Session 6

Enter Stratos

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Vintasnah: Sry! I was making tea

Rotenh Dal: S’okay.

Vintasnah: Alright, you guys ready? I’m set over here. _^

Thodgar the Poised: I am as ready as a dog wearing sneakers on a couch with a hat.

Rotenh Dal: Same.

Vintasnah: XD Alright, and we begin.

Vintasnah: You charcters are standing before two large double doors, inately carved depicting images of fire, unsurprisingly, consuming the earth, and rising up into the skies as if those flames dared to reach out towards the gods, probably some sort of meaphor meant to express the place that each king claims being descended from the god of flame himself. The doors look heavy enough but being that nothing in place is as it would seem, you both think you could probably open them yourselves if you wanted to.

Thodgar the Poised: pushes against the door

Vintasnah: The one door that you are pushing on begins to give way, but you will probably need your comanions help to push it all the way open.

Thodgar the Poised: pushes harder

Vintasnah: ...you’re still having some problems with it.

Vintasnah: [[where the frick is jon?]]

Rotenh Dal: stands back, his arms crossed over his chest, looking intently at all of the various paintings, the strong stout dwarf seeming to enjoy himself

Vintasnah: XD you are so mean

Thodgar the Poised: Excuse me! cough I need a little help?

Rotenh Dal: “Hmm? Oh of course!”

Rotenh Dal: steps forward, his tall frame shadowing the dwarf, his palms pressing to the sides of the doors, as he gives a great heave with all his strength

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Vintasnah: The door opens, unwillingly at first but easier than you anticipated since both of you are pushing it together. As it opens and your bodies enter into the next hall a wave of heat rushes out making your skin tingle, the humidity in the air making you instantly sweat. The majority of the room that you are now in is quite visible to you know with the door open. After the initial burst of heat you can see that you are in a throne room. It’s about 60ft wide and 200ft long, stretching out before you. There is an empty standing 15ft tall, fires lit on each side, about 20ft off the back wall. It looks as if there is probably a walkway behind the throne that leads to another room.

Rotenh Dal: “Well I think we’ve seen enough.”

Thodgar the Poised: what? we haven’t seen anythin!

Rotenh Dal: “It was worth a try.” sighs and steps forward, his arms crossed over his chest as he does his best to ignore the infuriating heat

Thodgar the Poised: walks forward a bit more

Vintasnah: Make a reflex

Thodgar the Poised rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 14

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 5

Vintasnah: Both of you.

Vintasnah: ^_

Thodgar the Poised: plus 8 22

Rotenh Dal: 10

Vintasnah: Thodgar you manage to leap backwards out of the way as a large wall of fire leaps up from one end of the room to the other instantaniously. Rot, however takes 7 points of nonlethal dmg.

Thodgar the Poised: runs toward the other door

.: (nonlethal fire wat)

Rotenh Dal: stumbles back after being singed, his hand moving up to his face to make sure he still has a vandyke and eyebrows

Vintasnah: As the wall of fire before you rages on, relentless and no appearing to go anywhere two lines of bald, men in robes file out from behind the throne, slowly and somberly. They line up and point at the door behind you. They obviously want you to leave.

Vintasnah: [[lawl, trust me it’s viable. Don’t worry about it]].

Vintasnah: [[there was all kinds of grammar fail in that, sry. hope you can still understand that paragraph]].

Thodgar the Poised: blinks well… good evening…

Rotenh Dal: ignoring the bald blindies, he looks down to the ground with interest, attempting to discern where the wall of fire comes from, and what enchantment or mechanism makes that possible

Vintasnah: The men continue to “look” straight ahead and point to the wall. Rot, you notice that there is no crack in the floor or the walls to either side. There does not appear to be any mechanism that you can see.

Rotenh Dal: slips on his capabilities to detect magic, in an attempt to ascertain if the wall of fire comes from a set enchantment, and whether or not it is arcane or divine magic

Thodgar the Poised: studies the men themselves

Vintasnah: Rot, you can discernt that the wall of fire is arcane magic, though not a set enchantment.

Rotenh Dal: Can I follow the wall of fire to it’s source?

Rotenh Dal: IE: Following the puppet strings.

Vintasnah: The men you see, Thodgar, range from 5;7” to 5’10”, bald, all of their eyes appear silver, their skin pale, dressed in simple brown robes. Rot, no. You can tell that there IS a source, but it feels broad, you can’t pinpoint it, as if the source was not one specific entity.

Rotenh Dal: kneels down to Thodgar, speaking very quietly

Rotenh Dal: “I think that the king is a disembodied arcane spellcaster. He doesn’t let people see him because there is nothing to see.”

Thodgar the Poised: blinks what?

Rotenh Dal: “I don’t think the king has a body.”

Thodgar the Poised: Why?

Rotenh Dal: “The wall of fire is not divine magic, it is arcane. It also comes from no specific source. I would even go so far as to say that whatever entity produced it, might be meshed with the throneroom itself. But it is certainly no god.”

Thodgar the Poised: looks to the group of men what if there casting it?

Rotenh Dal: “They are not..” glances up at the group of men with his magical detection active, in an attempt to tell as to whether or not they’re magically proficient”

Rotenh Dal: *

Vintasnah: You can tell that they are, but it doesn’t fell like they have any part in the wall of fire before you. Also, as you look up to examine the men you see them all nod their heads and turn to leave. As they begin to reform into two lines behind the throne the wall of fire begins to move steadily towards you.

Thodgar the Poised: oh… well ok… but then, whats down that hallway?

Thodgar the Poised: *glances to the fire

Vintasnah: [[oh sry, for clarification. there is only one door out and it’s behind you. no hallway to either side of you.]]

Rotenh Dal: “Likely the ‘godking’s phylactery.”

Thodgar the Poised: watches the fire get closer suppose we should leave….

Rotenh Dal: “Likely. This does help with the mystery of the godking though.”

Rotenh Dal: moves to stand, turning on his heels, he walks casually out of the room

Thodgar the Poised: follows, and heads out of the palace

Vintasnah: [[lucky for you, the guard is still paralyzed… where to now?]]

Vintasnah: brb! have to go check the sky for astronomy hw real quick. it’ll only take a minute.

Rotenh Dal: “Your godking uses arecane magic instead of divine, just so you know. He is a very clever spellcaster, but he isn’t the child of a god. Just thought you should know.” speaks passingly to the guard, his hand moving back to flick the man’s nose, taking one last skill before he exits the gate

Rotenh Dal: *spell

Vintasnah: [[back. too clowdy to see andromeda and the northern cross… x.x]]

Vintasnah: [[what do you have already?]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Blink and Knock))

Vintasnah: you jacked feather fall from him

Rotenh Dal: ((I already got feather fall))

Vintasnah: pickypicky

Vintasnah: animate rope

Rotenh Dal: ((I knew that would be what you gave me)

Vintasnah: shuddup

Rotenh Dal: “Okay, lets go to the room Thodgar.”

Thodgar the Poised: *nods and follows

Vintasnah: just a sec

Vintasnah: Rot and Thodgar, as you are walking down the street on your way back to the inn, you see a guard running in quite a bit of haste towards you. When he sees you, taking in your features and recognizing you he begins to wave frantically at you calling out that they’ve found the girl and she’s back at the inn. He waits for you to catch up to him and should you decide to do so, walks or runs back with you to the inn.

Rotenh Dal: follows the man

Thodgar the Poised: what? Vinny?

Vintasnah: When you reach the Inn and enter you see about five or so men running up and down the stairs, two guarding a room across from the one that is open, where all the guards are rushing in and out of, and the innkeepers wife can be heard yelling about food, water, rags, clothes, etc.

Thodgar the Poised: what! whats going on? wheres vinny?

Vintasnah: A guard running hastily by points up the stairs and runs to do whatever he was going to do.

Thodgar the Poised: runs up the stairs

Thodgar the Poised: Vinny?!

Rotenh Dal: makes his way up the stairs behind Thodgar, a frown on his features as he takes in all the haste

Vintasnah: When you manage to squeeze by all the people crowding the halls, rushing back and forth with food, towels, water, etc, you just manage to see into the room where everyone is rushing from. On the bed is Vin. She is wrapped up in several blankets, her clothes thrown off to the other side of the room, a soaking wet mass of clothing, her hair is stringy, wet, clinging to her face, her cheeks red. The innkeepers wife is attempting to give her water, to wipe off all the sweat and keep her forehead cool with a just barely damp cloth. Vin is not resting peacefully in the bed. She is wiggling and stretching, her bare pearlly arms slipping out from under the covers. Not only that, but she’s making audible noises. Not only does she look like she’s in pain, but she sounds like it as well.

Vintasnah: Also, becasue of all the movement, you see two guards trying to hold her down, to keep her still in once place while the woman tries to help her.

Thodgar the Poised: runs up to the bed what happened? places his hand gently on her forehead, looking toward the hustle of people for answers

Vintasnah: The innkeepers wife comes up beside you with a wet rag, “Man found her in the streets, brought her back her. We went to get the guard! Brought her to us half dead. Her fever is nothing like I’ve ever seen before!” she hasitly begins to dab the girls face and arms, and pours more water into her mouth, which Vin struggles to drink, though she is trying.

Thodgar the Poised: looks to rot do you have any idea what could have done this Mister Dal?

Vintasnah: Rot, two guards standing behind you place their hands on your shoulders telling you that the man who brought the girl is waiting in the room that they are guarding. He said he didn’t know her, just found her, but they’ve kept him for further questioning if you want to go in and see him.

Thodgar the Poised: asks in a way that implies a possible magical occurance

Rotenh Dal: shrugs off the two hands for the moment, at Thodgar’s question, he slips into his arcane detection sight, eyeing the girl, attempting to ascertain if anything happened to her magically

Vintasnah: She’s practically drowning in it, but you cannot tell the source nor can you determine what exactly. You can ascertain that it is arcane, but it’s very broad and wide and general feeling.

Thodgar the Poised: (like the fire?)

Rotenh Dal: steps forward, his hand moving down to rest on Vinny’s forehead, he speaks softly, the words ringing with the charm person spell, in an attempt to delve deeper into her mind so she can understand his words, they come out in fluent elvish “Open yourself up to me, and I can stop this.”

Vintasnah: [no, different]

. from x.x.x.230 changed name to Stratos

Vintasnah: Unexpectedly, as you place your hand on her forehead, after you have spoken to her, she screams. It’s a high pitched bone chilling kind of scream. If she wanted to she could break glass. She starts yelling in Elvish but in such a manner that you can only really make out “GET OUT!”

Rotenh Dal: “Fine then, the hard way.” his hand moves to grasp her by the jaw, keeping it in place, as he moves his finger down, continuously tapping on her forehead, taking advantage of her helplessness to activate his capability to steal spell effects from her body, taking them into his own. He discriminately floods himself with all of the spells currently effecting Vinny, for as long as he can stay concious through it

Vintasnah: This would have been an excellent attempt to help her, had she been completely coherent she probably would have let you, however, a great big nothingness floods into you. And it is nothingness. It feels like a void, hitting you in waves, disorienting you. Roll a will save.

Rotenh Dal rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 3

Rotenh Dal: 8

Vintasnah: As you struggle to hold whatever it is, that void that keeps hitting you in waves, you realize it’s not a spell that she has. What you can make out is that aside from the ability to speak, Vin has no other abilites, no spells, just nothing.

Vintasnah: And the intensity of it is so great, you collapse onto the floor, unconscious.

Rotenh Dal: collapses onto the floor, unconcious

Thodgar the Poised: gasps Mister dal! runs over to your body, and shakes you hard

Rotenh Dal: gains wiplash

Thodgar the Poised: (owch)

Vintasnah: lawl

Vintasnah: The innkeepers wife throws her arms up in disbelief and starts yelling for the guards to get him out of the way. They push you aside Thodgar and drag him into the room across the hallway. It is the room that has been guarded since you came in, the room that the two guards were saying the man who found Vin was waiting in. They push the door open and place Rot on a bed. Thodgar do you follow?

Thodgar the Poised: follows the men into the other room, and notices the man who are you?

Vintasnah: [[Will, please describe your character]]

Stratos: A very small man, with pure white skin and cloudy, wisplike hair flowing halfway down his back, which matches his skin tone. He’s wearing a foreign, fancy looking overcoat over a chain shirt, with a rapier at his hip. In addition, he has wings on his back, with the leathery inside folds of the wings being sky blue.

Stratos: “Why sir, my name as given by my family is Stratos, as strange as that seems to most I encounter outside my community.”

Thodgar the Poised: blinks and looks at the wings umm… rather… what are you? all of this registers to him, and his face becomes hard what did you do to Vinny!?

Stratos: “I must say that the preceding events are as much a mystery to myself as to anyone in this house short of the girl herself, unless the perpetrator hides amongst this group of fellows.”

Stratos: “Regarding my personal origins, I am what is known as a mephling.”

Thodgar the Poised: A what?

Thodgar the Poised: A what?

Stratos: “A mephling, sir. Your confusion is common amongst townsfolk. We are…foreign in origin, with elemental ancestors. I, as you may be able to tell, have had the fortune of being born to the Air elemental kin.

Stratos: “

Stratos: “I took leave of the small community of my brethren to explore the lands, and take in the sights and teachings city life has to offer.”

Thodgar the Poised: Oh, well how did you end up with Vinny?

Vintasnah: [[Rot, you begin to come to. As you come to you remember how you got to be in the inn, how you tried to help Vin, how you heard her scream and then you remember nothing after that point]]/

Stratos: “I was enjoying a stroll through the streets when I happened upon her walking from an alley. Well, I should not say walking, it was more of a tumble. As I said before, I’ve no knowledge whatsoever of how she came to be like this.”

Stratos: “I immediately called for the guards for assistance.”

Stratos: “As you may be able to gather, I’m not quite capable of heavy physical work, and lifting one such as her would prove difficult.”

Thodgar the Poised: looks at his little frame Well… I suppose so… adverts his gaze to Rot as he comes too Mister Dal?! You alright?!

Rotenh Dal: mumbles incoherantly for a few moments, his unfocused gaze flitting around the room, before he shakes his head and focuses on the frantic dwarf-man

Rotenh Dal: “oohmph I dunno whats wrong with her.”

Stratos: “Well, I would venture to guess that, as the issue is a magical one, we would need to seek out someone who could tell us what is wrong.”

Thodgar the Poised: sighs dang it…. oh… um Mister dal, there was a uh… mellfing person thing, with Vinny, and he um… well Mister,.... uh, this is Mister Dal.

Stratos: “Oh, I suppose I should introduce myself before gabbing. My name is Stratos, Stratos the Mephling, sir.”

Rotenh Dal: “Hello demon snow bug thing.” he groans and rubs his forehead as if to stave off a splitting headache “Yeah, stamos, whatever.”


Vintasnah: OH NOOOOOOO

Vintasnah: [[two bad this is a different UNIVERSE! XDDDD]]

Vintasnah: [[or rather… too* Xp]]

Vintasnah: As you are all talking another guards bursts through the door proclaiming that the girl’s fever has broken and she’s stopped scream and is even speaking in hushed tones.. but, no can make out what she’s saying.

Vintasnah: screaming

Rotenh Dal: “Okay okay, I’ll get it.”

Stratos: haha!

Rotenh Dal: *grumbles and moves to stand, he takes one step, then falls forward

Stratos: [Has Speak Language]

Vintasnah: [[you can use it! what other languages do you speak, btw?]]

Thodgar the Poised: steps over Rot and heads into the other room Vinny?

Stratos: [side note everyone has Speak Language, it’s a skill]

Stratos: [take that back

Stratos: ]

Vintasnah: The woman looks exhausted. The guards are all sitting, resting in the hallway and on the stairs, the woman looking a bit baffled as she sits on the floor next to Vin’s bed.

Vintasnah: At the sound of your voice, Thodgar, Vin opens her eyes and turns her head to look at you. Her eyebrows furrow together and that all too familar expression of fear comes across her features. She asks you a question in Elvish.

Thodgar the Poised: (holy jesus shit balls!) Vinny you spoke!

Vintasnah: She backs up to the edge of the bed she’s laying on, scotting away from you and trying to keep herself covered with the blankets. Her eyes are heavy and her cheeks are still a bit red, her entire body still looking like she’s soaked, well, what you can see anyway. She asks you the same question again, looking around the room, taking in the people and the place that she is in.

Thodgar the Poised: yells into the hallway MISTER DAL!!! SHE IS SPEAKING ELVEN!

Rotenh Dal: “Damnit, tell these bastards to stop flying!” he grumbles in annoyance as he stumbles into the room, blinking several times in an attempt to refocus on Vinny “Whats she saying? Oh, elven.” immediately switches his dialect “What is it, Vinny?”

Stratos: listening intently

Vintasnah: She’s reached the farthest side of her bed now, another person having stumbled into the room and begun yelling. The fear is evident in her feautures, and yet, in a soft voice, as gentle as the sound of a small stream flowing peacefully over polished stones she asks, “Who are you?

Rotenh Dal: “I’m Rotenh. You know, the man you’ve been travelling with for the last week or so?”

Rotenh Dal: “Oh damnit, I’m still unconcious aren’t I? Well shit, I should have known when I saw the guards running around on the walls.”

Thodgar the Poised: (attempts to speak elven) llaaaa di da deeee la diii!! daaa!

Vintasnah: She raises a brow at you and shakes her head. She just ignores Thodgar. Then she sees the smaller one standing in behind them. She notes the wings and asks you Stratos, “Who are you?”

Stratos: Bowing his head at the young lady “Ah, you’re awake now, madam. The name given to me by my family is Stratos. I assume your name is some deviation of Vinny, from how your apparent companions were speaking to you,”

Vintasnah: [[were you speaking in elvin or common?]

Vintasnah: elven

Stratos: [Elvish, as Roten was. I assumed she only spoke it.]

Vintasnah: okay

Vintasnah: She smiles just a bit at you since you can speak her language and don’t sound insane. She nods at you slowly, “My name is Vintas’nah”. She takes another long look around the room, “how have i come to be here?” she asks you.

Thodgar the Poised: lalalaaalalii la la? what is she saying?!

Rotenh Dal: *switches to common, his brows furrowed together “She apparently doesn’t know us, and she likes the albino goblin.”

Vintasnah: Vin turns her head to you, Thodgar. She tilts her head a bit, appearing as if she’s studying you, trying very very hard to understand you.

Stratos: “Well, I know of how you got into this house, not how you ended up the way I found you. When I encountered you, you were staggering out of the darkness of a nearby alley, and promptly collapsed in a heap, and I quickly called for the aid of the guards.”

Thodgar the Poised: goblin! stares hard at stratos you said you were a merlpfling!

Thodgar the Poised: goes into a defensive stance

Rotenh Dal: “Wait! Thodgar no, don’t think he’s a goblin. I don’t now what he is. Sorry, didn’t mean to insult.”

Vintasnah: She nods her thanks at Stratos. She then stands up, attempting to hold the blankets on her and steps forward ever so cautiously to Rot.

Stratos: “Quite all right, sir. Albino goblins are not quite as common a sight as mephlings, but we’re both strange to the everyday man, or dwarf, as is the case here.”

Stratos: “Do you need assistance, madam?”

Vintasnah: She looks at you but turns back to Rot, studying him.

Stratos: “I will take that as a no for the moment, madam.”

Vintasnah: [[lawl, damn right you will]]

Rotenh Dal: looks down to Vinny, his brows drawn together as he studies her, looking into her gaze

Vintasnah: Something akin to recognition flickers in her eyes, and then just as suddenly as it came, leaves. “You say.. you say I know you?”

Rotenh Dal: “Well, either you or whoever the mute timid girl inside of you is.”

Vintasnah: She flinches a bit your response and backs up a few paces.

Vintasnah: “I am sorry…” she looks back at Thodgar…”and do I know him?” she asks looking at thodgar, her voice becoming very hushed.

Rotenh Dal: “Yes, you know both of us. You don’t know Stamos.”

Rotenh Dal: “Thodgar doesn’t speak elvish, but he tries pretty hard.”

Vintasnah: She nods and slowly retreats to her bed. Rot, you notice that the tatoo that was on her back… looks a bit bigger, as if it’s been stretched and it now reachs up to the bottom of her hair line on her neck and and just under the topmost part of her shoulders.

Vintasnah: One of the guard comes in, “What do you want us to do with him?” he points suspiciously at Stratos.

Thodgar the Poised: finally! something besides elven!

Vintasnah: The guard looks confused. “So… what do you want us to do with him?:”

Thodgar the Poised: Umm… well, he isn’t an albino goblin, so I guess he can stay…

Rotenh Dal: frowns as he studies the tattoo, his arms crossed over his chest as he watches her motions “Where are her clothes?

Rotenh Dal: “

Stratos: “Considering the circumstances of our meeting, I find it my personal obligation to surmise what has happened to you, young Vintas’nah.”

Thodgar the Poised: looks helplessly to the guard I can’t understand them…..

Vintasnah: The woman peers her head in at the clothes question. “Her clothes were soaking wet when she came in… The Guards went to fetch some more from other young girls her age… they should be near her bed somewhere on the floor…”

Stratos: Averting his eyes

Vintasnah: The guard looks at the “not an albino goblin” shrugs and leaves, looking tired as hell and as if he’s never seen so much excitement in all his life. Odd for a city guard to look like.

Stratos: “Ah, yes madam, would you like a hand?”

Vintasnah: [[she’s wearing a blanket. lawl]

Rotenh Dal: translates what the woman said to Vinny, gesturing to where the clothing should be

Vintasnah: She turns first to Stratos and slowly nodds her head.. then all of a sudden she shakes her head rapidly and that familiar shyness comes into view, a look that Rot and Thodgar know all to well and she says as quietly as a person could, “No.. no thank you… It does not matter.”

Vintasnah: Then proceeds to find her clothes, holding them close to her, staring awkwardly at all of you in the room.

Stratos: does not notice, as his hand is covering his eyes and his head is pointed at the floor

Rotenh Dal: turns on his heels and leaves

Vintasnah: XDD so cute

Vintasnah: [[lawl, anyone gonna snag the mephling who doens’t know you are all leaving? XD]]

Stratos: “Are you decent yet, madam?”

Stratos: [solving the problem]

Vintasnah: “Umm.. could you leave, perhaps? I would like to.,. uhmm.. get dressed?”

Vintasnah: she says it as sweetly and as kindly as she can

Stratos: “Oh, of course, privacy. Leaving immediately.”

Stratos: pulls his wings up to cover his eyes and walks towards the door

Vintasnah: And, assuming Thodgar follows, as you all leave the room you are all filled with a sudden sense of uneasiness, especially Rot and Thodgar. Something has changed, besides the obvious in Vin. Rot, what unsettles you the most id that you can’t remember five or so minutes of your life… Thodgar, you just feel generally out of the loop and Stratos, well, you feel like you’ve stumbled across something most interesting. All simple feelings and emotions, but everthing that brings group together in the long run.

Vintasnah: And end session.

Vintasnah: Because an occasion good sappy ending is needed

Vintasnah: Xp

Thodgar the Poised: I didn’t follow, because no one translated…

Vintasnah: well, you saw them leave. I assume you were smart enough to go.

Thodgar the Poised: pfft. i am a dwarf.

Vintasnah: considering you at least see her standing with her clothes motioning to the door.

Rotenh Dal: yanks Thodgar by the beard “Naked.”

Vintasnah: XD

Thodgar the Poised: thank you.

Vintasnah: yeah, there ya go.

Vintasnah: Xppppppp

Vintasnah: alright, that okay? everyone have a decent amount of fun?

Rotenh Dal: Yes!

Vintasnah: sry you didn’t get a whole lot in there Will.

Vintasnah: I love your characer though. lol

Thodgar the Poised: I would of had more fun if thodgar spoke elven.



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