and smiiles at you Rotenh. “Anythin’ for you, kind sir?”

Thodgar the Poised: looking generally pleased, he takes a seat near the old drunk, gathers a few of his glasses and brings them to the counter I think that man over there is not feeling to well.

Rotenh Dal: inclines his head in turn to the portly woman, he leans back, one leg crossing over the other, the long sleeves on his shirt bristling a bit as he continues to watch the situation, all the while, keeping a keen eye on the sleeping drunkard

Rotenh Dal: groans as the dwarf goes to join the drunk man, and places his face in his palm

Rotenh Dal: (shit)

Rotenh Dal: “Hmm? Oh, no nothing at the moment, nothing at all. No, it’s all fine. Nice tables you have here, amazing really. How are you? No nothing for me.” twiddles his thumbs

Vintasnah: The drunkard starts laughing in his sleep, and quite suddenly jumps up out of his chair and screams, “GLORIA!!!!!” He then stumbled from his chair, clambers up the stairs, trips, makes it to the hallway and after a large crashing noise, snoring can be heard coming from the hallway. The portly woman laughs, “Oh that’s just Deviin. He’s always here. As a matter of fact, jes the other day-” She was interrupted. The door to the tavern had flown open and in with the rain stumbles in a young girl. Her silver wasit length hair is soaked, dripping water to the floor.

Thodgar the Poised: looks over to the commotion oh dear….

Vintasnah: The girl stumbbled in and collapses to the floor. She is caked in mud and barefoot.

Vintasnah: [oh wow grammer fail lawl]

Rotenh Dal: glances back startled at the sudden crash of the flown-open door, his eyes wide as he takes in the silver-haired sight before him

Rotenh Dal: “I’ll go upstairs and see if Deviin is alright..” using the distraction of the girl, he raises from the chair, and begins walking upstairs, allowing fate to play out behind him

Vintasnah: The portly woman runs from behind the counter and goes to the girls side. She shakes her, but the girl does not respond. “Here! you two! help me carry her upstairs will you!?”

Vintasnah: “HAROLD! go warm some water!!!” she runs off and leaves you two with the girl laying on the floor.

Thodgar the Poised: oh! rushes to the little girl, to the side of the woman and helps lift her

Thodgar the Poised: I have her!

Vintasnah: “Take her upstairs! second door on the right!” she calls from the back.

Thodgar the Poised: picks her up as if she wayed nothing, which in a way she did, next to his 275 pound stocky frame

Rotenh Dal: stops and sighs as the woman volunteers him for a task, he turns and looks down to the girl, taking in just how muddy she is, and cringes “Uhmm looks like the dwarf has her.”

Vintasnah: The woman runs back in with a bucket, some towels, bread, cheese, and key. She runs over and shoves them into your hands Rotenh. “Here! take these in case she wakes up! try to dry her hair!” she turns around. “harold hurry with that water!”

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Thodgar the Poised: takes her upstairs to the room

Rotenh Dal: takes the various items that the woman shoves at him, and nods blankly to her words, he shakes his head, and goes into the room behind the dwarf and the distressed damsel

Vintasnah: And yet, the damsel is not really distressed. She appears to be sleeping, occasionaly making a chattering noise with her teeth but no sound emits from her.

Vintasnah: [other than the chattering >.>]

Thodgar the Poised: clambers to the door, and looks at it, then back to rotenh. ahemm… excuse me? would you be so kind as to open the door?

Rotenh Dal: “Hmm?” glances down at the key, then up to the lock, then to the expentant dwarf, he gives a curt nod, and walks forward, giving the dirty girl as wide a bredth as he can, as he turns the key, and pushes the door open “There you are.”

Thodgar the Poised: smiles toothly thank you… Mister…. gently places her down on the bed, and draws the covers over her chilled body

Rotenh Dal: “Rotenh Dal.”

Thodgar the Poised: ah yes, well, a pleasure to meet you Mister Dal.

Rotenh Dal: “The pleasure is all mine, mister..?”

Thodgar the Poised: call me Thodgar….

Rotenh Dal: “Thodgar, charming. What is your surname?”

Thodgar the Poised: oh well… I suppose… umm… well

Thodgar the Poised: I once belonged to clan diamondaxe in the (steeevvveee) mountains to the (cardinal direction ) of here.. but that was long ago.

Rotenh Dal: “Oh, well Thodgar Diamondaxe of the (steeevvveeee) mountains, would you do me a favor and dry off the girl’s hair, she looks like she might catch her death.”

Thodgar the Poised: oh yes! but of course! begins to dry off her hair with one of the towels I ah… I don’t have much experience with children… but they are always a delight. I wonder what has befallen this one?

Vintasnah: [make a spot check, both of you.]

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 10

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 14

Rotenh Dal: WIth a -1 modifier. so it is 9.

Thodgar the Poised: 7 so 21

Vintasnah: [Thodgar, you see what looks like a small black mark on the side of the girls neck as you are drying her hair. It looks like the tip of a marking. If it is anything other than a random black mark, it’s further down her neckline.

Vintasnah: [Rotenh, you see your feet. congrats. nice shoes].

Rotenh Dal: “Really facinating stuff, I’m sure. Nothing dull ever happens in this part of the territory.. ” blabbers absently, as he looks outside of the room, to see if the man is still passed out on the stairs

Thodgar the Poised: looks at you wide eye in wonder really? I have never traveled through here before, thats wonderful!

Vintasnah: And indeed he is. He is giggling to himself, the empty mug is still in his hand.

Rotenh Dal: looks back to the dwarf, his brows drawn in a crease of amazement. Unable to fathom that any creature, dwarf or otherwise, could be so far removed from the idea of sarcasm

Rotenh Dal: “Uh.. no, not really..”

(Fucking lost this whole part.)

Thodgar the Poised: broke his neck by pushing two fingers quickly, but hard into the spine of his neck

Vintasnah: The portly woman lies unconscious on the floor a bruise forming on her chin. Footsteps are heard coming up the stairs. Harold pushes the girl aside and looks into the room. “What the hell is-” She stops, mortified.

Thodgar the Poised: looks to the child I am sorry you had to see this. sighs and pushes past her, walking back to the room, and sits down and meditates

Vintasnah: He

Rotenh Dal: “He just started shaking.. then the dwarf broke his neck out of mercy, I think.. The woman must have fallen unconcious during it all.”

Vintasnah: The girl silently fell into the wall in the hallway and slid to the floor.

Vintasnah: Harold tripped his way into the room, landing on the floor next to the portly woman, covering her body. He looked back to Deviin. “Damn drunkard,” he whispered. “Damn drunkard!!” he then yelled at his corpse.

Rotenh Dal: “Uhmm, I’ll leave you to that then..” *turns on his heels, and leaves the room, moving down next to the girl, and sitting next to her

Thodgar the Poised: soft mutterings of the ohm can be heard from the room

Vintasnah: The girl shys away from him, wraping her face in the cloak and leaning into the corner. She appears to be shaking. They are silent, uncontrollable sobs.

Rotenh Dal: “I don’t suppose you can even understand what I’m saying girl, but I’m sorry you had to see all that. The dwarf diffused the situation pretty quick though, he’d likely be a safe companion to be around, if only for his protection.”

Thodgar the Poised: appears at the doorway

Thodgar the Poised: we are leaving.

Rotenh Dal: glances over at the crying, his brow raised high

Rotenh Dal: looks back up almost immediately “What?”

Thodgar the Poised: we. are. leaving.

Thodgar the Poised: we must be cleansed.

Rotenh Dal: “I don’t like the sound of that.”

Thodgar the Poised: walks over to you, and roughly picks you up to your feet

Rotenh Dal: struggles a tiny bit, but unable to stop the motion, he comes to his feet, pushing the dwarf away, and wiping at his garments

Rotenh Dal: “You don’t need to be so rough.”

Thodgar the Poised: I am not. you are soft. you must be cleased so that your soul can be hardened and your body as well.

Rotenh Dal: “Oh I see, you work for some sort of dwarf cult?”

Rotenh Dal: “I don’t want to give you all my gold and prostrate myself to your ways, thank you very much.”

Thodgar the Poised: I do no such thing speaks quietly I am a monk, on a quest.

Rotenh Dal: gives a dignified huff, as he runs a hand through his hair

Thodgar the Poised: I do not need gold.

Thodgar the Poised: but you need a cleansing.

Thodgar the Poised: as does this building.

Rotenh Dal: “What about her?” gestures to the crying girl

Thodgar the Poised: and everyone… even her…. child… you must be cleansed.

Vintasnah: The girl unwraps her eyes and looks up at the monk before her. She looks terrified, confused. Tears still pouring from her eyes.

Thodgar the Poised: walks past and into the room mistress of the house… child man of the house… you must be cleansed. death has come, before his time.

Vintasnah: “Get out.” Is all he says. “Leave me.”

Rotenh Dal: as the dwarf leaves, he abruptly scoops the girl up and over his shoulder, before walking as quickly as he can, out of the tavern

Thodgar the Poised: I cannot let you stay here. for this place must be cleansed. the negative energies in here are too great.

Vintasnah: “Your cleansing cannot undo what has been done!”

Thodgar the Poised: nothing can undo what is done. but one can prevent what has happened from icurring negative energies into others, breaking chi, and disruping the balance. all must be cleansed.

Vintasnah: He ignores you. Gently tries to wake his mother.

Vintasnah: [afk for a sec]

Thodgar the Poised: you will not survive the cleanse if you stay here….. a sad warning tone in his voice

Vintasnah: The man looks up at you. He raises his eyes up to the dwarf. “What. You would murder me and my mother now?! GET OUT!” He slams the door in the dwarf’s face.

Thodgar the Poised: sighs, and goes downstairs to the hearth, and picks up a few burning logs

Thodgar the Poised: slowly, ignoring the burning pain, places each log if different areas of the house.

Thodgar the Poised: sighs and breaths in, making sure the flames caught, then steps outside, to catch up to rote

Vintasnah: The girl hears the sound fire catching behind her. She turns over the man’s shoulder and begins flailing and kicking attempting to get out of his grasp.

Rotenh Dal: *redoubles his efforts to keep the girl in-hand, getting as far away from the fire as he can

Vintasnah: The tavern catches slowly at first due to the storm wetting the wood earlier, but the wind picks up the flames and helps them along. The girl continues to flail violently in the man’s arms, trying to free herself. But she suddenly stops when she sees the young man and his half conscious mother stumbled from the doorway covered in soot but unharmed.

Thodgar the Poised: looks back to the son and mother, nodding, silently wishing them well, and moves beside mister dal

Rotenh Dal: “I think you just might be crazy, Mister Thodgar.”

Rotenh Dal: speaks bluntly, glad that the girl has stopped flailing in his arms

Thodgar the Poised: looks at him, with eyes red from tears I do not understand why. I only know it must be done….

Vintasnah: [And End Session]



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