Session 2

Why are caravans never simple?

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Thodgar the Poised: no more cheese until you do!

Thodgar the Poised: Yes, I do apologize.

Thodgar the Poised: broke his neck by pushing two fingers quickly, but hard into the spine of his neck

Thodgar the Poised: casts warp spell

Thodgar the Poised: What? pant pant

Thodgar the Poised: (uses afraid of the dark on her)

Thodgar the Poised: (whats going on with myself and whatshisface?}

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Vintasnah: what the frick is going on

Rotenh Dal: Nothing?

Vintasnah: >.>

Vintasnah: you guys make me sooo paranoid.

Rotenh Dal: We do?

Thodgar the Poised: chatz saves every post

Thodgar the Poised: well…. most of them

Vintasnah: O.o

Thodgar the Poised: these are posts from oher sessiosn

Thodgar the Poised: sessions!

Vintasnah: I don’t remember those posts….

Rotenh Dal: I do.

Thodgar the Poised: well thats cuz there from jens sessions too.

Vintasnah: that is bizarre

Thodgar the Poised: the first three arnt though

Thodgar the Poised: ahhh sabenya aka ka kii setchu bough, wenya ae

Vintasnah: O.O

Rotenh Dal: *whistles while he waits

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 8

Thodgar the Poised: actually its spelled “Nants ingonyama bagithi baba “

Vintasnah: yeah alright. I think I’m ready.

Vintasnah: loading winamp

Vintasnah: Alright! here we go.

Rotenh Dal: Four and twenty virgins went down from inverness.

Rotenh Dal: And when the ball was over there were four and twenty less.

Vintasnah: singin balls to your partner your ass against the wall! if you never been had on a sat night you never been had at all!

Rotenh Dal: Exactly.

Vintasnah: [Your characters stand on the small slope of hill over looking the small village, smoke rising up from the inn as the rain steadily drizzles down on it and all its burning embers. A gust of wind begins to push the clouds southeastern in your direction. The girl is still laid over your shoulders Rotenh. What do you two decide to do from this point on.]

Thodgar the Poised: goes to the top of the hill, sits down and begins to meditate

Vintasnah: The girl begins to curl up in her cloak. She’s half naked and cold and the rain is beginning to make her wet.

Thodgar the Poised: begins chanting an old monk verse, the chant of cleansing

Rotenh Dal: *eyes the dwarf with a bit of a frown, then, as if suddenly remembering that he carries the girl, he moves to set her down onto the ground, his back straightening as he watches the clouds in their movements

Vintasnah: The girl wraps her knees into the cloak and stares at the ground.

Rotenh Dal: “Well, that was interesting..” his arms move to rest against his broad chest, standing without anything to do in the cool chill of the rain

Vintasnah: [Rotenh, you remember that the woman who hired you to kill Deviin is in Jabaal. But you also know that it will take you three weeks on foot to get there, if not more].

Thodgar the Poised: his voice rises and falls with the verses

Rotenh Dal: “So, Thodgar, any idea where you’re going next?”

Rotenh Dal: walks up the hill, giving the girl a look before stepping in front of the dwarf

Thodgar the Poised: slowly finishes his chant, ignoring rotenh

Thodgar the Poised: his voice now barely a wisper against the drizzling rain

Vintasnah: The girl looks up at Rotenh, curiousity causing her brows to raise up a bit.

Rotenh Dal: “Oookay..” turns from Thodgar, and looks to the little girl, kneeling down in front of her, his head poised to the side “Yes, um girl, any idea where you might be off to?”

Vintasnah: She continues to eye you for a moment when her head drops a bit and she shakes her head. She looks back up at the clouds, sticking her hand out to catch the rain.

Thodgar the Poised: slowly opens one eye why with you of course.

Rotenh Dal: “Well.. I’m going to go to Jabaal, if you would like to accompany me, that would be perfectly alright..”

Rotenh Dal: “But we’ll need to work on this whole cleansing thing, it is a fair bit odd.”

Thodgar the Poised: I must find a way to cleanse you.

Thodgar the Poised: I will accompany you until the cleanse is complete

Rotenh Dal: “I’d much rather you didn’t.”

Rotenh Dal: “Try to cleanse me that is..”

Thodgar the Poised: still. it must be done. stands up which way to Jabaal?

Vintasnah: The girl looks up at the both of you her head slightly tilted, her lips quircked in a shy sort of smile.

Rotenh Dal: “Towards the south.”

Rotenh Dal: ((I think))

Thodgar the Poised: well we must go south.

Vintasnah: [[correct].

Thodgar the Poised: oh… which reminds me. Mister Dal, can you read this? hands him the note the girl wrote

Rotenh Dal: “I’ll see if I can’t translate it..” moves to take the piece of paper up into his hand, his eyes scanning over the lettering

Vintasnah: [[what languages do you know, Jon?]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Common, Elven, and Draconic))

Vintasnah: [Rotenh Dal, you are able to read the note. It appears to be elven, although, in an odd sort of dialect, almost like an older version of Elven but not much changed. It reads, “Vinstas’nah”]

Rotenh Dal: “Hmm..”

Rotenh Dal: “Seems to be some sort of jibberish.. Vinstas’nah.”

Thodgar the Poised: well… child…. you wrote jibberish.

Rotenh Dal: kneels down before the girl, looking over her features for a moment, his hand moving forward to brush the silver hair away from her ear

Thodgar the Poised: suddenly notices her fully, since his cleanse Oh my goodness! your shivering!

Vintasnah: The girl had been waiting on the ground and at the mention of her name had peered up. She waited until Rotenh was beside her and allowed him to move the hair back from her face. She smiled at him and pointing at the slip of parchment in his hand she then pointed at herself.

Rotenh Dal: checks the girls ear, so as to see if it shows the tell-tale signs of elven heritage, her motions drawing his attention, a bit of recognition coming over him as he gets what she’s attempting to display Ah, that is your name. Vinstas’nah.”

Thodgar the Poised: Vinstas’nah,,,,,

Thodgar the Poised: can I call you vinny?

Vintasnah: She smiled emphatically and nods her head up and down rapidly.

Vintasnah: She looks at the monk and furrows her brows together.

Rotenh Dal: switches his language to that of elven “So, can you speak, or just hear?”

Thodgar the Poised: smiles a warm smile, and pulls a blanket from his pack, wraping it around her here child.

Thodgar the Poised: quirks a brow and mutters elves…..

Vintasnah: She turns her attention back to Rotenh. She gets a severly determined look on her face and opens her mouth to speak. Nothing comes out. She points pathetically at her ears.

Vintasnah: Her eyes do flick up at the mention of Elves from the Monk.

Rotenh Dal: “Very well, can you understand common?”

Thodgar the Poised: incoeherent musical jibberish. if I wanted music, Id listen to a bard. not everytime they spoke… mubbles and rants

Vintasnah: She nods at Rotenh and stares severely at Thodgar.

Vintasnah: [Rotenh, you notice that she is only a half elf, though her ears are just a bit more pointed than that of a normal half-elf].

Rotenh Dal: “Hmm.. interesting. Your parents must be a half-elf and an elf then.”

Vintasnah: She blinks at you a couple times and looks hard at the ground. Finally she shrugs and her eyes peer back up at yours, a questioning gaze it is indeed].

Rotenh Dal: straightens up, his language coming back seamlessly into common as he glances over to Thodgar “I’d say our first order of business is to get a place to weather out the storm. And our easiest way to do that is currently burning to the ground behind us.”

Thodgar the Poised: looks to the ground sadly.....

Rotenh Dal: sighs and glances around, looking for any non-burning inns in the near vicinity

Vintasnah: [Rotenh, you recall there is another much larger village to the west that remains near the border but it will take you all night to get there, you have no idea what lays to the east of you].

Rotenh Dal: “I seem to recall a larger village to the west, but it’ll take us a while to get there. Still it might be better than sitting out in the rain.”

Thodgar the Poised: whats east?

Rotenh Dal: “I.. well I don’t know.”

Thodgar the Poised: ponders

Vintasnah: [[Knowledge geography anyone?]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Neither of us.))

Thodgar the Poised: ((I have knowledge religion))

Thodgar the Poised: (in some societies faith is stronger!))

Vintasnah: [[that does not help you at all. Alright, you both vaguely recall there being a large desert in that direction but that’s all you know]].

Vintasnah: afk for a sec

Thodgar the Poised: well… I think we should travel to the city for now…

Rotenh Dal: “It’s still a village, just a larger village. Very well then, lets go. Vin, you can keep up right?”

Vintasnah: She grimaces at the nickname but nods as she stands up.

Rotenh Dal: stretches a bit, before he turns roughly westward, and begins his trek

Thodgar the Poised: quickly stands up and follows

Vintasnah: The girl follows.

Rotenh Dal: ((At this point, the characters travel, you just tell them if they get there, if they need to stop, if anything stops them))

Vintasnah: [Throughout the night you travel, running into no other dillemas but the rain. By morning, tired and exhausted you reach the inn]. [[Yeah, figured]].

Thodgar the Poised: looks to the inn, tired, and enters

Rotenh Dal: grumbles grumpily as he walks forward towards the door of the inn, looking quite wet, dirty, and disheveled, he gestures for the girl to go ahead of him, and behind the dwarf, before entering

Vintasnah: She stumbled in, her feet now bleeding. She winces every time she takes a step, her swollen toes protesting at every chance they get.

Thodgar the Poised: looks down at her feet

Thodgar the Poised: we need to get you shoes….

Vintasnah: [[The inn keeper eyes you all suspiciously, points at the sign that says “3g A Night” and grabs a set of keys for you]].

Vintasnah: She smiles weakly at you.

Rotenh Dal: “Well, right to the point, I can appreciate the bluntness.” he moves to toss the man three gold coins, his hand out ready to recieve the keys

Vintasnah: “You all look a bit tired… I figured you had no time to delay. I’ll send up Mar’hi with some hot water…” The inn keeper quirks his lips, takes the money and hands you the keys to your room. “All the way back on the right.”

Thodgar the Poised: is there a peddler in town?

Rotenh Dal: “Well, thank you for your attentiveness sir. Could you also do me the favor of directing us to a cobbler..” looks down as he’s interrupted by Thodgar, and just shrugs, the question being nearly the same

Vintasnah: “Well, yeah. His name is Vandir. He’s down the road a ways, but you can’t miss him.”

Rotenh Dal: gives a bit of a nod, sure that Thodgar’ll do the right thing with the knowledge, he takes the keys, and walks down the hallway toward his appointed room

Vintasnah: The girl follows and upon entering the room curls up in a nice little ball on the floor and instantly falls asleep.

Rotenh Dal: tilts his head as she curls up on the floor, shrugs a bit, and moves to a secluded corner to open his pack and change out of the wet dirty clothes he wears, in favor of comfortable nightclothes

Vintasnah: [[You all pass out accordingly?]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Yes.))

Thodgar the Poised: (sure)

Vintasnah: [[Congrats. You all sleep peacefully enough and wake up midafternoon of the next day, having travlled in the night and through the rain you were all quite sore, but feel much more refreshed now.]]

Thodgar the Poised: nods and gets up before everyone else, and heads down into the market to get a pair of shoes

Rotenh Dal: yawns loudly about mid-day as he sits up on the bed, he looks down to it, then blearily around the room, before he lays back down

Vintasnah: Rotenh you realize the girl isn’t there on the floor

Vintasnah: [Thodgar you see a somewhat good sized stand sitting on the side of the road towards the end of the village].

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Thodgar the Poised: walks up to the stall

Rotenh Dal: lays back on the bed, murmering happily, thinking about the comfortable bed, the sun filtering in from the tiny window, and the lack of anyone in the room, lack of anyone in the room.. lack of anyone in the room. Rotenh bolts upright, jumping out of bed, as he stumbles across the room, looking for his pack

Vintasnah: [Thodgar: a man about mid thirties is standing with his back against a building, eyeing you indifferently as you walk up. His arms are crosses, his jaw set so firmly it looks like it hurts, and his eyebrow raised].

Vintasnah: Rotenh: You pack is still there, but other than the still somewhat wet spot on the floor where the girl was sleeping, there is no sign of her.

Vintasnah: You also notice that Thodgar is very much gone.

Rotenh Dal: picks up his pack, and finds a change of clothes easily, with his dayclothing back on, he opens the door, and steps into the lobby, glancing around for the innkeeper

Vintasnah: [[He is no where to be seen. A note on the wall behind the counter reads, “Back In A Bit”.]]

Rotenh Dal: groans and rubs his palm across his face, before he moves to exit the building, looking for any trace where he companions have gone off to

Thodgar the Poised: afternoon good sir….

Thodgar the Poised: might you be the owner of this stand?

Vintasnah: [[Rotenh: Upon looking down the street, that is, if you are in fact looking, you will easily spot your dwarven companion at a stand]].

Vintasnah: [Thodgar: The man pushes himself off the wall and arms still crossed he comes up to the stand. “Yeah. What do you want?”

Rotenh Dal: straightens, checks his sleeves and nods at their lack of rumples, before he makes his way down the street, walking briskly towards the two

Thodgar the Poised: I was actually looking to purchase a pair of shoes… for a small girl, about yay high.. (gives vinny’s description

Vintasnah: [He tilts his head at you and reaches down for a pair of not completely worn boots, and chucks them onto the stand with a *thud!. Five gold.” You notice that they look like men’s boots and much to big for the girl.]

Thodgar the Poised: umm… do you have something smaller?

Vintasnah: [He looks at you nonchalantly, “One size fits all. Five gold.”]

Thodgar the Poised: oh… well alright… hands over the last of his gold

Rotenh Dal: finally gets in earshot of the two, his voice raising as he comes in proximity “Thodgar, have you seen Vinny?”

Thodgar the Poised: vinny? was she not in the room?

Thodgar the Poised: oh, and good afternoon mister dal. I thought you would have slept all day!

Rotenh Dal: “No, she was gone.. And looks like I slept most of it.”

Rotenh Dal: eyes the boots

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Rotenh Dal: “Just because she’s as short as you does not mean she has feet as large as you.”

Vintasnah: [He takes the gold and shoves the shoes at you. A rat scurries out of the top of one of the boots.]

Thodgar the Poised: oh my…. well… he says he doesnt have any other pair… and I suppose something is better than nothing.

Rotenh Dal: looks over to the peddler, his eyes narrowing

Rotenh Dal: “You have better shoes.”

Vintasnah: [He blink at you. “What.”]

Vintasnah: [He shrugs. “All I got.”]

Rotenh Dal: “Ones that work, I’m sure of it. And the boots you sold my friend are not worth any more than five silver.”

Rotenh Dal: ((Holy shit, friggin’ janitor.))

Vintasnah: [“No refunds.” He looks down the street past you two. “Hey, is that the girl you were looking for?” He points. Do you both turn to look?]

Thodgar the Poised: (I know I do)

Rotenh Dal: “Why you lying sack of!.. ” turns his head around at the misdirection

Vintasnah: [[You’re welcome. XD]]

Thodgar the Poised: looks about to where he pointed

Vintasnah: [You both turn to see “Vinny” walking down the street. When you do finally turn back around you will note that the peddler and his stand is gone.]

Vintasnah: [The shoes, however, are still there].

Thodgar the Poised: Vinny! runs up to her carrying the shoes WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

Thodgar the Poised: oh… calms himself

Rotenh Dal: “What the..” grumbles as he looks around to find that the stand is gone “Damn illusionists..”

Thodgar the Poised: sorry… I guess I got a little excited…

Thodgar the Poised: but I have shoes for you!

Thodgar the Poised: holds out the pair

Thodgar the Poised: smiles warmly and innocently

Vintasnah: She tilts her head towards you, Thodgar, and smiles brightly as she extends to you some cheese and bread, large quantities of it in fact. She nods her head in gratitude for the boots looking at you as a small child would her father on her birthday and slowly takes the boots from you.

Rotenh Dal: eyes the food suspiciously, and looks around the corner, hoping against hope that he doesn’t see city guard coming

Thodgar the Poised: oh vinny! this is wonderful! where ever did you get this?

Vintasnah: [You do not see a city guard.. but you do notice a small child looking from her house some ways off down the street with big curious eyes]

Vintasnah: She points back at the house where the kid was standing. The small child, a little boy, slips back into the house when he sees he has been spotted.

Rotenh Dal: looks at the kid, frowns, and goes back around to where Vinny and Thod are conversing

Rotenh Dal: “hmm..

Rotenh Dal: “

Thodgar the Poised: oh! what, did that nice boy give it to you?

Vintasnah: [And for anyone that is looking, you also notice that her feet have been bandaged up].

Vintasnah: She nods her head emphatically.

Thodgar the Poised: Wonderful! furrows his brows for a second did you thank him?

Vintasnah: She smiles and nods.

Vintasnah: She also turns to you Rotenh, and hands you a portion of cheese and bread.

Thodgar the Poised: smiles and nods great! well… looks to rote mister dal, where to now?

Rotenh Dal: “Yes, well thank you..” moves to take a bite out of the bread, finishing his chewing before he turns on his heels, and gestures down the road “That is the direction we’re headed.”

Vintasnah: The gilr bends down and slips on the boots she’s been given. They are much too big for her, extending up higher than her knees. They are tight enough not to completely fall off her, but were made for much longer legs than hers. And in the feet they are about three or soo inches much to big.

Thodgar the Poised: alright! follows you

Vintasnah: [From behind the both of you, you hear a small, light and airy laugh and just as quickly it is cut off].

Rotenh Dal: turns around suddenly at the laugh, looking around to find it’s source

Thodgar the Poised: looks behind him smiling

Vintasnah: Vintas’nah is holding her throat staring at you in amazement.

Rotenh Dal: “Vinny, say something..”

Vintasnah: She attempts to speak, but once again no sound issues forth. Just the sound of moving air. Her shoulders slump a bit.

Rotenh Dal: “Keep trying, it’s just like whistling, eventually you’ll get it.” he turns back around once again, and continues on southbound

Vintasnah: She follows you, a bit downcast.

Thodgar the Poised: I never learned how to wistle… starts to follow, attempting to wistle all the way

Thodgar the Poised: whistle()

Rotenh Dal: *groans and tilts his head down, as Thodgar practices his whistling through the too-long trip

Vintasnah: [[And so, you TRAVEL!!! After a few days of travel, resting, etc. you come across another village where I am going to assume you stay overnight, rest and stock up on supplies?]

Rotenh Dal: ((yes.))

Thodgar the Poised: (only if rote pays)

Vintasnah: [[Alright. Now, do you prefer to head straight south through the hilly terrain to Jabaal Kingdom, or do you choose to avoid and hindering terrain by going east to the next village?]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Dependant on the condition of his companions. If they look alright, he’ll lead through the hills. If they look like they need more rest, he’ll lead them to the next village.))

Thodgar the Poised: (very rested I am)

Vintasnah: [Same for the girl].

Vintasnah: [[So you chose to travel through the hills?]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Yes.))

Thodgar the Poised: (I follow mister ral)

Thodgar the Poised: (dal)

Thodgar the Poised: (fall red trees)

Vintasnah: [[You and your little band travel about a day before you reach the hills. Looking upon them you realize that they do start off not all as high and mighty as the ones that look like small mountains. However, Rotenh, you do recall a somewhat safe path through these hills, small and large, that will take you directly to the Kingdom gates. I will assume that you take this path after a bit of resting and almost two days into your jourey at the begining of nightfall you come across a small camp of young men ranging in age from 20-27ish.]]

Thodgar the Poised: evening gents!

Thodgar the Poised: walks into the middle of them

Rotenh Dal: stops abrubtly at the camp, holding a hand out to stop his companions as well, he looks back, and then forward again, his eyes widening as he realizes that Thodgar has slipped under his arm, and has entered the camp

Vintasnah: [They all turn and watch you, curious as ever. “Well hullo there sir!” One of them calls to the monk].

Thodgar the Poised: (lol)

Thodgar the Poised: sits down next to one of them, pulls out some of the bread and cheese he still has, breaks of a bit and hands it to him how are you fellows doing?

Vintasnah: Vintas’nah stays somewhat hidden behind Rotenh.

Vintasnah: [“Oh well, we’re doing quite alright. just taking some merchandise up towards the free commons to sell. And what abou’ you kind sir? You must be headed towards Jabaal if you’re comin’ from that direction!”

Vintasnah: [Two men standing on the edge of camp spot Rotenh and the girl. “Well, friend eh? Aw, now don’t be shy! We’re a genteel set of folk we are! Come! Share our ale and fire!”

Thodgar the Poised: I am actually! myself and my companions over there! points behind him

Vintasnah: [[friends]]

Rotenh Dal: “Oh well, very well. No ale for the girl and I, but we’ll most eagerly take up your offer to take a seat by the fire.”

Rotenh Dal: *steps forward at the invitation, leading the girl to take a seat, before he does the same

Vintasnah: [The rest of the camp turns. They certainly do look like a friendly lot, ale all around, smiles on all their faces. There are only five of them total, but not very threatening at all].

Vintasnah: Vintas’nah sits down next to the monk and warms herself by the fire. She smiles at all the gentlemen aruond her as if to say thanks. They all very eagerly smile back.

Rotenh Dal: “Yes, we are headed for Jabaal.”

Thodgar the Poised: so what merchandise are you selling! I already said as much mister dal…. chuckles

Vintasnah: [“Aye! Well, what you be needin in those parts?” The youngest turns towards Thodgar, “Well, Sir, we sell clothes, a bit of weaponry and shields. Mostly stuff the villagers can use to protect themselves. And some farming equipment of course.”

Rotenh Dal: “How much to purchase a pair of children’s shoes and clothing for the girl?”

Rotenh Dal: (not children’s rather)

Thodgar the Poised: yes… Ithe last man we spoke with sold me those boots she is wearing for 5 gold… it was all he had, so I thought something is better than nothing

Vintasnah: [“Well, we do have a bit clothing that might fit her- 5gold?! That would be theivery Sir! Tell you what! We’ll give you the clothes for the girl no charge. After all! What is better than some lively company as yourselves to keep everything merry through the night!”]

Thodgar the Poised: smiles oh thank you gentlemen! umm.. I wish I could give you something in return… but all I have is this cheese and bread

Vintasnah: [The youngest gets up and finds a blue tunic with a darker blue pair of pants to wear underneath and brown boots more cloesly to the size of the girl. He gently hands them to her smiling bashfully all the while.]

Vintasnah: [“Not at all Sir! We shall just accept the pleasure of your company!”]

Rotenh Dal: gives a slight nod to their honest charity, and leans back, watching the revelry going about around him, keeping an eye on the girl all the while

Thodgar the Poised: so where are you coming from?

Vintasnah: Vintas’nah smiles brightly at the young man and takes the clothes with all the gratitude a single person could have. She grins brightly at him and he smiles back, a glitter in his eye. She looks back over at Rotenh and Thodgar and motions to the line of trees about twenty feet away and holds up the clothes.

Vintasnah: [“Like we said, Sir, came from Jabaal. It’s just a few days travel back that way.” He points at the trail behind him.

Thodgar the Poised: hows jabaal this time of year?

Rotenh Dal: “You don’t need anyone to go with you, do you Vinny?”

Vintasnah: [“Oh it’s quite nice Sir, everything is in such a bloom and all the people are merry as ever!”]

Vintasnah: She shakes her head no, blushing a bit, and walks off towards the trees.

Rotenh Dal: “That is good to hear. We are just getting back from the Free Commons, dreary as ever over there.”

Thodgar the Poised: ah! wonderful! I have never been there.

Vintasnah: [“Ah yes, quite nice down there, kind sirs. Terrible thing about the weather up north but no doubt it will be gone when we get there! Cheers to that, eh men!” The four other men around him rasie up their mugs and give a short cheer. “Ah! Where are my manners,” the oldest states. He grabs two more mugs out of a bag and shoves at you large quantites of ale, whether you take it willingly or not].

Vintasnah: [[Am I to assume this carries on till you all pass out?]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Yes.))

Thodgar the Poised: (noddicles)

Vintasnah: [[And so you all continued your very merry party until the wee hours of the night at which point everyone seemingly passed out from too much ale or not enough sleep in general, which includes Vintas’nah who came back safe enough and fell asleep on the outskirts of the camp, away from the men]].

Vintasnah: [[Roll a listen].

Vintasnah: afk for a sec

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 6

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 6

Thodgar the Poised: plus 7

Rotenh Dal: (5)

Thodgar the Poised: so 13

Vintasnah: [[Oh Lawl. Hehe. Okay, so, Thodgar, you awaken to the sound of thrashing feet. Do you bother to look around?]]

Thodgar the Poised: (I do, but I only open 1 eye)

Vintasnah: [[lawl, roll a spot]].

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 14

Thodgar the Poised: plus 7 24

Vintasnah: [[Not only do you see that three men are sleeping peacefully beside you, not including Rot, but you also note that two men are missing, and so is Vinny.]].

Thodgar the Poised: gets up, stretching, and looks around

Rotenh Dal: lays back, his jaw slack, drueling in his sleep, two emptied mugs of ale around him, snoring loudly

Thodgar the Poised: vinny? looks around for her my god child… your always missing in the morning….

Vintasnah: Suddenly, all around the camp site, screams begin to fill the air. Shrill, high pitched screams of a woman. Rot, you do hear this. As a matter of fact, every man in the camp wakes up to it. IOnly problem is the screams are seeminglycoming from everywhere, not just one direction.]]

Vintasnah: [[Thodgar, you make out the faint visage of a man in the tree lines ripping off his shirt and the sound of shuffling feet]].

Rotenh Dal: his eyes open, and he rolls around for a few seconds, trying to figure out how to get up, he jumps and crouches, shifting back and forth as he attempts to find his balance, so soon after waking up “What is that? Thodgar, what’s going on?”

Thodgar the Poised: ah!! jumps, at the screams, and runs to the man ripping off his shirt

Vintasnah: [[You make it to the tree line and about ten feet in front of you is the man tearing of his shirtt and now working at his belt buckle. There is another man kneeling on the ground, looking like he is frantically trying to keep something quiet and still on the ground, except you hear the distinct sound of thrashing feet. From behind you, the three men at the camp are shouting at each other over the phantom screams]].

Vintasnah: [[Rot, you hear the three men scremaing about two men named Jahil and Daver and their questionable whereabouts]].

Thodgar the Poised: runs up to the men, cautiously* what are you two doing?!

Thodgar the Poised: where are these screams coming from!

Rotenh Dal: straightens up, and looks at where Thodgar is running, he follows from around the side, catching the sight of the individuals, he does his best to sneak around behind them, while Thodgar distracts them

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 18

Rotenh Dal: (Move Silently 25)

Vintasnah: [[Ya, okay, you move silently. Thodgar, you see before you, what you probably already expected. The man with his shirt off turns towards you, shocked and startled. The other one holding the girl down looks up at you in surprise. Except, the girl being held down is no Vinny. She’s a bit older, about seventeen years old, blond hair, and grey eyes which are staring pleadingly at you. She has a piece of cloth shoved into her mouth where barely any sound is escaping from]].

Thodgar the Poised: glares at the men release this woman! she does not want this done to her? cant you see that?

Vintasnah: [[Rot, you see this as well, just from a different angle. From your angle you mostly see the blond hair, ripped clothes around the girls midsection and blood all over her tattered dress. Bruises cover her legs. She is not wearing any shoes. By this time both men are staring at Thodgar and have no idea you are near them.]]

Rotenh Dal: moves up behind the first, a needle in his hand, he pushes it forward into the base of the further-back man’s skull, at the same moment as his hand claps around his mouth, effectively keeping him silenced

Vintasnah: [[The man on the ground looks up you Thodgar. He smiles as any friend would and simply states, “Now, kind sir, why don’t you go on back to bed now. This here is our whore. We paid for her fair and square. So you just go on back to camp now.

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 2 sides. The die showed: 1

Rotenh Dal rolled a die. The die showed: 4

Rotenh Dal: (Fort DC 29)

Thodgar the Poised: if you paid for her, then why does she look frightened?

Vintasnah: [[After finishing his statement he feels the needle enter in and the mouth clap over his hand. His screams go unheard as the phantom screams back at camp are still going. The younger man still staring at Thodgar just kind of smiles nervously and stares at him]].

Vintasnah: [[over his face* rather.]].

Rotenh Dal: holds the man firmly, waiting for his body to go limp

Vintasnah: [[It goes very limp. lawl]]

Thodgar the Poised: takes a step toward the man I suggest you stop this at once, or something bad might happen….

Rotenh Dal: lowers the man down to the ground silently, his wrist flicking, a new needle coming into his palm, as he sneaks up behind the second man

Vintasnah: roll move silently

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 6

Rotenh Dal: (13)

Vintasnah: [[Another man from the camp spots you in the woods Thodgar and comes near you. Upon seeing what is going on he turns and runs quickly away shouting something at his men who begin scrambling all of their things together, shoving it in the wagon and leaving in one big damn hurry]].

Vintasnah: [[You move silently.]]

Thodgar the Poised: Screams at the men* wheres vinny?

Vintasnah: [[They can’t hear you. Even if they could they would not care. They have two horses that they are saddling in quite some haste.]]

Rotenh Dal: grasps the man roughly, his arms wrapping around, his hand moving so he can feel the little shart push of a needle against the base of his skull, Rote’s voice low and dark in the man’s ear “Tell me if you’ve seen our little companion, if what you say is useful, I might spare you.”

Vintasnah: [[The man gasps and straightens his body, his every muscle tightening with anticipation. “I-i-i-i don’t know! I-i-i I saw her get up and leave she.e-e went she went that way!” He just barely manages to point in the direction towards Jadaal.]]

Vintasnah: [[Jabaal. lawl for dislexia!]]

Vintasnah: [[roll a bluff, lovey]]

Rotenh Dal: “Tell me what your companions are so afraid of.”

Vintasnah: [[or rather, sense motive]]

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 1

Rotenh Dal: (...0)

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 20

Thodgar the Poised: (scoffs)

Vintasnah: [[He shakes, “the screams! it’s the screams! This place is-is-is haunted!” You believe him Rot. Thodgar were you actually paying attention, because last I checked you were trying to yell at the men at camp.]]

Thodgar the Poised: (I actually was yelling outloud to these two, I didnt know yet that the first one died)

Vintasnah: [[Haha, okay. You do not believe him at aaaaallll. he’s a lying sack of shit and you know it. _^]]

Thodgar the Poised: you are lying to me! why is this? takes a step closer

Rotenh Dal: “I don’t know, I think he sounds kind of legit..”

Vintasnah: The man pees himself.

Thodgar the Poised: what? the man is clearly lying!

Rotenh Dal: “No, he legitamately sounds afraid of ghosts.”

Thodgar the Poised: glares at the man why dont you tell me the truth now? my friend here might believe you, but I don’t. and I am a dwarf. a stubborn dwarf.

Rotenh Dal: sighs and keeps the man in a powerful grip, his head turning around to look at the girl who was being held down to see how she is

Vintasnah: [[The men back at camp have saddled thier horses and are riding away quite quickly in the direction of the village. Make a listen, gents.]]

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 18

Thodgar the Poised: 25

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 2

Rotenh Dal: (1)

Vintasnah: [[And the girl who was on the ground, crying in a limp mass is now some fifty feet away, running in the direction of Jabaal trough the words, stummbling every so often, but not ever looking back]].

Vintasnah: [[Thodgar you notice that, though the phantom screams are not gone, they sound like they are moving away, as someone sounds when they are getting distant]]

Vintasnah: [[Rot, you don’t even recognize the screams anymore, they are just like white noise to you. Neither here nor there]].

Thodgar the Poised: looks to the girl running for a second, then back to the man where is she. I give you one my chance. then I will begin to do that which I was trained to do, and that which I hate. and I dont like doing what I dont like to do….

Vintasnah: [[“I’m telling you S-s-s-sir she went th-a-at way!”]]

Rotenh Dal: “Thodgar, should I just kill him?”

Vintasnah: make another spot gents.

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 17

Rotenh Dal: (16)

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 6

Thodgar the Poised: 13

Vintasnah: [[Out of the corner of both your eyes you see Vintas’nah appear. She looks frightened, her arm is raised pointing in the direction of the runaway men.]].

Vintasnah: [[You both notice that just as suddenly as Vintas’nah appeared, the screams stopped. You especially noticed, Thodgar, since you were the only one who could really tell they were there anymore.]].

Rotenh Dal: “Oh, damnit, they’re slavers!”

Thodgar the Poised: are you a slaver sir?

Vintasnah: [[The man begins to struggle, terrified for his life and overrun with panic.]]

Thodgar the Poised: a man who knows what he is, and is caught as what he is, struggles. are you struggling sir? because it looks like it to me….

Rotenh Dal: squeezes the man tighter, pushing the needle enough that it breaks skin

Vintasnah: [[He realizes that you are talking but he can’t quite understand you anymore. He’s so overrun with fear that all of his sense have left him. Even though he knows he is being hurt the pain is not registering as it should. He struggles more and begins hollering, screaming, yelping like a dog for help]].

Thodgar the Poised: Mister dal….. I dont like what has to be done…. but…. it is a neccisary evil….

Rotenh Dal: nods and without any more hesitation, shoves the needle deep into the man’s skull

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 2 sides. The die showed: 2

Rotenh Dal rolled a die. The die showed: 3

Rotenh Dal: (fort DC 30)

Vintasnah: [[He dead.]]

Thodgar the Poised from x.x.x.230 joined the chat

Rotenh Dal: pushes the man to the ground, and immediately begins running after the caravan

Thodgar the Poised: walks over to vinny were they slavers little miss?

Vintasnah: [[She is still pointing frantically at the caravan, staring wide eyed and frightened]].

Vintasnah: [[They have a good distance on you Rot. I hope you can run fast.]]

Rotenh Dal: ((No too fast, but then they’re carrying a wagon and supplies, so I have confidence that eventually, I’ll catch up((

Rotenh Dal: ((He’s no monk, but he’s in good shape))

Thodgar the Poised: well… I think I will help mister dal. settles her down, and hands her some bread and cheese* stay right here. we will be right back.

Thodgar the Poised: runs after rote

Vintasnah: [[Except your hands move right through her Thodgar. As a matter of fact, when you go to touch her, she wavers]].

Thodgar the Poised: blinks little miss! this is not you?!

Vintasnah: The illusion before you flickers and dissapears. The last part of her to vanish is the point of her finger.

Thodgar the Poised: runs full speed after rote

Vintasnah: [[Rot, you are getting there, but you are having one hell of a time keeping up with them. Their horses are much faster and more diligent. However, as you are running you begin to see a mist forming around the horses, swirling like an angry storm around their heads and expanding, reaching all around the wagon. You are far enough away to see it over take the entire wagon and the wagon come to a maddening halt as the horses stop and spur on their own heels, frightened by the unexpected blurr in their vision. Two of the men on the front of the caravan fall completely out of their seats onto the ground, and their whereabouts become obscured by the mist. You reach them.]]

Rotenh Dal: at full-speed, he launches himself at the back of the wagon, pushing his shoulder into it in an effort to break it open, blinded by the lack of visibility in the mist, he takes faith in his belief that the storm is just an illusion anyways, his eyes closing right before his shoulder connects with the wood door of the wagon

Thodgar the Poised: runs as only a dwarf monk can run

Vintasnah: Thodgar you reach them just in time to see Rot dive headlong into the mist and hear a nice loud crashing noise as of that which sounds like only a pissed off Sharn running at full speed towards a wooden door can sound like.

Rotenh Dal: ((Skarn))

Vintasnah: [[Shut yo face. Lol]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Does it break?))

Thodgar the Poised: runs up and closes his eyes, using his other senses to find the two men (blindfight)

Vintasnah: [[Very much so. Not only does it break but you manage to get your body half way in the caravan. And though you can see nothing due to the mist that is inside of the caravan when you finally open your eyes, you can hear a very loud thrashing noise along with the voice of man screaming, “WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE- ooof!” You hear what sounds like someone getting kicked in the gut and landing against the wall of the wagon. “You bitch!” More thrashing.

Vintasnah: [[Thodgar! There is one man qutie unconscious by the howling horses on the ground and another man very much awake shuffling about on the ground about ten feet from you on the left.]]

Rotenh Dal: “Okay, whoever did it, drop the mist, I can do this.”

Thodgar the Poised: I run up to the man on the ground, and bodyslam pin him to the ground

Thodgar the Poised: where is vinny!

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 18

Thodgar the Poised: plus 4 22

Vintasnah: [[Rot: At the sound of your voice the mist dissipates and you see Vintasnah laying gagged and bound on the floor next to you, dried tear streams marked on her face. Her foot is in the gut of the man who was placed in the wagon with her. He is currently pinned to the wall but is forcing his way out from under her foot. Thod! You amiablly body slam the idiot. He crashes with an thud and few cracking noises into the ground]]

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 9

Thodgar the Poised: attack punch face.

Rotenh Dal: snarles at the man, and crouches, reptillian spines suddenly bursting out of his clothing, from his calves, his back, and his forearms, the dark blue spines adorned with metallic linings, complete with nasty looking sharpened barbs “You get up, you die.”

Vintasnah: [[You punch him in the face. His chin is instantly red, bloodied and bruised. Roll a grapple]].

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die. The die showed: 2

Thodgar the Poised: plus 4

Thodgar the Poised: 6 dmg

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 15

Thodgar the Poised: plus 8 24

Vintasnah: [[Rot: The man instantly stops moving. However, he does look abit rough around the edges and seemingly appears to eye his surroundings, looking as if he just miught attempt running. Thodgar: The man under you flips around and tries to throw you over forcing himself on top of you, but he only manages to get himself onto his back and his arms stretched at their longest reach putting some space between you and him]].

Rotenh Dal: “We’ve killed the two men who were raping the girl in the forest. My dwarven companion is in the process of killing the two individuals who were on horses, and I can guarantee that you won’t give me any trouble at all.”

Thodgar the Poised: attempts to knock him out, non-leathal dmg

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 6

Thodgar the Poised: plus 4 10 dmg

Thodgar the Poised: X2 auto crit 20

Vintasnah: [[Umm.. can you do that much damage and make it non lethal? Cuz you kind of crit which inclines me to beleive that he is dead… especially with that much damage to the head and brain… >.>]]

Rotenh Dal: ((As a monk, he can choose between doing lethal and nonleathal damage. Nonleathal damage stops at 0, when they get knocked out.))

Rotenh Dal: ((With his hands, that is.))

Thodgar the Poised: if its non-leathal it cant kill him. i could do 107 damage to a bunny, and it would live.

Thodgar the Poised: (())

Vintasnah: [[LOL Okay, then he is knocked out. ^_]]

Rotenh Dal: ((When using a leathal weapon in a non-leathal manner, I believe that you only do half damage with it, but since he’s a monk and he’s doing unarmed, he can do whatever he wants.))

Thodgar the Poised: drags the body over to the other unconcious man, and enters the wagon through the front

Vintasnah: [[Rot, the man before you, instead of moving just smiles at you. You hear him say something or other under his breath and his fingers ever so slightly twitch. “I’m getting out of here one way or another!” He cast Hold Person on you. If you have something to retaliate, considering you are a spell theif, have fun, if not he will attempt to run out past you after giving the girl a could kick in the side while thod is dragging around the unconscious body]].

Vintasnah: [[good kick* rather]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Just the save involved.))

Vintasnah: roll a will save

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 19

Rotenh Dal: (20)

Vintasnah: [[lawl. your will negates the spell. Of course he doens’t know this and just moved into your square. An attack of opportunity is available to you]].

Rotenh Dal: ((Fukkin sweet!))

Rotenh Dal: Attacking with both arm spines, against his flat-footed AC.

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 9

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 8

Rotenh Dal: 11 and 10

Vintasnah: [[You hit. roll dmg.]]

Rotenh Dal: ((With just one right?))

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 8 sides. The die showed: 4

Rotenh Dal rolled a die. The die showed: 2

Rotenh Dal: (10)

Vintasnah: [[yeah, sry. Lol forgot to mention that. He doubles over, although he’s not quite dead yet.]]

Rotenh Dal: (Sorry, that was four damage, plus four for strength, plus a d6 of sneak attack damage, which adds 2))

Rotenh Dal: initiatives

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 13

Rotenh Dal: 16

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 12

Thodgar the Poised: 15… aww….

Vintasnah: [[oh wow, yeah, rot you first, then thod, and my pansy ass goon is last. _]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Okay, is he considered prone?))

Rotenh Dal: ((Like the difference between doubling over on the ground, and doubling over, just bending.))

Vintasnah: [[He’s bedning.]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Okay))

Rotenh Dal: Rote’s fists clench, and he moves forward, both arms coming outward and slashing in a quick movement

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 7

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 17

Rotenh Dal: 9 and 19

Vintasnah: [[second one hit, rolldmg]]

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 8 sides. The die showed: 3

Rotenh Dal rolled a die. The die showed: 2

Rotenh Dal: (9 damage, sneak attack applies when you win initiative)

Vintasnah: [[lol, go for it]].

Rotenh Dal: (No, I already rolled it)

Rotenh Dal: ((Just gave you the total. The second roll was sneak damage))

Vintasnah: [[When your last swing hits him, the spines on your arms slip in and out of his flesh with deadly silence and grace. The man’s eyes widen at the unexpected killing blow and falling to his knees, bleed seeping from under his tunic his lips quiver and he falls over, landing on top of Vintasnah who struggles, bound underneath him]].

Vintasnah: blood

Rotenh Dal: *straightens up, and with a flexing of muscles, the spines retreat back against his skin, the glitter of steel visible through the holes in his clothing, as he kneels down, and hefts the man off of Vinny, before Rigor Mortus sets in

Vintasnah: She struggles out from under the body but finds this very difficult to do with straps on her legs and hands.

Rotenh Dal: jumps out of the wagon, dropping the corpse onto the dusty ground, looking over to Thodgar on his way out Untie Vinny.

Thodgar the Poised: starts throwing the unconcious men into the caravan, and moves to untile vinny, looking about the caravan

Thodgar the Poised: (wagon caravan…. pfft. technicalities)

Vintasnah: [[She is the only girl there. Among, amazingly enough, clothes, famring tools, sheilds and some minor weaponry. Exactly what the men said they were taking to the villages. When you finally get Vintasnah untied she grabs you around the neck and hugs you emphatically.]].

Thodgar the Poised: blinks umm… alright then….

Thodgar the Poised: looks for some rope, and ties up the two men

Vintasnah: She the proceeds to hop out of the wagon/caravan Xp and launches herself at Rot, hugging onto him for dear life.

Rotenh Dal: looks down, his brow raised at the hug as he glances about and produces from his pockets a bit of paper and a quill

Rotenh Dal: “Write down what happened”

Vintasnah: She looks at you curiously. She takes the quill and paper from him and as best she can with nothing hard to write on scribbles in Elven that she woke up to some strange sounds and witnessed two men carrying a woman out of the back of the wagon. She got up to see what has happening and when they noticed she had seen them, the woman began to struggle and just as she was about to wake everyone up a third man who had been standing guard jumped on her, tied her down and gagged her. They proceeded to throw her in the wagon. And shrotly after than she was being rushed away with the man who bound her and the other two who had been asleep during the whole thing.

Rotenh Dal: “Looks like we killed the right ones then.”

Rotenh Dal: moves to hand her a stack of parchment “Hold onto that, communicate when you need to Vinny.”

Thodgar the Poised: jumps on the wagon and grabs the reigns

Rotenh Dal: looks to thodgar, sighs, and climbs up into the wagon

Vintasnah: She blinks at you and laughs. Her eyes glittering a bit, gratitude shining in her childlike grin. And though she is again startled by the sound of her own laugh, she does not cut it short, just lets it out until it drifts away from her lips.

Vintasnah: And End Session



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