Session 7

Conversations Abound.

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Thodgar the Poised: if I had a million dollars.

Rotenh Dal: If I had a million dollars.

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8=I:{o: Okay, well.

Rotenh Dal: Well?

8=I:{o: The character sheet thing I had doesn’t work on Linux. So I’m figuring it out.

8=I:{o: Or

8=I:{o: I should say

8=I:{o: It doesn’t work if you’re me

8=I:{o: Someone else could probably get it to work, but double clicking didn’t fly.

Rotenh Dal: Right click it.

8=I:{o: Which was my plan.

Rotenh Dal: Run it as administrator.

8=I:{o: See, that was on there too.

8=I:{o: Oh wait

8=I:{o: It’s Linux.

8=I:{o: I’m the administrator already!

Rotenh Dal: Did you try running safe mode?

Thodgar the Poised: make sure its saftey with networking

8=I:{o: Safety first, after all.

8=I:{o from x.x.x.206 changed name to @I:{o 3 minutes ago

@I:{o: You’re getting very sleepy.

@I:{o: I may have found something.

@I:{o: Update in 10.

Thodgar the Poised: 9

Thodgar the Poised: 8

Thodgar the Poised: 7

Thodgar the Poised: 6

Thodgar the Poised: 5

Thodgar the Poised: 4

Thodgar the Poised: 3

Thodgar the Poised: 2

Thodgar the Poised: 1

Thodgar the Poised: UPDATE!

Rotenh Dal: You got it?

@I:{o: I meant minutes.

@I:{o: But, for an update.

@I:{o: Uhm.

Rotenh Dal: Tease.

Thodgar the Poised: should of specified.

@I:{o: I found a site that had a link that may have a tutorial on how to get .exe’s to work.

@I:{o: So we’ll see

@I:{o: VV

@I:{o: False alarm

@I:{o: My search continues

Thodgar the Poised: I feel like this is an old radio show.

Rotenh Dal: Ask missing over computer cable.l

Thodgar the Poised: “tune in next week, for the continutation of… the Linux Files”

Thodgar the Poised: “will will get .exe to work?

Thodgar the Poised: or will the great cured one bring about his fall?”

Thodgar the Poised: “brought to you by firestone tires”

Thodgar the Poised: cursed


@I:{o: Turns out

@I:{o: Trying to open it from Wine was trying to access it as an archive file.

@I:{o: And opening wine to run it worked.

@I:{o: It’d make more sense if you had done it.

@I:{o: That’s basically how this is going.

@I:{o: Poke this until it works.

@I:{o: And remember how you did it.

@I:{o: Puzzle game.

Rotenh Dal: Yeah.

Rotenh Dal: Well congratulations on that.

Rotenh Dal: I was like “I know it works” Because Jen’s Brother gave me the program.

@I:{o: Well

@I:{o: He might’ve had a virtual Windows desktop

Thodgar the Poised: we will call him J.B. until we figure out his name.

@I:{o: and I’m not messing around with it yet.

@I:{o: See above.

@I:{o: The part where I said other people know how to use Linux better.

Rotenh Dal: Yeah.

@I:{o: I mean, I didn’t even know how to use Windows super well.

@I:{o: I could mess with some things.

@I:{o: But man.

@I:{o: This

@I:{o: Ow

Rotenh Dal: Sounds like it.

@I:{o from x.x.x.206 changed name to NI:{o

NI:{o: Hail Zultan.

Rotenh Dal: It’s rainin’ men.

Rotenh Dal: Hallujah

NI:{o: I tried to make it a wizzzard hat.

NI:{o: But apparently <’s are invalid characters.

NI:{o from x.x.x.206 changed name to *I:{o 3 seconds ago

I:{o: We’re gonna need to check your pulse.

I:{o from x.x.x.206 changed name to #I:{o

I:{o: A’ighty, let’s get down there and mine us some coal.

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Vintasnah: Sry, guys, I’m here, give me another minute

I:{o from x.x.x.206 changed name to ,..I:{o 8 seconds ago


Thodgar the Poised: chuga chuga chuga

,..I:{o from x.x.x.206 changed name to Mad Phat Stratz, Yo. 9 seconds ago

Mad Phat Stratz, Yo.: Khaki.

Mad Phat Stratz, Yo.: Khaki is whacky.

Mad Phat Stratz, Yo.: I’m so funny.

Vintasnah: ....who the hell is MPHSY?

Mad Phat Stratz, Yo.: wat

Rotenh Dal: ...

Mad Phat Stratz, Yo.: Ah.

Vintasnah: yeah you

Mad Phat Stratz, Yo.: My character’s name is Stratos.

Mad Phat Stratz, Yo.: So, I mean.

Vintasnah: OH WILL

Mad Phat Stratz, Yo.: Mad Phat STratz.

Vintasnah: okay, I didn’t know who the hell you were

Mad Phat Stratz, Yo.: Let’s just.

Rotenh Dal: You can make him change it.

Mad Phat Stratz, Yo.: uhm

Mad Phat Stratz, Yo. from x.x.x.206 changed name to Stratos *cough

Stratos cough: I was going to anyway, you little bitch.

Stratos cough: :3

Vintasnah: XD

Rotenh Dal: hehe

Stratos cough from x.x.x.206 changed name to Stratos 2 seconds ago

Vintasnah: Okay, I’m going to set you guys up for some rp while I’m doing stuff over here. Ready?

Rotenh Dal: Go for it.

Thodgar the Poised: OI!

Vintasnah: Alright, well we left off with you three gentlemen standingh outside Vinny’s room while she’s changing. You three may now take this time to talk amongst yourselves, discuss what just happened, where you are going to go from here, etc. Have at it.

Thodgar the Poised: OI!

Rotenh Dal: lifts his arms up and stretches, his body leaning back against the wall with a helpless sigh

Vintasnah: [[hey jon, lacy says isn’t that what you always do?]]

Thodgar the Poised: streches his arms and lifts his body, sitting on the floor with a content smirk

Rotenh Dal: ((... Is Lacy there?))

Rotenh Dal: (( If she is, you must tell her I love her. ))

Vintasnah: [[yeah. Lol, she says, “aawwww” :) That’s why you need to be rping, you guys remember what happened last session, right?]]

Vintasnah: [[b/c, I am paying attention to what you guys are doing. So, get will, get into chracter, and discuss! a shit ton of stuff just happened.]]

Rotenh Dal: (( Okay, we’ll do the will-calls ))

Vintasnah: XD

Stratos: ( I heard the first yell)

Rotenh Dal: (( X} ))

Thodgar the Poised: (wioooooowww)

Rotenh Dal: arches his brows at Thodgar’s unsensable motions, attempting to consider just what happened, and how the physical world could allow it

Stratos: glances around awkwardly, tapping his toe against the floor

Rotenh Dal: “So, stratos, you seem to be a knowledgable little fellow, do you have any idea what could be happening with little Vinny?

Rotenh Dal: “

Thodgar the Poised: eyes the winged thinggummy man carefully

Stratos: “Knowledgeable about a fair share of things, yes indeed. What ails the lady, though, I haven’t a clue.

Stratos: “

Rotenh Dal: “Unfortunate. What brings you out here?”

Stratos: “I felt the need to see the world outside of our little niche again. Most of everyone in our little clan has gone out for short trips of their own, and I thought it best to make use of the opportunity.”

Stratos: “My people are a restless group, good sir.”

Stratos: “We have a need to see the world, to watch people, to observe outsider’s going’s on.”

Rotenh Dal: he nods softly to the words, his hand moving up to brush through his own hair, as his voice raises to continue the conversation “And do you have any real knowledge as to the culture and politics of this fair city?”

Stratos: “Marginal. Only what I’ve observed as I’ve passed down the road into the city.”

Stratos: “That is why I am here, after all. To learn.”

Rotenh Dal: “And besides travelling, what exactly do you do?”

Stratos: “Well, with my clan, I was a teacher of sorts. I found at a young age I’m fairly adept at specific magics.”

Rotenh Dal: “Oh? What sort of magics are we talking about here?”

Stratos: His brow raises in a look of surprise. “Oh! Nothing to worry about, I promise sir. They’re less spells and more like simple cantrips.”

Rotenh Dal: “I’d like to see one.”

Stratos: “Quite honestly sir, my magical skills aren’t as well developed as my knowledge of languages and other worlds. As a new, strange looking traveler to the area, I’d rather not alarm everyone in the area by casting spells without warning.”

Rotenh Dal: “Very well. What languages do you know?”

Stratos: “Well, as you may be able to tell, I am a creature of the sky, so I am familiar with Auran. In addition to the tongue we speak in now, Elvish is one of my specialties. I’m fairly adept at the languages of the different Mephling cultures, as well.

Stratos: I teach the younger ones of my clan the languages of the worlds, so that when they go to see them, they will be prepared.”

Rotenh Dal: gives a light nod, his eyes scanning the room, then up to the ceiling, his arms crossed over his chest as he stands about, outside of Vintasnah’s room

Thodgar the Poised: hums a little tune, scooting over so his back is against the wall

Stratos: “Well, sirs, what brings you this way? The lady in the room behind us?

Stratos: “

Rotenh Dal: “More or less.”

Thodgar the Poised: pretty much sums it up.

Stratos: “Well, what about her brings you along?”

Rotenh Dal: “An invisible railroad.”

Stratos: “Pardon?

Stratos: “

Vintasnah: i hate you

Rotenh Dal: “Hmm? Not sure what I just said, In any case, she’s an interesting girl.”

Rotenh Dal: (( I love you steevy weevy. ))

Thodgar the Poised: I don’t really know…. she just seems…. like she needs somebody to look after her.

Vintasnah: [[I never railroad!!!]]

Rotenh Dal: (( I know, but rule #1 about DnD. Always complain about railroads, even if they don’t exist. ))

Thodgar the Poised: (damn railroading sob)

Vintasnah: I still hate you

Rotenh Dal: (( Love you too honeycrumbs. ))

Vintasnah: XD

Vintasnah: XD

Stratos: (me chiming in to not feel left out)

Vintasnah: [[<3 luv you will]]

Stratos: [:3]

Rotenh Dal: whistles quietly, his hand moving down to fiddle with a few bottles in a pouch on his belt, then he produces a needle just before he begins cleaning beneath his fingernails with it

Stratos: Begins to stand back up, stretching out a bit “I believe I will take this break to get the muscles going again. I’ll be right outside if help is needed.”

Rotenh Dal: “Alright, don’t get hurt out there.”

Vintasnah: [[Hey jon, lacy says bye and she luvs you! huggles lol. And uh, boys my show is on, so I’ll be back in a half an hour. _^ sry i’m failing, I promise we’ll get into the full swing of things when i get back]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Will do, we’ll watch an episode of the Office. I love lacy too.”

Rotenh Dal: ))\

Rotenh Dal: ((whippidee whippidee whoo))

Vintasnah: I’m back!

Thodgar the Poised: yay!

Thodgar the Poised: SHE IS BACK EVERYONE!

Rotenh Dal: Welcome back.

Vintasnah: okay, sorry bout that guys. I’ll stay up late for you guys. ^_

Thodgar the Poised: knock knock

Vintasnah: let me read what you guys did then I’ll hop in.

Rotenh Dal: Go for it.

Stratos: Meedly meeeeeeedly meedle meedle meedle

Vintasnah: [[okay, and we go.]].

Thodgar the Poised: we go!

Thodgar the Poised: oi!

Vintasnah: Vin lightly opens the door and peers out before she leaves her room. When she steps out her clothes are bit mangy and wrinkled but dry. “Where is the short one?” She asks Rot.

Thodgar the Poised: points to the winged thingummy man

Stratos: is taking a quick stretch outside, flying around a few hundred feet up

Stratos: (I’ve been outside for a while)

Thodgar the Poised: he has been outside for a while

Rotenh Dal: “He’s outside. How’re you feeling?”

Vintasnah: “Fine, I suppose.” She shrugs her shoulders, looking like she doesn’t feel quite right in her own skin. “I have done some thinking on the matter and I am under the impression that I was travelling with you, and if it’s alright,” she looks at her toes then back up at Rot and even glances at Thodgar, “I would like to continue doing so…”

Rotenh Dal: “That is perfectly alright. Do you remember anything at all?” speaks softly, his gaze locking onto the young girl, his arms still crossed over his chest as he speaks

Vintasnah: ”.....no.” her eyebrows quirk a bit in thought, and some of that timidity reveals itself once again in her features. “No I don’t… But, I think if I am to find out I might as well continue on the path that I had already begun…”

Rotenh Dal: “Any idea where that path leads?”

Vintasnah: She looks up at you a bit confused, “Why was I traveling with you to begin with?”

Rotenh Dal: “You didn’t have anyone looking after you.”

Vintasnah: “So I was abandoned in your care?” her eyes grow a bit wide, she looks over at you Thodgar as if you might be understanding her.

Rotenh Dal: “You were alone when we found you. We took you in.”

Thodgar the Poised: you kinda just fell in the door of an inn.

Thodgar the Poised: were there.

Thodgar the Poised: (f-in elven… scratch that)

Vintasnah: She looks down at the floor confused, bewildered and a bit distraught. Her head perks up at you Thodgar. “inn?” she tries to say it in common, it comes out a little twisted and weird, but it seems as if the word is a familiar one, though it looks like thats the only word she understood.

Thodgar the Poised: yeah. iiinnnn

Thodgar the Poised: like a tavern…

Thodgar the Poised: or an ale house.

Vintasnah: She tilts her head, looks confounded.

Vintasnah: She shakes her head a bit and lets it go. “Where were you all going?”

Vintasnah: [[in elvin, to rot]

Rotenh Dal: “Wherever seems like a good idea when we get to it.”

Rotenh Dal: “Thodgar is a wanderer, Stratos is on an unspecified pilgrimage, and I’m also wandering.”

Vintasnah: She raises an eyebrow and nods. “Then… what now?”

Rotenh Dal: “Well, we could get some work guarding a caravan or something to that extent. If there is anywhere you would like to go, we could do that.” he shrugs lightly, flicking up his needle once again to begin picking at his teeth

Vintasnah: She shrugs. After a few moments she turns and stars heading out the heading down the stairs. She stops for a moment, runs back up, tugs on thodgar’s shoulder wanting him to follow. She then goes outside to look for the short one.

Thodgar the Poised: blinks and gets up and follows

Vintasnah: [[where you at will?]]

Thodgar the Poised: (wiiiioooooooolww)

Stratos: (still swooshing about)

Stratos: comes down when he notices the group leaving the inn/tavern/bar/mead hall/stoop.

Stratos: “Good to see you’re up and about, miss.”

Stratos: picks up his robe from the top of a nearby windowsill where it was hanging and puts it on

Stratos: “I needed a moment to, well, get some air.

Stratos: “

Rotenh Dal: “Clever pun.” speaks distractedly, the needle sticking out of the corner of his mouth as he looks about

Vintasnah: She nods, “This man, “she points at Rot, “was telling me that you are travelling. Where were you traveling to?”

Vintasnah: [[what lvl are you guys?]]

Thodgar the Poised: (4

Stratos: “Well, before this accident here, I was planning on heading east, just to see what’s out that way.”

Stratos: “Does that sound suitable for you all?”

Rotenh Dal: “Sounds fine to me.”

Vintasnah: “Would you mind if we came along? It seems that none of us has any place to go, but… we- I would not want to hinder you.”

Stratos: “Well, master dwarf? Would you be coming as well? I’d hate to tear your companions from you.”

Thodgar the Poised: blinks finally! someone speaks to me in a damn language I can understand!

Thodgar the Poised: what, we are leaving now?

Thodgar the Poised: blinks around the group

Stratos: “I believe that’s the plan. We were going to head east.”

Stratos: “I was headed that way, and everyone seems to find it a good idea.”

Thodgar the Poised: oh. whats east?

Thodgar the Poised: ah. I see.

Vintasnah: Vin looks at you curiously, Thodgar.

Thodgar the Poised: well… sure, ill come along… I dont exactly know about leavin the girlly alone with you two.

Stratos: “Well then, do we have any more business to settle before we set out?

Stratos: “

Vintasnah: blinkblink

Stratos: (Herro?)

Vintasnah: [[uhm no, not that kind of blinking]]

Stratos: “I take that as a no?”

Thodgar the Poised: Well… I have no other buisness besides present company.

Rotenh Dal: “No, I don’t believe so.”

Stratos: “Then, we’re off!”

Stratos: Perks up and begins walking towards the east exit

Thodgar the Poised from x.x.x.206 joined the chat 3 seconds ago

Thodgar the Poised: walks behind the odd thingummyman

Vintasnah: Vin scrambles up to you will. “Can you do me a favour and ask him,” she points at Thodgar, “to teach me his language?”

Stratos: “Dwarvish?”

Vintasnah: “Which ever one it is that he speaks in now… and that you and he understand.”

Stratos: “Oh!”

Rotenh Dal: “She’s talking about Common, Stratos.” speaks as he walks past, checking on and pocketing one last vial, before he seals the pouch and takes the lead towards the gate of the town

Stratos: “Common.”

Vintasnah: “yes! would you ask him if he could teach me?”

Stratos: “I will indeed.”

Rotenh Dal: “Thodgar, Vinny wants you to teach her how to speak Common.”

Stratos: “Well, that makes it easier.”

Rotenh Dal: smirks as he gets there first, his hands moving to rest at the back of his head as the portcullis and gate guards come into view

Stratos: “If you need my assistance, sir, it is my duty in my clan to teach the young ones, and I would be happy to.”

Thodgar the Poised: oh. well alright!

Thodgar the Poised: well… ummm….

Stratos: walk walk walk

Thodgar the Poised: points to guard and says idiot…. iiiidddddioott

Stratos: “Ah.”

Thodgar the Poised: chuckles sorry darlin. they are called guards.

Stratos: “Well, while that is humorous indeed, I would appreciate if we could teach properly.”

Stratos: (that ‘un)

Vintasnah: She stares at you all completely bewildered. “iiiideeeeot!”

Thodgar the Poised: (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)

Thodgar the Poised: (ellllioooottt)

Stratos: lightly chuckling “Madam, that word is a term for a foolish person. He was having fun.”

Thodgar the Poised: (et phone home!)

Vintasnah: The guards kinda raise their eyebrows as you all exit the kingdom, however, there is no portcullis, no gates, just an open entryway. They wave you on.

Vintasnah: “Oh, what was the other word he used?”

Thodgar the Poised: scratches the back of his head I uh… I don’t think i’d make a good teacher. I have no idea what she is saying as it is….

Rotenh Dal: takes out a map, his eyes gazing over it and his finger trailing across the mountainous line, he nods and begins walking down the road towards the east

Stratos: “He was intending to tell you that the word for a guard is guard.”

Stratos: “Good sir Thodgar, your confusion is not a sign of low teaching skills.”

Vintasnah: “Ah!” she “gaawrd?”

Stratos: “I fully believe you could teach her if you applied yourself.”

Stratos: “Yes, guard is guard.”

Vintasnah: “gawrd”

Thodgar the Poised: ah… well… close enough. points to himself “dwarf”

Vintasnah: She’s trying, but well, it’s hard. Lol

Stratos: “Yes indeed. One word down, only a few thousand to go.”

Rotenh Dal: can’t help but give a soft chuckle at the goings-on behind him, content to stay quiet for now, as the group journeys together

Vintasnah: “Dwwarrrf?” she points at you

Thodgar the Poised: yes.

Thodgar the Poised: nods his head

Thodgar the Poised: yessss… nods his head noooo…. shakes his head

Thodgar the Poised: yesss* nods his head again

Thodgar the Poised: noo *shakes his head

Thodgar the Poised: repeats this a couple of times

Vintasnah: She stares at you, seeminly scared but repeats you adequately enough. She nods her head saying, “Yessss” and shakes her head then says, “nooo”. She stops a moment and stares at Stratos. “I do not like this language. The words are… odd. The syllables are slightly more stressed than in my own language…”

Vintasnah: And all of this continues on for quite some time. Vinny continues to have problems with the language but does her best to remember as many words as she can. In return, she attempts to teach you, Thodgar, a few words in Elven. A few days and nights pass uneventfully when on the fourth day of travel you run into a moderate sized village. The people are welcoming enough, though everyone seems a bit downcast in general.

Rotenh Dal: “It’s due to a more solid foundation. Everything with elven is subtle and airy. Common is made not to sound pretty, but to be easily adaptable from all languages.”

Stratos: “I can say that it is not the harshest tongue, although I do not understand why it is so widely adopted.”

Stratos: (takes me three days to say that)

Vintasnah: we’ll pretend it didn’t lol

Rotenh Dal: (Half-life)

Vintasnah: [[jon are you copy/pasting the log?]]

Rotenh Dal: (( Uhmm.. yes. Yes, maybe.))

Vintasnah: .....

Rotenh Dal: ((Yeah, I have it all.))

Vintasnah: [[woot, okay, continue. You all just entered a new village. If you need stoofs, now would be the time to get it.]]

Rotenh Dal: “Is everyone pitching in for travelling essentials? With the exception of Vinny, of course?”

Vintasnah: [[specify languages for me.. lol]]

Rotenh Dal: ((COMMON))

Vintasnah: [[just put “c” or”l” at the end of each sentence till we uhh… get that problem solved.]]

Rotenh Dal: (( What does the l stand for?))

Stratos: Lven.

Stratos: :)

Thodgar the Poised: (haha)

Vintasnah: [[oh geez. sry, that’s the meds. lol I mean “e”]]

Rotenh Dal: ((Whatcha takin? Oxycotton? Lor Tabs?”

Rotenh Dal: _

Vintasnah: tylenol cold and sinus

Rotenh Dal: ((Light weight. ‘round here we do needles.))

Stratos: (oh god i love you)

Stratos: (the cough was for you)

Thodgar the Poised: (and cocaine. its really easy with us being so close to miami)\

Vintasnah: ...

Rotenh Dal: ((You tweakin’? We’re tweakin’.))

Thodgar the Poised: (shit, we might not be, jon spilled it all over the computer, and it got under the keys)

Vintasnah: [[no a-hole I’m ill, and trying to stay away to run this thing… so can we get back to doing this? I realize it’s boring, but sometimes you gotta get through the boring shit to have some fun]]

Rotenh Dal: ((... k.))

Vintasnah: [[for the love of god. I don’t railroad and its like if i dont you throw all your game breaking out the window. either let me let you make your own decisions and do stuff or force me to railroad you, but you have to pick one and not complain about it….]

Rotenh Dal: ((Wasn’t actually complaining about anything.. Sorry.))

Vintasnah: [[ifigure when you guys start wandering way the hell of topic its cuz you’re bored and just aren’t saying so.”

Vintasnah: ]]

Rotenh Dal: ((No. >.> You okay babe?))

Vintasnah: uhm. drugs really kidkin in and my finger are missing lots of keys…. so, you what you guys doing… in the town?

Vintasnah: uhm damn. sry, rather, What are you guys doing in the town?

Vintasnah: lol

Vintasnah: better

Rotenh Dal: After getting the necessary travelling essentials, he snoops around for the nearest bar, and slips inside, inspecting a table thoroughly before sitting down and ordering the cheapest drink on the menu

Thodgar the Poised: (nada, I am just kinda chillin wid me mates

Vintasnah: Your alcohol tastes like mildewed wood, water, and [technically] rubbing alcohol. Thodgar your mates are just chillin with you.

Rotenh Dal: *leans back in his chair, not taking a single sip past the first one, his gaze flicking about the room, absently listening in on the conversations going on around him

Thodgar the Poised: (yay) sits down next to rote, and relaxes

Vintasnah: Vin wanders around town.

Vintasnah: uhm… i’m not gonna make it….i took the night time meds… didn’t think they’d amake me so damn tired.

Vintasnah: they don’t normallly]

Rotenh Dal: (Bah, it’s fine, go to bed.)



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