Session 3

Welcome to the city of Jabaal.

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Thodgar the Poised: sigh

Thodgar the Poised: mine was better.

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Thodgar the Poised: NOOO!~

Vintasnah: What was better?

Thodgar the Poised: I am vert!

Thodgar the Poised: Yo soy verte!

Thodgar the Poised: Je suis vert!

Vintasnah: you spelt it wrong

Vintasnah: afk for a sec

Thodgar the Poised: &$x%x#$%

Thodgar the Poised: ^

Vintasnah: O.o Alright I’m back. Let’s get this show on the road.

Rotenh Dal: w0rd.

Vintasnah: We left off, on your adeventure, with everyone hopping into the wagon/caravan with the two seemingly innocent men tied up in the back, headed towards Jabaal. On foot it would have taken you several more days to make it to Jabaal through the shortcut in the hills but on a caravan it only took you half that time. You reach Jabaal. The men riding with you have grummbled some along the way, failry pissed off that you let their slave go and killed their three friends but have taken no actions against you. What you choose to do with them is entirely up to you.

Rotenh Dal: *leans back in the wagon, his eyes darting down to the two tied up men on the floor, bored at the rolling of the wagon and the silence all around, he begins to talk “So, what exactly were you planning on doing to Vinny again?

Rotenh Dal: “

Vintasnah: The yojngest stares at you. “Nothing, sir. I mean, we would have bought her from you if you were willing to sell, but we didn’t know about anythin’ till we woke up. Even then we didn’t know what was goin’ on…”

Vintasnah: The other one grumbled incoherently.

Vintasnah: grumbles

Rotenh Dal: “So, you’re saying that slavery is legal in Jabaal?”

Vintasnah: “Well…. they aren’t really slaves, ya see. They’re whores who sell themselves for journeys and the like… they should be prepared for what they are sellin’ themselves for…”

Rotenh Dal: “Uh huh..”

Vintasnah: It is then that you see Jabaal stretched out before you, appearing over the hills. When you reach Jabaal it is a towering city, a kingdom, not as bright and vibrant as a normal kingdom but vibrant in the sense that everything that does shine seems to shine with an inner fire. Many of the buildings are made of limestone and marble, reflecting the light of the sun so that the city almost glows orange and red at sunset. The city itself is even built itself in such a way that from a distance, especially coming from the waterfront, the city looks as if it were engulfed in flames.

Rotenh Dal: (one second, Abu’s trying to get connection back)

Vintasnah: ok

Vintasnah: [[>.> Hooow about now.]]

Rotenh Dal: (workin’ on it.)

Vintasnah: [[passes out]]

Thodgar the Poised: I am alive

Rotenh Dal: (v.v)

Thodgar the Poised: !

Thodgar the Poised: NUMBER 5 IS ALIVE!!!!

Vintasnah: [[congrats. cracker. did you get the last post or two? if you didn’t look on jons comp]].

Thodgar the Poised: chatzy saves everything.

Vintasnah: [[oke. then we continue ^_]]

Thodgar the Poised: if we wanted, we could have started on the same chatzy board that we were on last time.

Vintasnah: [[does not matter. now shush and rp]].

Rotenh Dal: “Well, would you look at that. I never get tired of seeing that city.”

Thodgar the Poised: *meditates

Rotenh Dal: “Wait, vinny, is that the sound of Thodgar meditating?”

Vintasnah: Your characters probably also notice, especially those who have never been there before, that there is no wall to guard the city. There is no fortress here, nor are there guards stationed to watch any of the main entry ways. There is just a main road leading towards the center of the kingdom and guards posted at random, all of them looking fairly relxed and really welcoming.

Vintasnah: Vin looks at you and laughs. The only sound she can make. She smiles showing her teeth and nods her head.

Rotenh Dal: “But.. wasn’t Thodgar driving?”

Vintasnah: She tilts her head and her eyes widen.

Thodgar the Poised: continues meditating, the wagon slowly moving off the road

Rotenh Dal: slowly, he moves his head out of the side of the wagon, afraid of just might be happening “Thodgar, wake up!”

Vintasnah: The girl begins to look around the inside of the caravan, not really sure what she’s looking for but she looks nervous now that she realizes the driver is’t driving.

Thodgar the Poised: winks one eye open .... every day, at this hour, I must meditate and center my chi, so that I may continue the monks mantra. goes back to meditating

Thodgar the Poised: ommmmm

Rotenh Dal: “Gah!” jumps over to the front of the wagon, he shoves Thodgar to the side as he takes the reigns up himself, steering the wagon back towards the road

Thodgar the Poised: settles himself in his new seat, and goes back gto meditating

Vintasnah: [[Do you want to enter the city or hop out of the wagon right before?]]

Rotenh Dal: (No, we enter the city.)

Vintasnah: As you enter the city you pass by many strangers all smiles and welcoming waves. The city has the atmosphere of a small town where everyone knows everyone and every stranger is a welcome one. The farther down you get you see a shop that reads in common “The Travelling Merchant of Jabaal” A short pudgy man is standing outside the shop and as your wagon passes by his face begins to contort. “Hey! You there! Where’d you get that wagon?!” You hear him call after you and realize that he is trotting along side the wagon, up to the front.

Thodgar the Poised: continues meditating for one hour

Vintasnah: [[you know, you really suck. I’ve got two ppl playing in this campaign and one of them meditates the entire time! Gros some personality! Lol]]

Rotenh Dal: immediately moves to stop the wagon as the man comes after him, he jumps out and onto the ground, standing tall and waiting for the man to get to him

Rotenh Dal: “We were in the process of taking it to the guardhouse, friend.”

Vintasnah: The man finally catches up to you, his stubby legs looking like they hurt, all swollen and red, sweat trickling down his very furry face. He smiles at you, although a bit of confusion shows in his expression. “Well (takes a breath) that there (another breath) is uh.. (wipes sweat away and breaths very deeply) is my wagon.”

Rotenh Dal: “

Rotenh Dal: “Is it now? Well, with a full knowledge of the inventory, it should be easy enough for you to get it from the town guard. We certainly haven’t taken anything from it.”

Rotenh Dal: “As a matter of fact, you’re welcome to ride along with us on the way.”

Vintasnah: “Well (huffhuff) what are you (huffhuff) doing with it… in the first place?”He looks around, walks to the back of the wagon, looks inside briefly talks to the men tied up in the back and comes around to you again. “And what in the name of the four gods of the earth are you doing with my men tied up in the back?!”

Vintasnah: names

Rotenh Dal: “They attempted to kidnap my young friend over there.” *he gestures to Vintas’nah “And their friends were brutalizing a woman in the woods not too far away. She ran before we could help her back, but there is something seriously wrong with that behavior, so we’re taking them to the guards.”

Vintasnah: He stares at you flabbergasted.

Vintasnah: Vin pops her head out from behind the wagon and looks to see what’s going on.

Rotenh Dal: gestures to the front seat of the wagon “Seats open if you’d like to ride along.”

Rotenh Dal: “Ignore the dwarf, he’s just meditating.”

Thodgar the Poised: ommmm…..

Vintasnah: He begins to slowly nod his head as if he doesn’t really understand what you just told him. He climbs up with some difficulty in to the seat however and waits silently.

Rotenh Dal: *jumps up into the seat beside him, giving him a companionable pat, before he gets the horses moving again

Rotenh Dal: “So, where’d you hire these guys?”

Vintasnah: He’s turns his head towards you and after a few seconds of thought says, “From here… but they had just come from the Desert Lands to the east when they came to me for work.”

Rotenh Dal: nods a little bit, stearing the wagon expertly through the streets “You seem like an honest enough merchant, I’m sure that they all seemed morally upstanding in their own way, yes?”

Vintasnah: “Wel… they had been getting into some trouble here and there… but we though’ it was because they weren’ quite used to our land… our ways of livin here. I took them in because they needed the work.. but I never though’.. I mean… ” He turns his head, looking towards the back of the wagon where Vin sits, his face paling considerable.

Vintasnah: considerably

Vintasnah: It is at this point that youreach the guard house. Quaint looking, but it serves its purpose.

Rotenh Dal: “Well then, we’ll make this nice and quick.” *he jumps out of the seat of the wagon, and briskly walks into the guardhouse, coming up to the front desk with a smile

Vintasnah: You are greated by an extremely tall man, broad and lean with a cheery smile on his face. His armor appears new and unused, as a matter of fact, every guard you’ve seen appears to be wearing new armor. Or rather, old armor that has never seen conflict. The crest of their kingdom imprinted on their shoulders. “Why hello Sir. And what can we help you with?”

Thodgar the Poised: ends his meditation, and looks around from the seat of the wagon

Vintasnah: greeted

Vintasnah: Thod: Vin is standing next to you staring curiously.

Thodgar the Poised: *pats her head ello little vinny. doin alright?

Rotenh Dal: “Hello there my good man! I’m here because on our way to this fine city, my companions and I met with a group of travelling merchants. These individuals invided us to sit with them, drink with them, and share their campfire for the night. We woke up to alot of screams, and it seemed that a little girl I’m protecting had been kidnapped by these people for who knows what despicable reason. They were also brutalizing another woman out in the woods, who was likely tied up in the wagon the entirety of the time we were there. A fight broke out, and we ended up killing three of the men, but we were able to capture and tie up the other two. On our way into the town, we seem to have found the owner of the wagon, and he is with us now. Thats about the whole story.” gives the man a smile

Vintasnah: The man raises a brow at you. He signals for two other men to go search the wagon, who in turn find the two men tied up in the back and bring them in. He turns to a stack of parchment he has sitting nest to him and sribbles with some black ink the story you have told. He then proceeds to ask for you name and the names of your companions.

Rotenh Dal: “Well, my name is Rotenh Dal, my friend is known as Thodgar, and the little girl is a mute, we just call her Vinny.”

Vintasnah: He writes the names down and motions to the man standing behind you who breifly explains that this is indeed his wagon, he’s not had the chance to make sure all of his belongings are there and something about never hiring servants of the god of earth ever again.

Vintasnah: “Well then,” the guard broods. “Will you be staying here for long or were you just passing through?”

Rotenh Dal: stands back, waiting for the business to conclude

Rotenh Dal: “Oh, well we’re not quite sure yet, just a matter as to what we all decide.”

Thodgar the Poised: starts playing a game with vinny involving lightly slamming a fist into his palm three times, and either showing sheers, by useing two fingers, parchement, by keeping his hand flat, or rock, by leaving his hand in a fist\

Vintasnah: “Well, you all seem like you’ve had quite a misfortunate journey, especially in our land.” He turns to the two men whimpering with the other guards, “May the living god of the flame take mercy on them…” he whispers. He turns back to you a bright smile reappearing on his features. “Well! Since that is the case, there is an inn called [insert name here]. Take this to them,” he hands you a folded sheet of parchment, “they will let you stay for as long as you need here. This is also the place we will go looking for you in if there is anything missing… but, considering you brough the wagon back we shall hope that you are honest men… and women,” he notes the girl next to the monk.

Vintasnah: Vinny mimics you Thodgar.

Rotenh Dal: “Much appreciated my good man, this city is blessed to have guards like you.” he smiles wide and nods, taking the parchment and turning on his heels to go

Vintasnah: As you leave you hear the man laugh a bit under his breath. “Blessed indeed, but not by my presence.”

Vintasnah: [[You go looking for the inn?]]

Rotenh Dal: (Yes.)

Thodgar the Poised: no no no vinny… the idea is too get something different! see, the shears can cut through parchment, and the rock can bash the shears, but the parchment can cover the rock. the goal is to win, not consistantly draw!

Vintasnah: [[you find it. i’ts about four buildings down on the left.]]

Rotenh Dal: “I was never a fan of that game. Parchment doesn’t injure rock at all, and in the end, the rock can bust a hole through the parchment.”

Vintasnah: Vin smiles at you, a mischevious glint in her eye as she continues to mimic you.

Rotenh Dal: talks with the two about the game, as he comes to the inn

Vintasnah: You are greeted cordially.

Rotenh Dal: with a low bow, he hands over the parchment

Vintasnah: They recieve the parchment, their curious expressions changing to that of excitement. The instantly reach for a set of keys, personally showing you your rooms. On room for the girl and one room with two beds for the men. They deliver food and drink in hearty amounts to you almost instantaneously.

Rotenh Dal: “Huh.. that is a little odd..”

Rotenh Dal: he leans back on the bed, thankful for the soft mattress after such a long trek through the wilderness

Thodgar the Poised: smiles* what is odd?

Vintasnah: You hear a knock at your door.

Rotenh Dal: “That she’s so excited to see to all our nee..”

Rotenh Dal: gets up after being interrupted by the knock, he moves to open the door

Thodgar the Poised: sits on the end of his bed

Vintasnah: it’s Vin. She smiles up at you, her cheeks chalked full of food. She slids in under your arm and places herself on the floor, revealing more food from her pockets and eating quite contentedly on your floor.

Vintasnah: slides

Rotenh Dal: *shrugs and closes the door behind him, he slides up to lean against the foot of his mattress “So, what sort of spellcaster are you Vinny?”

Thodgar the Poised: spell caster? quirks a brow

Vintasnah: She quirks her head at you and blinks up at you questioningly.

Rotenh Dal: as quick as a serpent, he draws his hand back, and flicks two fingers against Vinny’s knee

Rotenh Dal: (Unarmed attack against her flat footed AC)

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 14

Vintasnah: [[what the hell?! Lol.]]

Rotenh Dal: (20)

Rotenh Dal: ((Stealing one of her spells))

Rotenh Dal: (Level 1 or 0 if she doesn’t have any level 1)

Vintasnah: [[She get a save?]]

Vintasnah: [[Shrug level 1 obscuring mist].

Rotenh Dal: (No, the save is her flat footed AC, instead of doing sneak attack damage, I steal a spell)

Rotenh Dal: “Hmm..”

Vintasnah: then that’s what you stole

Rotenh Dal: “Sorry about that Vinny, just had to see if I was right.”

Rotenh Dal: his fingers shift back and forth, the arcane energy dancing in between his fingers

Vintasnah: She flops back to her side and scurries away from you, shoving herself into a corner looking a bit perplexed and frightened.

Thodgar the Poised: blinks what…

Rotenh Dal: frowns at her fear, shaking his head a little, before looking up at Thodgar She’s a spellcaster, I thought she might have been, but I know that she is now. Doesn’t change anything, it’s just a nice thing to know.”

Thodgar the Poised: umm alright…. what did you just do?

Vintasnah: She shakes her head rapidly at you.

Rotenh Dal: “I stole a spell from her. Obscuring mist.”

Rotenh Dal: “Vinny, it’s okay, sorry.”

Rotenh Dal: “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

Vintasnah: She stays up against the wall as she shuffles over to the monk. But instead of looking afraid she looks concerned and a bit irritated.

Rotenh Dal: puts out his hand, the spell seeming to sparkle in his palm “Do you want it back?”

Thodgar the Poised: blinks rather baffled

Vintasnah: She rests herself on her hands and knees, peering at you like an curious animal. She then pulls out a sheet of parchment and scribbles in elven. “Its still in me. “

Rotenh Dal: his brow arches, his head tilting to the side as he reads the words “Odd..”

Vintasnah: She smiles as she scribbles down, “What is it? If it’s important you can keep it.”

Rotenh Dal: “It will go back to you within the hour if I do not cast it, and if I do, you’ll recover it the next time you sleep, but I have no use for it so here.” his hand moves forward, and the shimmering arcane energy flows back into Vinny

Vintasnah: She giggles as if it tickles. Then she points again at her paper, at the part that says, “what is it?”

Rotenh Dal: “It is a spell, you know when you can make mist appear?”

Vintasnah: She looks confused.

Rotenh Dal: “Like in the wagon when you were being taken. You first cast ghost sound to make your screams echo all over the camp, then you put out a minor image of yourself pointing towards the wagon, then once I got close to it, you used obscuring mist to blind the horses and driver.”

Vintasnah: She blinks at you and points back at herself. Her brows furrowed together as if she’s asking the question, “I did that?”

Rotenh Dal: “Yes, that was it.”

Vintasnah: She shakes her head.

Rotenh Dal: “That was you, you likely just don’t have any control over it yet. You’re casting reflexively.”

Thodgar the Poised: If I may but in, but you did also make an illusion of yourself and pointed to the wagon when I was in the forest…. now that I think about it….

Vintasnah: She turns her eyes to you and continues to shake her head, her features now set and stern.

Rotenh Dal: turns his head Thodgar, that was the minor image.”

Thodgar the Poised: oh I see.

Thodgar the Poised: its called a minor image?

Rotenh Dal: “Actually, you have quite a bit of potential. Even now, with no control over your powers, you’re a greater caster than myself.”

Rotenh Dal: glances back to Thodgar again It’s a minor image because it doesn’t have the capability to affect temperature or sound.”

Vintasnah: Vin gets up, repeatedly shaking her head, her mouth set in a thin line. It also appears as if tears were beginning to form in her eyes. She turns and storms out the door, leaving her uneaten food on the floor.

Rotenh Dal: “That went well..”

Rotenh Dal: sighs and leans back against the bed once again

Thodgar the Poised: I am still confused….

Vintasnah: [[Lawl. And end Session]]

Vintasnah: I’m really sorry. I wanted to get some more character development time in with just the two of you but I am way tired and work is early tomorrow morning.

Rotenh Dal: ((Alrighty))

Thodgar the Poised: nighty night

Rotenh Dal: No worries.

Vintasnah: We’ll do that next session. Promise. _



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