Session 4

A missing girl and an infuriating guard.

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Rotenh Dal: Sorry, setting up Will.

Rotenh Dal: And Abu is cooking stuff.

Vintasnah: XD It’s cool

Vintasnah: I’m looking up hairstyles. >.>

Rotenh Dal: Hairstyles?

Vintasnah: Yeah… I want to keep my hair long, but uhhh, I want it cut differently.

Rotenh Dal: Mohawk?

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Vintasnah: lol no

Rotenh Dal: Why not?

Rotenh Dal: You should really go with Mohawk.

Rotenh Dal: It’s the new classy look.

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Thodgar the Poised: like a mullet mohawk look, so its still long

Rotenh Dal: Kind of like a Joe-Hawk.

Rotenh Dal: Like Joe Dirt.

Vintasnah: XD

Vintasnah: how bout no

Vintasnah: tell will he needs to send me his info when he gets done. also I can’t be on alll night cua I have work in the morning.

Thodgar the Poised: http://www.beauty-and-the-bath.com/image-files/alternative-hairstyling-products.jpg

Rotenh Dal: Will wants to Observe, apparently.

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.: Shh.

.: Also.

.: Rolling up the stuff.

.: So yeah, I’ll send it your way when I’m done.

Vintasnah: okay!

Vintasnah: Alright, no to the mohawk

Vintasnah: I’m ready! I think! lets go!

Thodgar the Poised: If you wanna be my lover!

Vintasnah: O.O

Thodgar the Poised: you gotta get with my friends

Rotenh Dal: Gotta get with my mohawk.

Thodgar the Poised: making love is easy

Thodgar the Poised: but friendship never ends!

Vintasnah: ...

Thodgar the Poised: im green!

Vintasnah: Really? cuz I’ll just go cut my hair now if you guys just wanna.. uhh.. whatever.

Vintasnah: better?

Rotenh Dal: No, it’s alright.

Thodgar the Poised: yes.

Rotenh Dal: Okay, I’m rdy.

Vintasnah: So, ready then?

Thodgar the Poised: I is ready

Rotenh Dal: Yes.

Thodgar the Poised: meditates

Vintasnah: God I hope not.

Thodgar the Poised: (well, depends on what we are doing)

Vintasnah: You left off with Vinny storming out of the room in quite a rush. You are still resting peacefully in the inn, food has been brought to you just as Vin left. You have not been bothered in any negative ways by the innkeeper, as a matter of fact, everyone has been all politeness and you’ve yet to hear from the town guard. [Here’s a good place to chracter build if you guys want, if not, leave. Lol]].[

Thodgar the Poised: meditates

Rotenh Dal: glances down to the meditating dwarf, then up to the door, then down to the dwarf again, before he falls back onto the bed with a sigh “I have no idea how to deal with kids.”

Thodgar the Poised: opens one eye we once had a small family visit the monistary with two children.

Rotenh Dal: “Oh? How’d that go for you?”

Thodgar the Poised: I learned that children who are young do not allow others to sleep.

Rotenh Dal: “Oh.. well yes.. That is true.”

Rotenh Dal: “You going to help me find the girl, Thodgar?

Rotenh Dal: “

Thodgar the Poised: did she not go to her room?

Vintasnah: roll a listen

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 9

Thodgar the Poised: plus 9 = 18

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 19

Rotenh Dal: 18

Vintasnah: [[You both hear the silent click of a door shutting outside. That is all]].

Rotenh Dal: “Did you.. Did you hear that?”

Thodgar the Poised: what? that silent click? of a door? outside?

Rotenh Dal: “Yes, exactly that.”

Thodgar the Poised: no, it was silent.

Vintasnah: [[you shut your face, it’s late. Lol]]

Rotenh Dal: “Sure, I’m going to go check it out.” turns on his heels, and abrubtly heads out the door towards where he heard the sound from

Thodgar the Poised: stands up and abruptly follows

Vintasnah: roll spot

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 7

Rotenh Dal: 6

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 10

Thodgar the Poised: plus 9 = 19

Vintasnah: [[Thodgar you spot a slip of paper under your foot, just outside your door.]]

Thodgar the Poised: ooh! paper! picks it up

Thodgar the Poised: studies it

Vintasnah: [[The note, as it is what it appears to be says in common, “[insert fancy name here] Tavern.”]]

Thodgar the Poised: hmm… this note says the beguiled duck tavern…

Vintasnah: [[You are evil, just saying.]]

Rotenh Dal: “We’ll go to a tavern later, Thodgar, but I don’t think that the drinking age in this city would allow Vinny to be there.”

Vintasnah: [[So, where do you go then?]]

Thodgar the Poised: drinking age? what do you mean?

Rotenh Dal: “Well, most taverns won’t allow children to buy drinks in their establishments.”

Thodgar the Poised: well, then if vinny wanted to drink something, couldnt you buy it for her?

Rotenh Dal: “Firewater, Thodgar, they won’t sell her firewater.”

Thodgar the Poised: blinks why would she want firewater?

Rotenh Dal: presses his palm against his forehead, rubbing it and mumbling something about a headache before he attempts to speak “Liqueor..”

Rotenh Dal: “Ale? Rum>”

Vintasnah: Also, Rot, it suddenly hits you that the note was more than likely not left by Vin, but instead by your employer. And though no time was given you know that your employer will be there all day and night.

Vintasnah: [[Roll a listen.]]

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 14

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 14

Rotenh Dal: 13

Thodgar the Poised: plus 9 = 23

Rotenh Dal: stops in his tracks, his brows raising as the realization hits him “I need to go Thodgar, go looking for Vinny.”

Vintasnah: Thodgar, you hear a low murmer, as that of mumbling coming from Vin’s room across the hallway. And if you look in that direction upon hearing the words you will also see a pool of water begin to spill out from under the door. Both of you also notice that it has begun to rain outside, a soft drizzle and iwthin seconds a harsh storm complete with the whistling wind trailing in and out of the inn, squirming its way in and out of the cracks.

Thodgar the Poised: ok! i’ll help!

Thodgar the Poised: blinks umm… I found her… points to the water pooling out from the door

Rotenh Dal: his brow arches and he looks over at the door for a moment, before he dashes across the room towards the pool of water trailing under the door, his hand grasping onto the handle before he pulls it open

Vintasnah: Thodgar, something else comes to your attention. You’ve never yet heard Vin talk, and yet you hear murmers coming from her room. Which, by the way, are abruptly put to an end when you hear a rap of thunder outside. Rot, you hear, just before the thunder crack a soft set of voices speaking in hushed tones together, and afterwards, nothing.

Thodgar the Poised: bull rushes the door

Vintasnah: [[Um. Lawl, it cracks open. Rot, make a reflex.]]

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 8

Rotenh Dal: 13

Vintasnah: [[Rot you manage to not get pummeled by the dwarf who just bull rushed the door with you standing in front of it.]]

Rotenh Dal: “What the hell Thodgar!”

Thodgar the Poised: yells as he bashes the door vinny can’t talk!

Rotenh Dal: stumbles back as the dwarf barrels through the door , his brow raising, as he walks into the door afterwards

Vintasnah: Upon entering the room you see that the room has flooded. Vin’s bed has obviously been laid upon, though it is dry, but her pillow is damp. The water on the floor is about two inches deep.

Vintasnah: roll a search.

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 7

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 13

Rotenh Dal: 21

Thodgar the Poised: 7 plus 2 9

Vintasnah: Rot, you notice that there is no source of the water inflow. The only window in the room is closed and there aren’t any leaks in the ceiling either.

Rotenh Dal: glances around, his brows furrowing with the oddity of it “This doesn’t make any sense..”

Thodgar the Poised: blinks where is vinny?

Rotenh Dal: moves forward to study the bed “Why would the bed be dry but the pillow be wet?”

Vintasnah: Both of you suddenly hear footsteps rushing up the stairs. Within moments you see the innkeeper and his wife appear at the door. Their faces are contorted in grimaces, their expressions reading as being baffled and irritated. The door to one of their best rooms is lying in ruins on the floor. They look up at both you, flabbergasted and unable to speak. After all their hospitality, you’ve decided to destroy their inn.

Rotenh Dal: turns, looking to the two newcomers, he looks to the room, then back to them “Do you know what is going on here?”

Vintasnah: The innkeeper tries to sputter out a response but nothing very distinguishable comes out. The wife, howeer, moves past her husband and glares daggers at you, as any woman would. “What have you done?! I hope you’re QUITE ready to pay for that door!” The husband begins nodding rapidly up and down.

Rotenh Dal: gestures to the crazy Dwarf “I think he might be rabid.”

Thodgar the Poised: Where is vinny! where is the girl?!

Vintasnah: The woman steps back a few paces at the first comment and almost stumbled back into her husband at the second comment. “Wh-wh-wh- what girl?! Your little friend? We-e-e haven’t seen her!!” The husband practically falls into the wall behind him and manages to get out, “Sh-sh-she was here… when I brought up the food…”

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 14

Thodgar the Poised: sense motive, plus 3 = 17

Vintasnah: [[You beleive him. He is speaking in truths]].

Rotenh Dal: uses sense magic, his eyes moving over the room to identify if the water is of magical origin or connected to magical things

Thodgar the Poised: looks around, ignoring the couple, for clues as to where vinny went

Vintasnah: [[Lol. Yes. You sense all kinds of magic]].

Rotenh Dal: ((What sorts, what sources? Anything else you can give me?))

Vintasnah: [[You find none, I’m afraid, Thodgar. For there is nothing out of place]].

Thodgar the Poised: (shinanigans, 2 inches of water, and no vinny is out of place)

Rotenh Dal: he moves to press his hands over the bed, feeling along the top of it and pushing against it’s sides

Vintasnah: [[Rot, the magic you are feeling is kind of neither here nor there. You can feel it, but it feels like the kind of magic that makes things that don’t belong somwhere materialize and form. It feels a hell of a lot like a create water spell, but different in that the water doens’t feel magical, just something natural in an unnatural place.]]

Vintasnah: [[As for the bed, it’s been laid on, but nothing is out of place except the damp pillow. And thodgar, nothing is out of place except for the obvious. Lol]]

Vintasnah: The innkeeper and the wife begin to slip away down the hallway, scared as hell and perplexed as any normal human being would be.

Thodgar the Poised: looks to the note still in his hand

Thodgar the Poised: this note went under our door, and then vinny dissapears….

Vintasnah: [[Thodgar, your efforts do not go unheeded. As you stare at your note, you notice out of the corner of your eye a little slip of white paper, wet, and sticking out from under a piece of bashed in door.]]

Rotenh Dal: “You don’t need to go to the inn Thodgar, I think that note was for me.”

Thodgar the Poised: runs over to the note, picks it up carefully so as not to tear it

Thodgar the Poised: reads it

Vintasnah: The ink is terribly smeared but it appears to be written in the same hand, as similar as it can look when wet, with the same message on it as the one you recieved before. The one that Rot claims to have been for him.

Thodgar the Poised: what does the beguiled duck tavern have to do with you? is this your fault that she is missing now?

Rotenh Dal: “No, at least I don’t think so.. Damn it lets go.”

Vintasnah: [[Do you begin to head down the stairs then?]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Si’))

Thodgar the Poised: (wi)

Vintasnah: [[Groovy. As you walk out the door, down the hallway, and hit the stairs you notice two men coming up the stairs. They are two men from the city guard. One of them looks terribly familiar. As a matter of fact you saw him not but hours ago, except he was behind and desk and smiling then. Now he is not so cheerful.

Thodgar the Poised: tries to walk past the men, his jaw set in determination toward finding vinny

Vintasnah: That would work except that they are standing side by side, taking up the hallway and do not look like they are ready to move any time soon. The one previously smilng looks down on you, a grim expression on his face. “I’m sorry Sir, but I need you to come with me.” He looks back at you, Rot, “You too, if you please.”

Vintasnah: [[Heeeeeeeeeeeey! Will! You still there?!]]

.: [Yup.]

.: [Filling it out a bit still.]

Rotenh Dal: “In the middle of something. Any way this can wait?”

Thodgar the Poised: find vinny, then I will follow you.

Vintasnah: [[That’s okay, get on whatever IM you use real fast]].

.: [Have been. :o]

Vintasnah: The guard looks at you both his grim expression changing to that of pity. “I’m sorry gentlemen, but the innkeeper and his wife here claim that you both flooded one of thier rooms and broke one of their doors. I would much rather you be able to pay for the damages now, but I’m afraid you cannot be trusted if you are going to institute such violence. I’m afraid you both need to come with me for the remainder of the evening. We will however, allow your friend to sleep here, seeing that we have heard no claims against her…yet.” He raises a brow ar you.

Vintasnah: [[um… I does not see you. IM me at Insanitys1Dream]]

Vintasnah: at you

.: [Not working, try sending me a message at TheTacomaster@gmail.]

Rotenh Dal: “Sir, the room was flooded by magical means. I believe that whever took Vinny had something to do with the broken doors. That is where we’re going now, to go find her.”

Vintasnah: “Your friend is missing?” He quirks a brow at the you then peers at the innkeeper behind him.

Rotenh Dal: “That she is.”

Vintasnah: “And is that why the door is bashed in?”

Rotenh Dal: “I believe so, sir.”

Vintasnah: “If that is the case… then the proper course of action would have been to alert us. Not take matters into your own hands… I will not arrest you, though it was on my mind to do. But you will need to pay for the damages, Sir.” He nods at the man beside him who, taking the hint, runs past you both into the hallway to inspect the rooms. When he comes back a few moments later he shakes his head. “It appears you speak in truths, Sir. As for the girl we will send a look out. I will allow you to look for her, but if I hear of anything going un that would seem untoward, I will arrest you. And you will face judgement.”

Thodgar the Poised: *nods and steps past them we have one clue, some tavern called the beguilded duck. do you know where that is?

Rotenh Dal: “Appreciate it, come on Thodgar, we gotta find Vinny.” he grumbles about paying for damages and missing girls, as he shoulders in between the men, and walks out into the rain

Vintasnah: The guard smiles sheepishly. “That tavern is a particular favourite among my men.” The other guard gives a grin. “But, I very much doubt you will find your friend there.”

Rotenh Dal: makes his way towards the tavern as Thodgar talks to the guards

Vintasnah: Rot, you also notice that the rain has ceased, the clouds above are a bit gray around the edges, and the streets are damp, the cobblestones a bit slick.

Thodgar the Poised: shurgs it is our only clue…. follows rot

Rotenh Dal: crosses his arms in the after-rain chill, walking at a steady and quick pace, his eyes scanning the streets

Vintasnah: You see nothing out of the ordinary. Unless of course, anything appearing normal is out of the ordinary for you. Although, because of the sudden rain, there are not as many people out as there were previsouly.

Vintasnah: You both make it to the tavern. Upon entering you note that there are plenty enough men hanging around the bar area, and when you look up you see an open balcony on the second floor. Many woman sit peacefully and respectfully, dressed modestly with their legs crossed at the ankles waving down at you from above.

Rotenh Dal: eyes the sign above the street of a stumbling duck with spirals for eyes, he nods to the women, looking around for the particular woman he seeks

Vintasnah: You see her, sure enough, behind the bar. She’s tall and slender, her breasts partially spilling out of her dress, her blonde hair trailing to her hips and her green eyes glittering with mischief.

Rotenh Dal: brushes bast the many patrons walking through the bar, his gaze not leaving the woman, until he finally reaches the bar, he pulls up a stool, continuously silent as he waits for her to start the coversation

Thodgar the Poised: hisses a wipser Mister dal, arn’t we here to look for Vinny, not flirt with women?!

Thodgar the Poised: whisper

Rotenh Dal: “Go see what you can find out. This is a lead, not a pleasure visit.”

Thodgar the Poised: *blinks and looks around for clues, shruging

Vintasnah: The slender beauty sees you pull up out of the corner of her eye and pretends to ignore you for a few moments. When she realizes you aren’t going to initiate anything she shrugs away from the men trying to capture her attention , shooing them away with her hand and walks up to you, Rot. She smiles at you, her lips quircking up just so as to make her appear warm and welcoming. She stretches her hand out to briefly rub her palm against your cheek. “Well, well, well. And here we are. Did you miss me?” She raises a brow, her green eyes widening a bit emphasize her sarcasm.

Vintasnah: The men around you look a bit put off. Especially the ones who previously had the woman’s full attention and the better view.

Rotenh Dal: his teeth press together as her hand touches his face, causing his jaw to clench reflexively, he leans back, eyeing the various men with eyes locked upon her, he draws his gaze back to her eyes, before he moves to speak “Disgustingly so. I’m flattered that you can take the time out of your day to speak with me.”

Vintasnah: “Oh? All politeness today? Maybe you’re just feeling a little tense. All that time away from me can do that to a man. Not enough release when I’m gone.” She winks at you and glances around at the other men who begin to fume. Although the beauty behind the bar never dresses honourably she never leaves her place behind the bar. Ever man, married or no, has tried to drag her off to a room but it’s never happened.

Rotenh Dal: gives the men a glance at their jealous fuming, his brow raising at it, before he returns his gaze to the woman “Maybe we can go off to your room now to further discuss things.”

Rotenh Dal: the way he states the words gives no hints at anything dishonorable, everything said in a cool, flat, businesslike tone

Vintasnah: If an ego were visible, hers just got bigger. With all the eyes on her she then walks over to a place in the bar where the counter comes up, a small walkway. She motions for you to follow her, pleased that every other man in the room is prostrate with jealousy

Thodgar the Poised: notices him getting up and moves to follow

Rotenh Dal: stands easily and follows the woman, his arms crossed over his chest, and his eyes kept open and aware, just in case a drunken fist were to fly at him from nowhere “Thodgar Stay.”

Vintasnah: She takes you back into a small room tucked away behind the bar. She moves to shut the door and lock it, but your friend is in the way. He also just walked behind her bar. Her eyebrows come together, her lips no longer smilng. “You can wait right there, kind Sir.” She points at a stool.

Thodgar the Poised: blinks stay? wheres vinny? why are you going with this woman to her room, without looking for vinny

Rotenh Dal: “I’m trying to find out about Vinny Thodgar, stay here and guard the entrance. She doesn’t trust very many people with going this far, especially people who she doesn’t know.”

Thodgar the Poised: blinks, then looks at the woman I am called Thodgar. now you know me. glares

Rotenh Dal: “Thodgar, this won’t take long. Stay back before you ruin our chances of finding out about Vinny.”

Rotenh Dal: “If you keep on like this, you will ruin it, and we will most likely lose her.”

Vintasnah: She looks at you., Rot.. “Would you prefer him in or out?” And so everyone can hear, just in case, “Two is better than one.” She winks at one of her girls working the bar with her, who in turn giggles back.

Rotenh Dal: gives the woman a look before opening the door wider and gesturing for Thodgar to come in “This is my friend Thodgar, he’s a capable fighter, but he is oblivious to the subtleties of the world wider than his mountainous home.”

Thodgar the Poised: steps forward, to stand under rot, looking up at him Mister Dal. I beleive in what I believe in, but that does not mean I do not know the ways of this world.

Thodgar the Poised: Did I ever tell you how I ended up at the monistary?

Rotenh Dal: “Another time,” he shuts the door behind the dwarf and locks it

Thodgar the Poised: nods we need ot find vinny.

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Thodgar the Poised: to

Vintasnah: The woman lets out a sigh, and sits down rather gracefully on a small couch that is placed against the wall. She reaches for a cloak which she uses to cover herself up. Crossing her legs and looking up from where she sits she gestures to a few charis placed on nearby the couch. “As curious as I am to know about this person you two have been talking of, there is more important business at hand. Word reached me just a short while ago that Deviin is dead. I assume since you’ve come back that you are the one to have done it?”

Rotenh Dal: *turns to the woman, stepping forward and locking his eyes with hers “Feel free to start the diologue.”

Rotenh Dal: “That would be the jist of it, yes.”

Vintasnah: [[I’m gonna pretend you said that before she did. Lol]].

Rotenh Dal: ((that works. X}))

Vintasnah: “Indeed, I even heard tell of how he died. Rather out in the open wouldn’t you say? Tell me, does anyone know of our link?”

Thodgar the Poised: crosses his arms and leans agaisnt the wall next ot the door

Rotenh Dal: “Things got.. complicated.” glances down to the dwarf then back up “For some reason, he felt the need to burn the building afterward, but nobody knows of our connection, since I took all of those who were at the inn at the time with me, save for a small girl, who seems to have dissappeared. And no, nobody knows of our connection, though I’m sure your own actions will cause a few rumors.”

Vintasnah: “Oh tut, tut. You will just be one of the lucky few who has made it under my skirts. As well as your friend here. That being the case, I’m afraid you will have to sneak out the back so that no one sees you gone so quickly. And your friend,” She turns her head a bit, watching you out of the corner of her eye, Thodgar. “Did he help to kill him or was he just there to set the fire?”

Rotenh Dal: “He was in the throes of death and my friend here decided to end him. Then he set the fire.”

Rotenh Dal: “As for sneaking out, that is no difficulty at all.”

Vintasnah: “Ah! He helped deal the final blow then?” Her grin widens, her teeth, though slightly crooked though not unbearably so, revlead. A look of satisfcation and relief crosses her features and her grin turns to that of wicked intent. “Tell me, how was his life ended?”

Thodgar the Poised: he was suffering. I broke the nerves in his spine.

Rotenh Dal: gives a bit of a sneer at the wickedness inherant in the question, he straightens up and begins speaking “He was amidst a drunken romp through the sheets with the innkeeper. I walked into the door and convinced them to let me watch. I then insulted the man, and he threw a swing at me. In that moment, I buried a needle in his skull. In the confusion Thodgar decided to snap his neck.”

Rotenh Dal: looks down to Thodgar “That too.”

Vintasnah: “HAHA!” Her grin spreads from ear to ear and she abruptly stands up. “Excellent! I am pleased with you. Both of you infact. I did nor realize you would bring anyone else back with you but considering you have and he helped I will pay you both.” She looks at the ceiling, smiling, and brings her eyes back to you Rot. “I am glad that he died in such a way. It is appropriate considering the 8 woman he raped here.” She walks across the room and reaches a small piece of board that is jutting up ever so slightly. She pulls on it until it comes ouand reaches in grabbing two adequately sized bags. She throws one at eich of you. They are tied well enough that they do not open in midair.

Vintasnah: [[All kinds of grammer and typing fail in there. Sorry]]

Thodgar the Poised: blinks and opens the bag

Rotenh Dal: nods and catches the bag in midair, he drops it down to lock it onto his belt before he speaks “If you need any more jobs done, you know how to contact me. Where is the exit?”

Rotenh Dal: “Oh wait!”

Rotenh Dal: “We’ve lost one of our companions. A little silver-haired girl who doesn’t speak.”

Vintasnah: “I’ll keep that in mind. The exit is through that door, down the hall, on the left. It will take you into an alley.” She hesitates at the mention of the girl, looking a bit nervous. “I’m afraid I have not seen your friend. Was she… was she very pretty?”

Rotenh Dal: “She was a child, I don’t have tastes that extent to that degree. However, she was a pretty girl, from an objective standpoint. Just tell me what you know about her.”

Vintasnah: “I don’t know anything. I ask of her beauty because if she is of age, and all alone, the guard would have taken her… The kings court has been on the lookout for pretty young women of late for the kings son. Although, none of us would mind being future Queen of Jabaal, the queens never last beyond childbirthing. An old curse is said to be handed down from the first King of Jabaal, Young woman are often found wandering the streets, taken in and cared for, then given to the King. It is a strange custom, I suppose. But it has always been this way. And it is the time of year when that does start occuring.”

Rotenh Dal: “How do we find out if she was taken, where they would take her, and how to get in?”

Vintasnah: “The palace guard could tell you. And if they discovered that your friend was with company.. they might let her go again if the King and his son have not already witnessed her.”

Rotenh Dal: “Thanks for the help, we’ll be going.”

Vintasnah: She waves a quick good bye, nodding at you both as you leave. She plops down on the couch to wait.

Rotenh Dal: exits into the alley, moving quickly towards the direction of the palace

Thodgar the Poised: holds the bag of gold questionably, then puts it on his belt, following rot

Vintasnah: [[Thodgar. As you follow Rot into the alley and on the way to the palace, memories of that night almost a full two weeks ago come back to you. You recall that you were told that the man who laying dying in Rot’s arms was in a great amount of pain… but of natural causes. You killed him because you know he was already dying. But you now know that Rot lied to you, misinformed you. You aided in a hit against a man you never knew. Although you are aware now that the man had commited terrible acts… ]]

Vintasnah: [[so much typing fail…]]

Thodgar the Poised: rushes up to rot as he walks

Thodgar the Poised:

Thodgar the Poised: safd

Thodgar the Poised: Mister Dal…..

Rotenh Dal: “As who walks?”

Rotenh Dal: “Safd? What is it Thodgar?”

Thodgar the Poised: *punches you in the mouth

Vintasnah: [[Jon, I will kill you.]]

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 17

Rotenh Dal: ((He can’t reach my mouth))

Vintasnah: If he jumps he can

Rotenh Dal: ((Jump check))

Thodgar the Poised: 17 plus 4 21.

Vintasnah: [[I’ll allow it.]]

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 15

Thodgar the Poised: plus 6 is 21 for attack punch in mouth

Rotenh Dal: reacts immediately after being punched, his hand darting outwards, the metal of a needle flashing in the light

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 4

Vintasnah: [[lawl. luv you guys]].

Thodgar the Poised: what the hell do you think your doing!

Rotenh Dal: reaching out for a taller individual who doesn’t seem to be there, he stumbles over Thodgar and falls, his brow raised as he looks at the dwarf “What the hell did you just do?”

Thodgar the Poised: puches you in the side giving you what you deserve!

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 7

Thodgar the Poised: plus 6 is 13

Rotenh Dal: reaches his arm up and blocks the attack, his hand flicking the needle once again

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 11

Rotenh Dal: 17

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 12

Thodgar the Poised: 18

Thodgar the Poised: (fort save)

Thodgar the Poised: plus 2 saves on poisoning =20

Rotenh Dal: the poison locks up Thodgars joints for just a moment, before he works through it, the stuff easing off, in the mean time, Rotenh gets up, and dusts himself off “I know dwarves are resistant to poison, so you should come through that pretty quickly. Don’t attack me, you damned oaf. I never acted in any violent offensive manner to you.”

Thodgar the Poised: steps out of it and glares hard at rot you killed a man, for no other reason than for gold.

Rotenh Dal: “Because he was a rapist who used his spells to hold women in place while he ravaged them. I also got paid for the deed, so don’t try and judge me with your overly simplistic worldview.”

Thodgar the Poised: You are telling me, that you had to kill a man, for a crime that could of just got him lock away for….

Thodgar the Poised: You are telling me that that woman, who so gleefully took into account the tale of the deed, is only looking out for good?

Thodgar the Poised: Have you killed others?

Rotenh Dal: “Seems a shame that you could just be locked away for breaking the spirits of eight different women. They’re never the same after that Thodgar, never. I dealt justice for a price, and just because that justice was not of the same as the city guard, does not make it any less justified. The woman obviously took more pleasure from it than I was expecting, but the man was no less deserving. We’ll see how long the innkeepers will survive without their claim to their trade. They’re likely freezing to death at this moment.”

Rotenh Dal: “So, Thodgar, either shut up and leave, or shut up and follow, either way you’ll be quiet, and I’ll be going to find Vinny.”

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 18

Rotenh Dal: a second wave of nausia washes over Thodgar for just a moment, before it dissipates entirely

Thodgar the Poised: I’ll follow you to find vinny… but after that. we are no longer companions.

Rotenh Dal: “Great.” he turns and continues walking off, his hand massaging his jaw on the way

Vintasnah: As these words are spoken the wind picks up ever so briefly and the storm clouds that had seemed so ready to dissipate poured out their final goodbyes as the rain began to trickle down in small rivlets and then become larger and multiplying. The rain began to flood the alleys and streets, people crowding into their homes, inns, seeking any shelter they could find. Though there was no thunder or lightning. Just a heavy rain shower.

Vintasnah: And as you are walking you note that the palace is not far off. You can make it to the gates in easy time.

Rotenh Dal: pulls his cloak tighter against his body, warding off some of the rain’s chill, his gaze locked on the palace making his way directly towards the gates

Thodgar the Poised: walks silently beside you, his fists curled white as they make their way toward the palace

Vintasnah: You reach the palace and its gates. You are greeted by a very wet guard.

Rotenh Dal: “I need to know if a little silver-haired girl was taken here.”

Vintasnah: The guard stares at you, then points to his ears and shrugs.

Thodgar the Poised: yells was a little silver-haired girl taken here!?

Vintasnah: The guard turns his head towards you Thodgar and shakes it. He yells back, “NO!”

Thodgar the Poised: Are you sure?!

Vintasnah: He nods emphatically.

Rotenh Dal: “Any way you could have missed it?”

Vintasnah: “Nope!”

Thodgar the Poised: Can we have audience with the king?

Vintasnah: The guards eyes widen and she shakes his head. “No! No one can unless you’re blind!! You guys must not be from around here!!”

Thodgar the Poised: looks to Rot I am not….

Rotenh Dal: “Not at all, we’re looking for our young companion. She’s dissappeared in a room that somehow flooded.”

Vintasnah: The man raises a quizzical brow at you. He shrugs his shoulders. “Sorry! No one can see the king unless by invitation or unless you’re a blind servant! Same for the Prince, I’m afraid!”

Thodgar the Poised: They must be ugly fellows!

Vintasnah: The guard looks exceptionally shocked. “NO! They are descendents of Jabaal! The first King of Jabaal! They called him the Fire King, one of the first gods to come to our world! They cannot be looked upon because they are the descendents of that god!”

Thodgar the Poised: well I am the god of air, and I know when I see it hot and coming out of another’s mouth!

Rotenh Dal: looks to the dwarf, then up to the guard, his eyes widening

Vintasnah: The guard looks flabbergasted, peering around him. He suddenly looks terribly nervous.

Thodgar the Poised: So why dont you tell your king that a little girl is missing, stolen out of a room than has been flooded by magical means, and his guards have done nothing about it, while he sits around with a bunch of blind people around him…. let me tell you, they may be blind, but I doubt their deaf, and how can someone serve a king who cares not for the people he rules?

Vintasnah: The guard gets terribly defensive. “Our king is a great king who cares greatly for the people under him! Just because YOU lost your little friend doens’t mean it is our kings fault!”

Thodgar the Poised: reaches up and attempt to grab the guard by his armors collar, and pull him down to him

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 20

Vintasnah: “Besides! Looking at the two of you I wouldn’t be surprised if she ran away!! If I was a little girl I sure would have!!” it is then that he gets grabbed by you thodgar, but as you bring him down to your face you smiles at you and is suddenly gone from your grasp. he quickly reapears on the other side of the gate, some ten feet behind it.

Thodgar the Poised: now you listen here. I don’t lose things, our girl was taken. and if you don’t do something about it, your gona burn in hell with your king, be he fire god or not.

Thodgar the Poised: (XD)

Vintasnah: He calls out to you, “I tell you no girl was brought in today!”

Thodgar the Poised: mutters up to you rot So now what…..

Vintasnah: [[watch out, he blinks. Lol]]

Rotenh Dal: “You know, as a normality, kingdoms don’t employ gate guards with high enough talent in the arcane arts to use deminsion door or whatever you’re playing with now, which brings me to the conclusion that you aren’t a gate guard at all, you’re just somebody put here to make us believe this is a dead lead. So, why don’t you drop whatever disguise it is you’re using, and come clean eh?”

Vintasnah: He grins at you, shaking his head. He looks like he pitys you. “You guys are definitely not from here!” he yells back at you. “I’m a gate guard alright! And why not have someone who can do such things?! I guard the gate! the first entry way into the palace! Doesn’t is stand to reason that I should be able to defend it and myself if need be?!”

Rotenh Dal: “It would also stand to reason that the false godking or his spawn would instruct you to deny anyone looking to find the girls he kidnaps for his sadistic little harem.”

Thodgar the Poised: (we need to end session… I have work too)

Vintasnah: “I’m afraid not Sir! That is not how we function in this territory! I know not from the place you come, but that is not our world!”

Vintasnah: [[hehe, me too.]]

Vintasnah: For all intensive purposes, Thodgar and Rotenh, you believe him. He is, in fact telling the truth and the way he speaks about the subject only leads credence to his argument. Otherwise he would have acted out, believing himself to be caught. Youa re turned away into the storm. Surely you are both rich enough to afford any place you choose for the remainder or the evening or you might even return to your orginal inn. But no matter where you go, you find yourselves going without your female companion.

Vintasnah: End Session.



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